Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The World Your Toilet Bowl

The modern world is a gigantic toilet bowl. Behind every global issue of disease, war, violence, and starvation there is a single factor at work, race. If we look at Africa, we immediately see a continent ripped apart by primal violence, war, baby rape, AIDS, and every other pestilence one can imagine. If we look at Asia we see nothing but widespread squalor, poverty, and over-population. The race-traitor philanthropists who would rather give sustenance to the seedy-eyed enemies of God rather than the poverty-stricken children of their own race are consistently asking why such things occur on the dark continent, without giving so much as a passing thought to the reality that race is indeed the factor that is secretly at work behind all of these ills. When explaining that the only cure for black violence is apartheid, they would simply scoff. "That's racist!" Such men couldn't be tortured into believing in the reality of race because the insanity of the modern world has claimed their minds. We could learn volumes from the whites of South Africa and Rhodesia on how to survive when the enemy outnumbers us. They have no illusions as to the realities of race, because their world is a testament to the dismal reality of what happens when white authority is thrown away for the sake of "racial harmony". American white men, by and large are weak and conditioned from childhood to not believe in race as a biological fact, but rather as a social construct. Our children and grandchildren will eventually get a kick out of that. There is no real mystery as to why whites are terrified of non-whites. If you live in or around a big city, you see the news reports of the crimes being committed by minorities on a daily basis. They kill each other, kill us, commit robberies, rape, etc. We are aware of the savagery that exists as a natural proclivity of their race. We have every right to be concerned with their presence, but the moment we begin to fear (which is what we have been doing for generations) we immediately give them the upper hand. I'm not saying to not lock your doors at night. I'm saying that the amount of fear is unfounded and blacks and other minorities are well aware that fear in a victim makes them an excellent and malleable target of crime and abuse. This is why whites are so often the target of attacks by minorities.

Yes, white men are frightened by the enemies of God. To some extent, this is normal, but not to the level at which it exists today. Recently an individual made a comment on this blog to the effect, "Sorry, but whites are in the advanced stages of an awakening." As if this somehow excuses the conduct of whites today. He then proceeded to launch an ad hominem attack on me because I dared to criticise whites as the real problem. While I believe that an awakening is partially true for a large number of whites, I also believe that the idea that there is a widespread awakening among whites is a myth. The truth is that more whites are falling by the wayside where they are being chewed up and shat out by the satanic currents that are tearing the world apart. While many whites do indeed understand the cause of most of the worlds ills is race, they are not quick to promote such an idea or to speak up about it even to close friends. That's not much of an awakening. This is due to years of cultural conditioning/social engineering that emphasizes fear over reason. Modern culture claims more white minds than Christ does. That is the tragic reality of our world; that so many men and women are dying the spiritual death. In a word, more whites earn a one way ticket to hell rather than receiving the Kingdom of God. So to the arrogant white-nigger that made his comment soiling the memory of three female victims of multiculturalism with further examples of sowing discord on my previous post, "Three Reasons", this battle isn't for arrogant white men that refuse to see the shortcomings of their own race. If you don't like that I place the blame where it solely belongs, deal with your inability to see the truth on your own blog by making yet another post about how the Jews are behind all the worlds problems and how you are sinless in the affair. Presumption makes men look like fools. Particularly when they have no clue who they are talking to or making baseless accusations against.

The Wichita Massacre is a perfect example of the terror that blacks and other minorities have instilled into whites. Two black brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr went on a killing spree back in December 2000. The brothers broke into a house where Brad Heyka, Heather Muller, Aaron Sander, Jason Befort and a young woman identified as 'H.G.', all in their twenties, were spending the night. They forced their hostages to strip naked, bound and detained them, and subjected them to various forms of sexual humiliation, including rape and sodomy. They also forced the men to engage in sexual acts with the women, and the women with each other. They then drove the victims to ATMs to empty their bank accounts, before finally bringing them to a snowy deserted soccer complex and shooting them in the backs of their heads. The Carr brothers then drove Befort's truck over the bodies. They returned to the house to ransack it for more valuables. It was then they claimed their final victim H.G.'s muzzled dog who was beaten and stabbed to death. H.G. survived after running naked for more than a mile in freezing weather to report the attack and seek medical attention. In a much-remarked point of tragedy, she had seen her boyfriend Befort shot, after having learned of his intention to propose marriage when the Carrs, by chance, discovered the engagement ring hidden in a can of popcorn.

So here we have 3 able bodied young white men in their twenties being abused by blacks. The black brothers have one gun, I believe it was a .380 caliber. From what I know of this slaughter these white men did nothing to thwart this attack. They followed every command the brothers made, no matter how degenerate. They didn't make a single attempt to get control over the situation even though they clearly outnumbered their abusers. Their survival instincts were crippled by fear; self-preservation and protecting their women meant absolutely nothing. Fear ruled that night in Wichita. The very worst thing that could have happened was one of the men could have been shot attempting to wrestle the gun from one of the Carr brothers hand. But instead they decided to die spending the remaining moments of their lives being forced to sodomize each other among other things on a dark, desolate soccer field in the middle of the night. The crescendo of this situation was that all of them were lined up to be shot in the head and everyone of them accepted this fate because they were terrified to do otherwise. One by one the Carr brothers pulled the trigger and blew their brains out. By that point they knew they were going to die anyway and still did nothing to stop what was happening. They even watched previously as their attackers raped the women in front of them, women that they had loved and deeply cared for.

Over the years I have been involved in a myriad of violent conflagrations in the city I grew up in. I can tell you from experience that three young white men could easily overpower two blacks and dish out a ruthless beating in a matter of seconds, gun or not. I am a wiry 5'10 and my weight varies between 150 and 160 pounds. I consider myself strong for my size due the kind of work I have done over the last 15 years. From my own personal experience having fought bigger beasts than I when I was younger, they are NOT supermen. They certainly don't deserve the fear they often receive. But all of this is beside the point, what matters here is not a physical battle with the enemy. What matters is the internal battle that rages inside Adamic man. It is a battle between the divine love for Christ and the fear that tends to rule over an Adamic man's life. If he cannot master his fears through his faith in Christ, his awakening will mean absolutely nothing in the end!

This battle is not a physical one, at least not at this moment. I do not condone whites going out and committing violence against others, because that would be suicide. I don't condone dwelling on the hatred of God's enemies and ours because that is counter-productive. I DO condone man seeking first the Kingdom of God and letting everything else come second. As I mentioned in a previous post, perfect love casteth out fear. That means ALL fear including what the enemies of God can do to you. The mentality of a Christian should be that of fearlessness. Ask yourself what does a man or woman have to fear once they have put aside everything for Christ and the inheritance of eternal life? Do you think for a moment that Edom doesn't know your name? Do you think they don't read your blog and know every detail of who you are? Do you think that they couldn't kill you at this very moment if they wished? If you believe you have any anonymity in this fight, well, you are sorely mistaken. Anonymity is an illusion. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Edom has invested a near endless fortune in technology that allows them access into nearly every facet of ones life. There is not much they aren't already aware of. The worst enemy of Adamic man is fear, and it is more powerful than the richest most sadistic Edomite, it is stronger than the most ferocious beast of the field, and more dangerous than the hordes of Gog and Magog combined. Put your fear where it belongs, with the sovereign God, who will also judge you for the things you haven't done and has already granted us victory over the evil empire that rules over this world.

Beyond the Pale


Reichsmarshal said...

I don't like blaming the victims, but, this fellow makes a very valid point about the crippling, impotent fear our men are gripped with in the face of these savages, making them the perfect targets of abuse.

I cannot, for the life of me, even fathom that sort of cowardice. It simply isn't how I was raised. When I was 12 I ran from some bullies(a 9 to 1 situation) and my mother happened to see me coming home from school out of a neighbors yard where I had fled. When I told her why, she told me that my father doesn't tolerate cowards. "Tomorrow, you take that punk(the main kid who had begun tormenting me, his cohorts were from a higher grade and not really a factor except after school)down, or you'll have to face your father.And if the teacher says anything, you tell them that I demanded that you slap the shit out of that little bastard."

The protestations of the impossible odds(fearing the wrath of his older friends) were of no consequence and fell on deaf ears.

In the end, I decided that taking on a 70 pound punk was a helluva safer bet than going toe to toe with the Old Man, and the next day I not only grabbed that fucker by the throat and slammed his head into a chalk board, I ended forever that bullies' career and exposed him as a straw man weakling to the rest of the class.

White people are raising compliant pussified sheep who are so fearful of taking a beating(or giving offense) that they march willingly to their deaths, while being degraded every step of the way. It's as sickening as the crime itself.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Yep, this was a great post. Dan's words sting a bit at times but they are truthful and he does a great job of bringing to the fore what we need to hear.

Sounds like yer old man was the real deal RM ! This attitude might seem harsh to some folks but I'd wager it's done far more good in the long run in molding you into one who will not readily conform ... to the individual bully or those in their pompous positions of tyranny.

I'm amazed daily at the myriad of ways our people willingly bow in submission - they do not even rebel in the darkest recesses of their minds anymore.
Self regulating slaves of the beast system.