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The mummies of the Tarim basin

The mummies of the Tarim basin.
April 8, 2008 · 2 Comments

A comment on my blog recently reminded me of the Tocharians, a Caucasian people that expaneded out into the Western parts of China. They were an Indo-European people, with the standard fair skin and light hair. the oldest mummy, called the beauty of Loulan dates at about 4,000 years old. It’s not impossible that thay brought copper working into China, although that’s up for debate. Their texiles have a ‘celtic tartan’ look to them,

The Beauty of Loulan, with artists reconstruction, age 4000 years old. She was about 40 years old at her death, and was buried with a basket of grain.

This is Yingpin man. He was buried with a gold foil death mask, and very ornately embroidered clothes. This , together with his height being a very well fed 6′6″, means he was probably from a rich ruling family. He died about 2,000 years ago, and had a blond beard and hair.

DNA sequence data shows that the mummies happened to have haplotype characteristic of western Eurasia in the area of south Russia.

A team of Chinese and American researchers working in Sweden tested DNA from 52 separate mummies, including the mummy denoted “Beauty of Loulan.” By genetically mapping the mummies’ origins, the researchers confirmed the theory that these mummies were of West EuroAsian descent. Victor Mair, a University of Pennsylvania professor and project leader for the team that did the genetic mapping, commented that these studies were:

…extremely important because they link up eastern and western Eurasia at a formative stage of civilization (Bronze Age and early Iron Age) in a much closer way than has ever been done before.
The textiles found with the mummies with early European textile and weave types and the observation that the mummies seemed to have blond and red hair. An earlier study by Jilin University had found a mtDNA haplotype characteristic of Western Eurasian populations.

In trying to trace the origins of these peoples Victor Mair’s team suggested that these peoples may have arrived in the region by way of the forbidding Pamir Mountains about 5000 years ago.

Needless to say this evidence is considered controversial. It refutes the contemporary nationalist claims of the regional Uighur peoples who claimed to be the indigenous peoples of the Xinjiang, rather than the Chinese Hans. In comparing the DNA to the modern day Uighur peoples, they found some genetic similarities with the mummies, but “no direct links”.

About the controversy Mair has stated that:

The new finds are also forcing a re-examination of old Chinese books that describe historical or legendary figures of great height, with deep-set blue or green eyes, long noses, full beards, and red or blond hair. Scholars have traditionally scoffed at these accounts, but it now seems that they may be accurate.
Chinese scientists were initially hesitant to give up the DNA samples because they were sensitive about the nationalist Uighur claims, and to prevent a pillaging of national monuments by foreigners.

This lady has red hair, and wears a kind of tartan cloth.

As it can be seen from this map, the Tarim basin is virtually inside the ’stan’ countries, so having Caucasians there isn’t that bizarre. As I understand, you still get the odd green eyed and fair haired peron there, so they probably melted in with the other groups after a while

The preservation of some of these mummies is amazing.


Proof Of Global Warming To All You Naysayers!

Israel/Jews:No Criticism Allowed

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On Oct 16, 2004 AD, President Bush signed into law the global anti-Semitism review act; which is quite interesting. The United States state Department list the following sets of beliefs as being anti-Semitic.

1. Any assertion that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world is anti-Semitic.

2. Any strong anti-Israel sentiment is anti-Semitic.

3. Virulent criticism of Israel’s leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic.

4. Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature, especially the Talmud and the Kabala is anti-Semitic. [I wonder if that includes the traditions of the elders that Jesus criticized. “And woe unto the Pharisees” that Jesus said.]

5. Criticism of the US government and congress for being under influences of the Jewish/Zionist community, including AIPEC, is anti-Semitic.

6. Criticism of the Jewish/Zionist community for promoting Globalism, [the New World Order] is anti-Semitic.

7. Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-Semitic.

8. Diminishing the 6 million figure of the holocaust victims is anti-Semitic.

9. Calling Israel a racist state is anti-Semitic.

10. Asserting that there exists a Zionist conspiracy is anti-Semitic.

11. Claiming the Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik revolution is Russia is anti-Semitic. [I guess you have to revise history].

12. Making derogatory statements about Jewish persons is anti-Semitic.

Now isn’t this interesting and all inclusive? It seems the only thing one can do is praise these creatures for all the wonders they work within society. All the good things they do for humanity. Perhaps praise them for caring so much for their Palestinian brethren that they only have their best interests at heart! Pretty amazing material. So the Bible is a document that has lied for the past few thousand years.

I suppose this renders almost the entire planet antisemitic because according to the GLOBAL INDEX PEACE RANKINGS, Vision of Humanity, Israel is rated as the fourth of 144 planets as the most violent nation on the planet. The only countries more violent are Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, respectively.

As Israel's partner in crime, the United States has dropped to the 81st.

The UK and Canada are not quite so bad as these two. Not for lack of effort by our Zionist directed leadership. Ooops me bad! Such an anti semite!!

Israel 141
United States of America 83
United Kingdom 35
Canada 8

New Zealand clocked in as #1 followed by the Scandinavian Countries.

I dunno, is this anti semitic?
Should I be worried for posting it?
Should I care?
Guess what! I don't!!

This was wrote by the wonderful Barbara! You may read her work at the source below. Her hitching post is called, Snippits and Snappits . Barbara, you are a gifted writer, and I am looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Nation Wreakers

The Nation Wreckers from Phillip Marlowe on Vimeo.

U.S. embassy to hold first-ever gay pride party tonight -- in Iraq

This is disgusting! People we are being 'ruled' by degenerate, perverse, evil pieces of shit. We are mired in this stinking filth. I am sick to death of this!!!


May 29, 2009

U.S. embassy to hold first-ever gay pride party tonight -- in Iraq

By Kristia Cavere

In the short time that President Obama has been in office, there have been many breaches of foreign protocol such as an overt familiarity with the British Queen and bowing to the Saudi King. But the most significant indiscretion will occur tonight as homosexuality is promoted in our embassy in a foreign land — in Baghdad, Iraq, no less.

In the May 22, 2009 edition of The Washington Post, columnist Al Kamen wrote a piece entitled, "For One Night, Baghdad Gets a Pink Zone." He revealed that the State Department is "holding what the invitation says is the first-ever U.S. Embassy Gay Pride Theme Party next Friday at Bagdaddy's, which is the embassy employee association's pub." The invitation, which was sent out on May 10, encouraged everyone to, "Dress in drag or as a gay icon."

The ideas of tolerance, diversity, and understanding are frequently toted by President Obama and his allies on the left. They have claimed that these attributes were lacking during the Bush years, specifically regarding Middle Eastern policy. However, by allowing a gay pride party to be sanctioned by the government the current administration is not showing any tolerance or understanding of the Middle Eastern culture and religion.

These gay rights spectacles are offensive to many in America, which is a far more permissive country in tolerating such conspicuous displays of sexually based behavior. Although gay pride parties and parades are considered abrasive by many in U.S. culture, this is downright belligerent within a Muslin culture which considers unveiled women provocative.

The Islamic culture does not appreciate or allow public sexual displays to begin with. Now the American embassy is going to display sexuality in a way that will do nothing but offend the host population, needlessly complicating an already sensitive situation. The question becomes, who is going to suffer? Our embassy officials, or our soldiers on the ground who will endure the increased outrage when events such as this occur?

Frequently cited among Muslims is not a dislike of Americans, but a dislike of the American culture's brazen sexual behavior such as that demonstrated during a gay pride event. Prominent sexual conduct is considered by the Middle Easterners as one example of the debauchery within Western culture that they do not want imported within their homes and country, and they are willing to fight us to allow their culture to remain unaffected. A gay pride display sponsored in an official location such as an embassy can only serve to provoke and inflame Muslim distrust and distain for Western and American culture.

Gay pride events began in 1970, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall "rebellion," when protests and riots ensued for several nights following a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar on Christopher Street in New York City. These parties and parades have since occurred during the end of June, spreading to cities around the world. In June 2000, Bill Clinton declared June Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, with the last Sunday reserved as Gay Pride Day. As this year is the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riot, there has been an increased spotlight on gay pride, even among our State Department officials in Middle Eastern countries.

Gay activists have become as aggressive and assertive as the police were overzealous in the establishment on Christopher Street that prompted this whole affair. The homosexual agenda has transformed from desiring equal treatment under the law to demanding state sanctioning of their chosen way to life. This has gone far beyond any private or unconventional sexual behavior between consenting adults, to a diminishing of dignity and discretion regarding private matters.

The liberals scream abridgement of the separation of church and state at the thought of a prayer being said at a public school graduation, a university that has accepted government assistance, a military service, or any other gathering involving government officials or funds. But now we have the religion of liberalism taking over the state as its church to espouse their theological values.

More offensive than our men in arms in an Islamic country are men in drag, as this strikes at the very core of propriety and decency within their culture. To the average Muslim, the threat of a Christian solder in their country to provide order is not nearly as threatening as the Westerners' presence being the harbingers of gay pride and other events reflecting moral decadence. The Islamic world is already leery of moral decay in America, and tonight's party at our Iraqi embassy celebrating conspicuous sexual behavior will only give the Muslims more motivation for wanting American and Western influence permanently out of their lands.

© Kristia Cavere