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Takeover of US by Israel in its Final Phase

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By Philip Tourney, President, Liberty Veterans Association

If you have a TV set in your home, a radio, a computer or read the newspaper, you know now America how Israel treats her only friend and benefactor in the world, the good ole USA.

The Prime Minister of Israel told our Vice president where he could stick his Middle East peace plan a week or so ago. Several days ago this same Prime Minister of Israel then comes to our shores, at our nation’s very White House no doubt and tells the President of the United States the very same thing–“Stick your peace plan where the sun doesn’t shine“–and in person mind you.

This VILE ARROGANT ZIONIST little state has been doing this ever since 1948 to every US President and every US Congress. As bad as this is however, what’s worse is that our leaders just lay back and take it. In whose interests do you think they are serving? It sure isn’t America’s.

America has fed this step child for far too many years. WE made them a nuclear superpower. WE made them rich beyond the wildest dreams of not only the average American, but the average person on planet earth. And how do they show their gratitude for this? They give us the middle finger. Israel has busted America flat broke, stolen our most vital national defense secrets with her thousands of spies.

Our service members are dying on a daily basis fighting two wars for these parasites and now Israel is hoping to expand the present disaster into a trifecta–meaning the US fighting Iran.

AIPAC, ADL run the show here folks no doubt about it, they buy of our congress with money, hookers, little boys, anything congress wants for their vote Israel will provide. Our congress is nothing more than a high-priced whorehouse. They are nothing more than streetwalkers, thieves in the night and killers for hire.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned congress about the danger Israel poses to America’s well being. General Petraeus says Israel is a danger to our troops and our National Security…Is congress listening? (A warning mysteriously rescinded after the Netanyahu visit to the US)

Hell no. I write this article hoping us–WE THE PEOPLE–will finally stand up and hold the WHORES in congress accountable for our men and women who are dying for the state of Israel.

Israel is already guilty of war crimes against its only friend, the USA, and by that of course I mean the deliberate and pre-meditated MURDER of my shipmates aboard the USS LIBERTY on the high seas. They got caught red handed in the dirty business of cold-blooded murder, and the bought-and-paid for WHORES in congress gave them a pass on murdering America’s sons aboard the USS LIBERTY June 8, 1967 by ordering the remaining crew never to breathe a word about it under penalty of going to jail or “worse”, and we all new what worse meant.

Take just one half hour out of your day and go to USS Liberty Blog and you will learn all you need to know about our so called “ally” Israel. Please go to right side of page to the links section and hit “USS LIBERTY” and you are on your way.

You will see the facts in all their raw ugliness. They–meaning Israel and her paid-for whores in the US government–don’t care about America, neither your little Johnny, nor your little girl Susie nor you or me.

Israel cares only about Israel and it is way past time we start taking care of America. The clock is ticking now, faster than the national debt and if WE THE PEOPLE don’t act soon to take our country back from these vampires America will be gone as the greatest nation on earth.

I sure don’t like Israel telling me to stick it where the sun never shines how about you? God help us!!


Philip F. Tourney


Three time President Liberty Veterans Association


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So Obamacare passed

We shouldn’t be surprised. The increasing Diversity in America means a lot of things for this country, and one of the big ones is more and more socialism. The majority of bBlack and brown people are always going to vote for bigger government. That’s one of the main reasons that they didn’t used to be allowed to vote in many states. It wasn’t “hate”, it was because our forefathers knew they would vote for big government and socialism. The “crisis” in health care that everyone’s so worried about is the the tens of millions of people in America with no health insurance. It’s no secret that blacks and Mexicans are represented in the ranks of the uninsured far, far out of proportion to their numbers in the population. Obamacare is simply a massive transfer of wealth from whites to non-whites. That’s not only what black and brown people want; it’s what they think the government is for.
Thank you! (I love you!)Some replies to this from REFUGEE CAMP
MAN AND BEAST by Bertrand L. Comparet Taken From Your Heritage

In these studies, it has been our custom to frequently review current events in detail, because these show the fulfillment of Bible prophecies in our day. However, in covering the subject I now want to discuss, I shall not have much occasion to list these events in detail and this for a definite reason. There are times when it is not so important to count every bead on the string, as it is to see whether they are all strung on the same string. When you learn this, you will know where to look for the next bead. My purpose is to show the existence of certain definite principles, which govern the events which we see happening, as these principles have governed them for thousands of years.

For ages, it was well understood by everyone that various nations and races had certain characteristics, which usually would be demonstrated in the actions of these people. National and racial policies and conduct developed out of national and racial character. There were, the rare exceptions and these, a certain type of mind seizes upon as proof there was no general rule. The exception merely proves the rule. Similarly, we can note that among crows, one bird in every 38 million is white, an albino. But this only emphasizes the rule that all of the other 38 million crows are black. Therefore, reasonably consistent conduct can be identified as the rule, notwithstanding an occasional exception which surprises us when we find it.

Among the ancients, nobody pretended to be ignorant of the characteristics of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, or the Romans, or what they were likely to do in order to execute their purposes. Roman military ability in war and harshness in rule over conquered people were well understood and nobody was surprised to meet them. The extreme ferocity and cruelty of the Assyrians was known to all. Centuries of history demonstrated a consistency in these characteristics which only a fool could ignore.

In our own times, everyone understood the Japanese were a warlike people and had been for two thousand years. Therefore, only the ignorant or the stupid were surprised to learn Japan wanted to conquer many other nations. However, we had to learn by terrible, first-hand experience that the Japanese also had the Asiatic characteristics of treachery and senseless cruelty for its own sake. This cruelty was not just typically Japanese, it was typically Asiatic. We see the same traits displayed by the Red Chinese in their treatment of the people of Tibet, as well as their cruelty to our soldiers when they were captured.

During both the first and second world wars, those strange alien people called Jews, who are so busily brain-washing us today to suit their own purposes, then propagandized us into believing many hideous lies about the Germans. From these lies, we were expected to believe that the Germans were so inherently wicked that they were about to invade Beverly Hills or Las Vegas! Then they taught us that inborn racial characteristics would be manifested in conduct whenever the situation called for it. But now this alien minority group of Jews teaches us, by corrupting most of our schools, newspapers, news commentators, even many of our churches, that there are no longer any racial characteristics or tendencies, no fixed long-range national purposes. These Jews now want us to believe all people in the world, white, black, yellow or brown, civilized or savage, are exactly alike, as interchangeable as Ford parts. They have spent many millions of dollars on a high-pressure propaganda campaign, designed to blind us to the racial and national characteristics and purposes which are molding the course of history today, as they have molded history throughout all time. It might be well to ask ourselves, what makes this worth so much money to them? Just how are they planning to get back this enormous investment?

We can get a better perspective on present-day affairs if we view them as a continuation of thousands of years of uninterrupted history. If we look not only for what happened, but also why it happened. Nothing important is a true accident. For every occurrence there is a cause. History is usually written as merely a list of effects, that is why we learn so few lessons from it. We will never really understand history until we list the causes also.

Past history, current events and the coming events of the future, all consist of the actions of people. Whether their actions are good or bad, people do what they do because they are what they are, the kind of people who do good or bad things. Conduct is the product of character. The man who is kind and trustworthy by nature doesn’t become a Jack the Ripper or a kidnapper of children, his own nature prevents it. The man who is by nature cruel or dishonest will, sooner or later, act like what he is. The dull do not become brilliant merely because they receive legal permission to do so. Since nations and races are just great numbers of individual people, they will display those traits which are characteristic of most of their people. Therefore, if we can learn something about what kinds of people there are, this may help us to understand their actions, even to learn what to expect from them in the future.

For their own purposes, men make various classifications of things and of people. But usually, the conclusion they wish to reach dictates the classification which will best support it, wishful thinking vitiates the result. On the other hand, Yahweh, who views all eternity with a single glance, has His other truths revealed to man, so we must look to the Bible. There we will find that Yahweh has classified several different kinds of beings, all of whom we lump together indiscriminately under one term, man. Yahweh distinguishes between them by using distinctive names for the different kinds of beings. Let’s examine them and see if the different words used have any significance as to the kind of people they denote, the level of character and spiritual understanding to be found in the different kinds of beings identified by their different names.

Several different Hebrew words have all been indiscriminately translated man or men in the King James Bible, although some very important differences of meaning show clearly on the face of these words. First, let us consider the word which denotes our white race. The Hebrew word Awdawm, called Adam in your Bible, is from the root word meaning, to be of a ruddy complexion, to show blood in the face, something obviously not applicable to negroes or mongolians, but only to the white race. When used to denote the first white man Adam, the Hebrew always says the Awdawm. When used of his descendants, the Hebrew just says Awdawm, the King James Bible translates it man.

Another word used in contrast to Awdawm is Enosh, which is always used in a derogatory sense. Its root meaning is mortal and implies weakness, physically or morally, wretchedness. It is applied to non-Adamic races, which are of course all pre-Adamic. It should be noted the pre-Adamic races are not limited geographically to just certain parts of the earth, but some of them are found mingled among the Adamites.

A third Hebrew word translated man is ish (eash), literally, it means a male person or a husband. It is used for mankind in general and can be applied to either an Adamite or a pre-Adamite. The feminine form is isha (eesh-shaw), the plural of which is naw-sheem. This is so similar to the plural of Enosh, Anashim, they have often been confused, leading to many mistakes in translation.

There are three other closely related words, gheh-ber, gheb-ar and ghib-bawr, which are all derived from a root meaning to be strong. These are usually translated mighty man or warrior, these last three can cause no confusion, so they need not concern us further.

Now, let’s note a few examples of the use of these words in the Bible, in place of the English word man, I will use the Hebrew word used in the original. Ezekiel 34:31 records, “ And ye my flock, the flock of My pasture, are Awdawm, and I am your God, saith Yahweh.” Psalm 115:116 states, “The heaven, even the heavens, are Yahweh’s but the earth hath He given to the children of Awdawm ”. Note how Yahweh uses Awdawm and Enosh in contrast. Take Psalm 90:93 for example, “ Thou turnest Enosh to destruction; and sayest, return ye children of Awdawm.” While destruction is visited upon the pre-Adamite Enosh for their persistent wickedness, Yahweh leads the children of Awdawm back to Himself in repentance.

Yahweh distinguishes between Awdawm and Enosh in many places. For example Psalm 8:4, “ What is Enosh, that thou are mindful of him? And son of Awdawm, that thou visitest him?” Note that while Yahweh is mindful of what the Enosh do, it was the sons of Awdawm Jesus visited when Jesus came to earth. Both racial groups must be disciplined, but the distinction is kept clear even there. Isaiah 2:11 records, “ The lofty looks of Awdawm shall be humbled and the haughtiness of Enosh shall be bowed down and Yahweh alone shall be exalted in that day.” In II Samuel 7:14 we read, “I will be his Father and he shall be My son. If he commits iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of Enosh, and with the stripes of the children of Awdawm.” If these were not distinctly different races, there would be no point in using the different words.

The Enosh were wicked and are so spoken of. Deuteronomy 13:13 warns, “Certain Enosh, the children of Belial, are gone out from among you and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, saying, Let us go and worship other gods, which ye have not known.” When they gain power, they are brutal oppressors. Psalm 10:17-18 tells us, “ Yahweh thou hast heard the desire of the humble: Thou wilt prepare their hearts, Thou wilt cause Thine ear to hear: to judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that the Enosh of earth may no more oppress.” The Enosh have no spiritual understanding, that is the reason for their continual wickedness. Proverbs 28:5 says, “ Evil Enosh understand not judgment: but they that seek Yahweh understand all things.” This distinction is still in effect today. Daniel 12:10, speaking of the time of the end which is our own time states, “ None of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

This is not all, some races Yahweh classifies as animals, their nations are symbolized as beasts in numerous prophecies. Do you say that this isn’t what you have been taught to believe? Then let’s look into this a little bit and learn what the Bible says about it. When Jonah finally went to Ninevah with his prophecy that Yahweh intended to destroy the city for its people’s wickedness, they believed him. This is not as surprising as it may seem for the people of Ninevah worshipped Dagon, the fish god. Since they had heard that a great fish had delivered Jonah on the shore, they thought he must be a prophet sent from Dagon and they were ready to believe him. Jonah chapter 3 says that the king was worried, “ And he caused it to be proclaimed and published through Ninevah by decree of the king and his nobles, saying, Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock taste anything: let them not feed, nor drink water: But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth and cry mightily unto Yahweh; Yea let them turn every one from his evil way and from the violence that is in their hands. And Yahweh said of their works, that they turned from their evil way and Yahweh repented of the calamity that He said that he would do to them and He did it not.” Now what kind of beasts were these, who put on sack-cloth, cried to Yahweh, and turned from their evil way? It says this was the command for man and beast and that they did so. Is your dog that well trained, then who was the Bible calling beasts?

Let’s look into this a bit further. In Genesis chapter 9, Yahweh promises Noah and his family protection. In the 5th verse Yahweh says, “ And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it and at the hand of man.” These beasts have hands like a man! But, there were no monkeys in that region, so these beasts with hands must have been men.

In Exodus 19:12-13, when the people of Israel were gathered at the foot of Mt. Sinai while Moses climbed the mountain to receive the ten commandments from Yahweh, Yahweh warned him, “ And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying, Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount, or touch the border of it: whosoever toucheth the mount shall surely be put to death. There shall not a hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live.” We find, whether it be beast or man, it must not touch the mountain with a hand.

The second chapter of Genesis tells us Yahweh is looking for a suitable wife for Adam and brings in review before him what the King James Bible calls every beast of the field, to see if a good wife for Adam could be found among them. Do you really think that an all wise Yahweh had to carefully look over a female scorpion, female toad, female giraffe or a female elephant, to decide whether one of these would be a suitable wife for Adam? Of course not, Moses didn’t write any such foolishness when he wrote the book of Genesis, this is purely the work of translators. In the original Hebrew, the account makes good sense and tells us much about the other races.

There are two closely related Hebrew words used here, khah-ee and khaw-yaw, each of which means a living creature. The meaning is far too broad to be translated merely beast or animal, for it includes all living creatures, from microbes to men. Where the King James Bible says beast of the field, the word is always either khah-ee or khawyah. So a correct translation would be the living beings in the country. That these living beings include men is clear from the same word being applied to Adam, read Genesis 2:7, “ And Yahweh formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” In the Hebrew it reads, “Then Yahweh God formed the Awdawm out of dust from the ground and breathed in his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” In the Hebrew it reads, “ Then Yahweh God formed the Awdawm out of the dust of the ground and breathed in his nostrils breath of life; and the Awdawm became nephesh khaw-yah (a breathing creature having life).” So the beast of the field, the kaw-kaw-yah of the field, or more correctly, the living beings in the countryside, actually included the pre Adamic races.

Now Genesis 2:18-20 makes sense. Yahweh saw that Adam needed a wife and, not condemning anybody without a fair chance to make good, Yahweh carefully looked over the pre-Adamic races (African and Asiatic) to see if one of them could be found who was suitable to be Adam’s wife and the mother of the new race but, he couldn’t find one. In the Hebrew this reads, “ And Yahweh said, Not good for the Awdawm to be alone. I shall make him a helper, as his counterpart. And Yahweh formed from the ground every living being of the fields and every fowl of the heavens and bringeth in unto the Awdawm to see what he doth call it; and whatever the Awdawm calleth a nephesh kahw-yaw, (a breathing creature having life), that is its name. And the Awdawm calleth names to all the cattle and to the fowl of the heavens and to every living being of the fields; and to him hath not been found an helper as his counterpart.” Yahweh recognized Adam’s wife must be his counterpart, having the same qualities of spiritual understanding, to be able to transmit to her descendants the same qualities for which Yahweh specially placed Adam in the world. But Yahweh could not find even one out of these pre-Adamic peoples who was Adam’s counterpart, having these necessary qualities.

Before someone gets the idea that I hate other races, let’s look at this thing a little closer. The black race has been on earth at least 40,000 years, for identifiable negroid skeletons have been discovered which can be scientifically dated as that old. Yet in all those 40,000 years there has never been a negro civilization. Yes, I know that a few negro tribal chiefs have conquered other tribes and built themselves up a larger kingdom. But, it takes more than the brutal tyranny of a successful war chief to make a civilization and that was all they had. Don’t speak of Egypt, Egypt was in Africa but never negroid. The beautiful portrait sculptures left by the ancient Egyptians show them to have been clearly a pure white people. In the days of Egypt’s greatness, any negro found north of the first cataract of the Nile river was summarily killed on sight to protect the racial purity of the Egyptians.

We don’t hate negroes, we want them to be well fed, well clothed, comfortably housed and in no danger of being eaten by other negroes, something they have never had except in a civilization created and maintained by white men. Despite all propaganda, every negro in the United States is far better off than those in Africa. Just try to find any who want to go back to any black nation in Africa! But neither negroes nor whites will have the blessings of civilization in a nation reduced to black standards of thinking. If the negroes were capable of producing a civilization at all, 40,000 years is long enough to do it.

Yes, I know that in Asia 2,300 years ago, Confucius taught some high ethical principles, but without a word of religion in them. I know the Ming Dynasty saw the production of some nice pieces of porcelain, but what did either of these do for the Asiatic people? Did it ever teach them how to produce enough food to fill those fine porcelain bowls? Shouldn’t 2,300 years of Confucian philosophy be enough to develop something more than poverty, disease and misery? Again, the Asiatic mind lacks the true spiritual understanding which Yahweh saw was needed. Aren’t the Asiatics who live in the United States better off than those who live in Red China, Korea or Southeast Asia? We don’t hate them but, we don’t want them to reduce us to their level. This is what Yahweh was talking about in the Genesis chapter 2, when He said that the other beings living in the country round about could not produce a suitable wife for Adam, as his counterpart.

Because of the spiritual understanding which Yahweh put in the Awdawm, today the white race has the highest civilization, greatest freedom, and the highest standard of living in the world. They are the so-called have nations. We have not hated the other races, we have tried to help them, to show them our ways, in spite of all this, all of them have hated us. In the centuries when we were very few against their many, they repeatedly tried to conquer and destroy us. Yahweh’s watchful care over His people didn’t allow this to happen, although several times they came dangerously close to success.

In lands rich with minerals, they sit in wretchedness and poverty, too lacking in enterprise to mine the enormous wealth beneath their feet. In lands where the fertile soil and ample rainfall cover the land with lush growth, they live in perpetual hunger because they are too dull to clear the land and plant it to food crops. If we provide the capital to pay them for clearing their land for planting and harvesting useful crops, or for digging and refining the minerals in their soil, they curse us for exploiting them. But if we don’t, they curse us for being indifferent to their misery. Now, through the United Nations where they outnumber and out vote us, they plan to rule, plunder, enslave and reduce us to their level. Well did Yahweh classify them as Enosh, lacking utterly in the spiritual understanding necessary to follow Yahweh’s ways?

Perhaps you may say, all these were quoted from the Old Testament, but in the New Testament, Yahweh changed His mind and changed all this. Let’s see what the New Testament says about them. In his epistle to Titus recorded in Titus 1:12 Paul says, “ One of themselves, even a prophet of their own said, The Cretans are always liars, evil beasts.” The word beast here is the Greek word therion, meaning a dangerous animal. Jude chapter 10 states, “ But these speak evil of those things they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.” II Peter 2:12 continues, “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be destroyed, speak evil of the things they understand not, and shall utterly perish in their own corruption.”

These Enosh were commonly called dogs, both in the Old and New Testaments. For example, Psalm chapter 22:16 is recognized by all Bible scholars as prophetic of Yahshua’s first coming and crucifixion. In the 16th verse it states, “For dogs have compassed Me: the assembly of the wicked have enclosed Me: they pierced My hands and My feet.” Yahweh is certainly not complaining that some four footed dogs barked at Him, there is no record that any ever did. He is speaking of those who delivered Him up to be crucified the use of this word is common in the New Testament. In Philippians 3:2 Paul says, “ Beware of dogs [bad-fig-jews], beware of evil workers.” The four footed dogs are no more evil workers than cats and cows. Paul and those to whom he wrote, knew these dogs were the two footed kind.

If you say, this is discrimination between races, you are exactly right. Has someone told you that monstrous falsehood that, it isn’t Christian to discriminate between races? Let’s see what Yahshua did. In Mark 7:25-29 we read, “For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of Him and came and fell at His feet: the woman was a Greek, a Syrophoenician by nation; and she besought Him that He would cast forth the devil out of her daughter. But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not right to take the children’s bread and to cast it unto the dogs. And she answered and said unto Him, Yea master, yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs. And He said unto her, For this saying, go thy way: the devil is gone out of thy daughter.” Jesux certainly did discriminate, not until the woman recognized the righteousness of the discrimination did He help her.

She had first asked help of Him on the same basis as the Israelites, true Awdawm, on that basis she was not entitled to it. Yahshua told her, “ Let the children first be filled with the bread of life.” Then they will establish the kingdom of Yahweh on earth and from this Yahweh’s blessings will be extended to such others as can understand and receive them in the proper spirit. Meanwhile, Jesus did not hesitate to openly call the Enosh dogs. When the woman indicated that she understood the blessings would come to others out of the abundance which Yahweh gave to His own children, then He told her that for this saying, He had healed her daughter.

Jesus carefully warned His disciples never to make the mistake of failing to discriminate, never to try to bring the Enosh who lack understanding, into the kingdom of Yahweh on the same terms as the Awdawm. In Matthew 7:6 He warned them, “ Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you.” Strong words yes, but the direct command of Jesus. We have disobeyed Him so now we are facing the tragic penalty. We have tried to treat the other races as equals. We have expected them to learn the same lessons from our religion that we do, we have expected them to behave with some self restraint when they find power in their hands. But this is exactly what Jesus warned us not to do, “ Lest they trample our pearls under their feet and turn again and rend us.” Of our advanced technology, they want only to learn how to make weapons to use against us. In fact, they are even using the very food we send them as a weapon against us, for the surplus food will allow them to take more men off the farms and put them into armies and weapon factories. To thus strengthen our enemies is only a fool’s method of suicide.

To His disciples Yahshua said in John 14:16-17, “ And I will pray the Father and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever: even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him: but ye know Him; for He dwelleth with you and shall be in you.” Therefore, it was logical to speak of those whose minds lacked the spiritual understanding as beasts, because of their nature.

In the Book of Daniel, the prophet traces the rise and fall of four great world empires ruled by these people. First he interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great image, whose head was of gold, his breast and arms of silver, his belly and thighs of brass, his legs of iron, as prophesying the successive dominance of four great empires. Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon was the first of these, the golden head and the others being Medo-Persia, Alexander’s and Rome. In Daniel chapter 7, Daniel had a vision of four remarkable beasts, rising one after the other out of the sea. We know that in prophecy, the sea is symbolic of mankind in general, all people, the great majority of whom are the Enosh, the pre-Adamic races. Out of them came the four beasts. The first a lion symbolized Babylon, like the golden head of the image, the second a bear, symbolized the great empires of Media and Persia. The third a leopard, for the swift striking empire of Alexander the Great, and the fourth a very terrible beast with iron teeth, ten horns [provinces] and great strength, symbolized Rome. This was exactly the same series, in the same order as the image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Its repetition was to confirm the first one as true prophecy.

As further confirmation, in the book of Revelation we again find a beast, representing these world empires, rising out of the sea. In Revelation chapter 13, we are told this strange beast had the mouth of a lion, the feet of a bear, yet was otherwise like a leopard, but it had ten horns, like the fourth beast which Daniel saw. The fact that the qualities of all four are now combined in one beast is to show that the four great world empires were all of one origin, all manifestations of satanic power, all arising out of the sea of non-Adamic races. They came to power in secession, each gained enormous power over the people who lived in great areas. The rule of each was harsh, tyrannical, brutal, each one more so than those before it. Man’s planning, man’s skill in putting his plans into effect, man’s ability to judge what was needed in ruling an empire, these they had. But the spiritual understanding, the capacity to receive the thoughts of Yahweh, the capacity to organize and rule a nation under Yahweh’s laws, this they lacked.

Revelation chapter 13 shows this composite beast gained its power from the dragon, Satan. Surely, these empires demonstrated their satanic character. Finally, to make sure that the symbolism of the vision would not be misunderstood, Revelation

13:18 concludes, “ Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man.”

If these beasts were nations of men, why symbolize them as beasts? We have seen that Yahweh’s prophets and even Yahshua, bluntly called certain races beasts. A nation made up of Chinese people must be a Chinese nation, a nation made up of negroes must be a negro nation. Then a nation made up of those whom the Bible calls beasts, must be a beast nation and it is so stated.

The fall of the Roman empire ended only the vast extent of power in the hands of those who served Satan. It has not ended their desire to regain that power, nor their struggle for it. So the book of Revelation shows a continuation of the struggle for power, carried on by a new beast, right down to the time of the second coming of Yahshua, the beast makes war against Him, but is conquered by Jesus. We see this struggle for power going on in the world today. The nonAdamic people, now organized into many nations so as to multiply their voting power in the United Nations, where just the cannibal tribes of Africa alone are recognized as about 30 nations, having 30 votes to our one!

There is not one of them that stands reliably on our side. Once in awhile, they find it to their advantage to seek something which we also want to accomplish and on that one issue they vote with us. But the next day, they either proclaim their neutrality in our struggle for the survival of the free world, with which they have no sympathy, or they actively support Russia against us. It is inevitable that those who are of the same race, the same origin, having the same qualities, the same ambitions and ideals, should align themselves together, working for their common purpose. In the great world empires of the past, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander’s short lived empire and finally Rome, they had what they wanted, a system which expressed their own true character. They want to restore this system and the United Nations is made to order for their purpose, as Yahweh prophesied. In Revelation 13:14, we are told that the new beast, “ deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by means of the miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image of the beast which has the wound by the sword and did live.” They seek to make the United Nations a worldwide empire, like that of Babylon and Rome, only greater. An empire which crushes and dominates all nations, enforcing its will by bestially brutal forces, as we have seen in the Congo. An empire which repudiates the one true God, where the name of Yahshua cannot be mentioned because it offends those who hate Him and where the only reference to any divinity is the statue of the pagan god Zeus, in the lobby.

An empire ruled by those whom the Bible calls beasts, for they now outnumber the whole white race by 8 to 1 in voting strength(As if that means anything. I know I know it is cynical). Though we have 1/6th of the world’s population, by this juggling of voting power we are reduced to 1/9th of its voting strength. When we see their plans for world rule developing, we can begin to understand the dreadful prophecy of the coming day when no man might buy nor sell, save he that has the mark or the name of the beast.

Nevertheless, the return of Jesus will overthrow their plans, their power will be destroyed and they will be put in their proper place. This place emphatically does not include rule over the nations, that has brought too many thousands of years of misery and sorrow. In the final end, when Yahweh’s New Jerusalem is set up on earth, we are told in Revelation 22:14-15, “ Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city, for without are dogs.” This doesn’t mean you can have your pussycat, canary and goldfish but faithful fido is excluded, these dogs Yahshua names are humans.

Discrimination, do you say? Yes, indeed! But from start to finish, from Genesis to Revelation, Yahweh has commanded discrimination. I would not oppose it if I could.

Having insurance 'going to be like Christmas'

Durham, N.C. — Uninsured Triangle residents said Monday that they eagerly await the overhaul of the nation's health care system.

"It's just going to be like Christmas," said DeCarlo Flythe, who lost health coverage for his family when he was laid off almost three years ago. "It's going to be great. You know, no worries (about) the bills. We are going to go ahead and pay our co-pay and be alright."

Flythe, a diabetic, said he checked into buying a policy for his family, but he couldn't afford it. He recently landed another job, but the new benefits haven't kicked in yet.

"I worry day to day, honestly," he said. "I pray to make sure my child or my wife don't' get sick because, if they go to the hospital, we are looking at a couple of thousand (dollars in bills)."

Flythe was among the patients Monday at the Walltown Clinic, a joint program of Duke University and Lincoln Community Health Center that serves the low-income neighborhoods near Duke's campus. The clinic serves 3,000 to 4,000 patients a year – 80 percent don't have health insurance – and charges co-pays based on what patients can afford.
"People will come in and say, 'I suddenly don't have a job. I've lost my insurance. Can you help me?'" said Kaity Granda, a physician's assistant at the clinic.

Norman Rucker said he hasn't had health insurance in almost 10 years because his employers haven't offered it.

"I'm not a person who gets sick a lot, so I didn't think I'd need any medicine," said Rucker, who racked up about $100,000 in hospital bills over that period by going to the emergency room whenever he needed care. "I'm trying to pay them off. Collection agencies call me all the time."

Rucker's wife has insurance, but the couple couldn't afford to put him on the policy. Now, he's excited he may also have coverage because of health care reform.

"It'll make the world better. It'll make us all better, actually," he said.

I bet he's related to Peggy Joseph.

"Yahshua" where found means, Jesus, some people claim that "Yahshua" is the Hebrew word for "Jesus". For myself, "Jesus" has worked perfectly.

God, Man, and Tyrants

Dave Kopel

In the political upheavals of the High Middle Ages, as kings and popes vied for power, an idea was reborn: all earthly authority is conditional, and tyrants are to be killed.

Who said "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God"? Pat yourself on the back if you answered "Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin." They proposed placing the motto on the Great Seal of the United States. Pat yourself even harder if you knew that the phrase was created by John Bradshaw (1602–1659), the lawyer who served as president of the parliamentary commission which sentenced British King Charles I to death. But who thought up the idea?

The idea is implicit in much of the Old Testament, which is full of righteous Hebrews overthrowing tyrants. Certainly the histories of Republican Rome and classical Greece contain many similar stories. But in the first millennium of Western Christianity, Christians fell under the sway of the law of the Roman Empire, which emphasized absolute obedience to government, and claimed that the government was above the law. Cicero, who lived in the last days of the Republic, was the last great writer to articulate the right of revolution.

The man who restored the right to Western political thought was an English bishop named John of Salisbury. In 1159, he wrote Policraticus ("Statesman's Book"), which became the best-seller of the century. Although Policraticus is mostly forgotten today, it is one of the few books which truly changed the world.

In 1075, Pope Gregory VII had started the Investiture Contest, by claiming that the pope, not monarchs, had the sole authority to appoint bishops. He had further announced that he had the authority to depose monarchs.

In the decades of war that followed the assertion of papal authority, a variety of pro-pope writers articulated theories supporting the pope's position. For example, Manegold of Lautenbach, a scholar at a monastery destroyed by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, argued that the pope had the authority to release subjects from their obedience to a ruler, as Gregory VII had done. Manegold analogized a cruel tyrant to a disobedient swineherd who stole his master's pigs, and who could be removed from his job by the master. So:

"[I]f the king ceases to govern the kingdom, and begins to act as a tyrant, to destroy justice, to overthrow peace, and to break his faith, the man who has taken the oath is free from it, and the people are entitled to depose the king and to set up another, inasmuch as he has broken the principle upon which their mutual obligation depended."

But the book that changed Western political thought forever was Policraticus.

John of Salisbury was a cosmopolitan and very well-educated English bishop, and "the most accomplished scholar and stylist of his age." (David Knowles, "The Evolution of Medieval Thought").

Policraticus was perhaps the most influential book written since Byzantine Emperor Justinian's legal code had been compiled six centuries before. Policraticus "created an immediate sensation throughout Europe," explains Harold Berman in "Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition." Berman observes that "For over a century Policraticus was considered throughout the West to be the most authoritative work on the nature of government."

In the 13th century, Thomas Aquinas, whose work displaced Salisbury's, consciously built on Salisbury's foundation. Throughout the Middle Ages, John of Salisbury's writings were carefully studied by political reformers, lawyers, priests, and scholars.

As an English bishop, John of Salisbury saw firsthand the tremendous church vs. state struggle then underway in England. King Henry II (1154Ð89) was determined to rule the church. Although Policraticus did not mention Henry II by name, the book was dedicated to Thomas Becket, the great English bishop with whom Salisbury served for many years.

Policraticus was published around 1159, as the English struggle was intensifying.

Policraticus turned the discussion to the rights and duties of government, and to people's remedies when the government exceeded its rights and failed to perform its duties.

In 1162 the king appointed Thomas Becket as archbishop of Canterbury, the highest position in the English Church. In 1164, King Henry forced Becket and other leaders to proclaim the Constitutions of Clarendon, which reasserted extensive royal authority over the church. The Constitutions of Clarendon were contrary to canon (church) law, Becket later asserted, and he repudiated the Constitutions. He publicly declared that King Henry was usurping power.

A bitter conflict ensued, and in 1170 an enraged Henry roared, "Will no one rid me of this pestilential priest?" Four knights heard the king's remarks, and promptly rode off to assassinate Becket, at Canterbury Cathedral. (The story is retold in T.S. Eliot's short play "Murder in the Cathedral.) Eleven years after Policraticus was published, John of Salisbury was present in Canterbury Cathedral when Becket was murdered.

The murder of Becket horrified public opinion, and Henry accurately saw that his throne was in grave danger. He did penance, allowing himself to be scourged by some monks. He worked out a compromise with the church in which he revoked the Constitutions of Clarendon, was allowed to claim that he never wanted Becket killed, but did take responsibility for indirectly inciting Becket's death by proclaiming the Constitutions in the first place.

Before Becket's death, Policraticus was already the bestseller of the century. The author's personal witness to the most infamous tyrannical crime of the 12th century doubtless caused even more interest in what John of Salisbury had to say about resistance to tyranny.

Policraticus broke away from the old Two Swords debate, in which monarchs and the church argued with each other about who had supreme power — that is, whether the temporal sword was supreme over the church's sword, or vice versa.

The Two Swords metaphor came from Jesus' Last Supper instructions to the disciples, telling them to start carrying swords. They responded, "Lord, lo, here are two swords." (Luke 22). Policraticus, though, turned the discussion to the rights and duties of government, and to people's remedies when the government exceeded its rights and failed to perform its duties.

The book was a direct shot at contemporary monarchs who oppressed the Catholic Church: Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (the teutonicus tyrannus), Roger II (the harsh Norman king of Sicily), Stephen of Blois (who ruled England, more or less, from 1136 to 1154 after starting a civil war to usurp the throne from his cousin Matilda, and who plundered the church and imprisoned bishops), Eustace (Stephen's son, who was killed while pillaging the abbey of Bury St. Edmunds), and Henry II (Matilda's son).

"All tyrants reach a miserable end," John announced. To prove this, he pointed to contemporary examples, such as Eustace, Geoffrey de Mandeville (the plundering Earl of Essex, who was killed in 1144), and Ranulf of Chester (another participant in the Stephen/Matilda war, killed in 1153).

And then there were plenty of stories from the past: the anti-Christian Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate was said to have been stabbed to death with a lance by the martyr Mercurius "on the command of the Blessed Virgin." The Danish tyrant Swain, who imposed the Danegeld (a land tax) on the British was slain by "the most glorious martyr and king Edmund." And "Where is Marmion [another contemporary Briton] who, pushed by the Blessed Virgin, fell into the pit which he had prepared for others? Where are the others whose mere names would consume a book? Their wickedness is notorious, their infamy is renowned, their ends are unhappy . . . "

John of Salisbury lauded the military arts, and described Christian knighthood as an especially holy vocation.

John of Salisbury was the first Western writer to provide a detailed theory of tyrannicide. He went even further, and made tyrannicide a positive duty.

Citing Biblical examples, he explained that "one may frequently kill and still not be a man of blood nor incur the accusation of murder or crime." Citing King David and the prophet Samuel, he wrote, "This is indeed the sword of the dove, which quarrels without bitterness, which slaughters without wrathfulness and which, when fighting, entertains no resentment whatsoever." This is similar to what St. Augustine had written in the 5th century about the proper attitude for just war; in the 13th century, Thomas Aquinas would elaborate along similar lines.

Hunting, theatre, gambling, and music were all approved as forms of recreation, provided that they were pursued in moderation.

John explained that a good Christian should not be expected to obey the law or a superior's order in all circumstances, for "Some things are . . . so detestable that no command will possibly justify them or render them permissible." For example, a military commander might order soldiers to deny the existence of God or to commit adultery.

Similarly, if a prince "resists and opposes the divine commandments, and wishes to make me share in his war against God, then with unrestrained voice I must answer back that God must be preferred before any man on earth."

John argued that intermediate magistrates — such as local governors — had a duty to lead forcible resistance if necessary, against serious abuses by the highest magistrate — such as the king.

Interestingly, the theory of "inferior magistrates" not being bound, under all circumstances, to obey the supreme magistrate was also developing in canon law, as many bishops argued that they were not in all circumstances required to obey the Pope.

Policraticus drew heavily on Bible stories, and on examples from ancient Rome. John announced "That by the authority of the divine book it is lawful and glorious to kill public tyrants . . . "

John of Salisbury was the first Western writer to provide a detailed theory of tyrannicide. He went even further, and made tyrannicide a positive duty:

"[I]t is not only permitted, but it is also equitable and just to slay tyrants. For he who receives the sword deserves to perish by the sword.

"But 'receives' is to be understood to pertain to he who has rashly usurped that which is not his, not he who receives what he uses from the power of God. He who receives power from God serves the laws and is the slave of justice and right. He who usurps power suppresses justice and places the laws beneath his will. Therefore, justice is deservedly armed against those who disarm the law, and the public power treats harshly those who endeavour to put aside the public hand. And, although there are many forms of high treason, none is of them is so serious as that which is executed against the body of justice itself. Tyranny is, therefore, not only a public crime, but if this can happen, it is more than public. For if all prosecutors may be allowed in the case of high treason, how much more are they allowed when there is oppression of laws which should themselves command emperors? Surely no one will avenge a public enemy, and whoever does not prosecute him transgresses against himself and against the whole body of the earthly republic."

In short, "As the image of the deity, the prince is to be loved, venerated, and respected; the tyrant, as the image of depravity, is for the most part even to be killed." Thus, tyrannicide was "honourable" when tyrants "could not be otherwise restrained."

There were two important limits: First, poison could not be used. Second, a person could not rebel against a person to whom he legally owed fealty.

The political theory of the Dark Ages had insisted that obedience to God required obedience to any ruler, no matter how awful. John of Salisbury turned this theory on its head: "it is just for public tyrants to be killed and the people to be liberated for obedience to God."

At great length, Policraticus denounced tyranny and justified tyrannicide. A few passages did counsel patient reliance on deliverance by God, warned against taking drastic actions based on small or isolated offenses, and urged prayer as the method of ending tyrannical oppression. These cautionary lines, however, did not undermine the revolutionary impact of the book.

Going beyond political tyranny, John of Salisbury explained that tyranny could occur in many forms; "many private men are tyrants." "[E]veryone is tyrant who abuses any power over those subject to him which has been conceded from above." A father, a land-owner, or a merchant could be a private tyrant, to those over whom they abused their power.

An ecclesiastical tyrant was a priest, bishop, or other church official who abused his power, harming rather than protecting the people in his spiritual care.

One of the problems of the tyranny of petty officials was that it was illegal to resist their depredations, even though, according to Justinian's code of Roman law, "it is otherwise lawful to repel force with force without blame if one has safeguarded moderation." However, tyrannicide was appropriate for only actual rulers of governments, not for private tyrants.

Over the next half-millennium, the right of revolution would be defended by Scholastics such as Thomas Aquinas and Francisco Suárez. Lutherans and Calvinists would initially adopt a limited form of the theory. Then the Calvinists, acknowledging that they were building on the Catholic intellectual heritage, would advance the full right of revolution. The "black regiment" of New England preachers would bring the right to its greatest fruition, exhorting their congregations to their sacred duty to overthrow King George and establish a free republic.

John of Salisbury never knew that there was a Western Hemisphere. But he did know that God wants man to be active and free, not passive and enslaved. All of us who enjoy civil liberty in the New World owe a debt of gratitude to the intellectual revolution set off by John of Salisbury.

"O people of God, how foolish is it to fear the faces of men who shall soon be faggots in the fire of hell!"
~ Charles Spurgeon


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whom The Gods Would Destroy

They would first give us democracy. Still think voting works? Still think your voice counts? Well, millons of Whites are (again) getting a real life lesson in what Judaized Democracy is all about. And really, it' not just Demoncrats but Republicants too. Did anyone want the jewish wars in the Middle East? No, they wanted an end to it so badly that they put in Communists who promised to end it. Did everyone want the Bankers and the other filthy thieves punished for their crimes? Oh yes, They wanted change. Well, the masses of asses got it. Now, in frustration, they are willing to turn around and elect the same people they threw out! Ever see a dog chase it's tail? Hey, I'm so glad to be an American, where at least I know I'm free! Free to be called a minority by uppity negros in the government! Anyone catch that latest talking point by the demoncrats? Haha, that's too much!

The nation wreckers will get their bil passed and the mongrel, surrounded by his jewish masters, will sign it. The bill will probably pass with around 218-220 votes. Has anyone read this thing? I have to admit, the opponents of this bill, despite some hyperbole, have been telling the truth about it. Among the highlights:

A whole new bureaucracy will be created, with a Health Commissioner to oversee it. Wonder who will head it? Any bets that it will be a jew or a negro?

This new bureaucracy will use the IRS to enforce compliance. They will make sure that you have purchased government approved insurance or else you will be subject to the usual IRS tactics of fines, penalties or garnishments. Ever had to deal with the IRS?

The ZOG will have real-time access to individuals' finances. They will have direct access to your bank accounts for elective funds transfer. (ZOG: zionist occupied government, in other words damned jew run government)

A National Health Card will be issued. In the future it will probably be biometric. This is an end-run around opposition to a "National ID Card".

Everyone, Illegal or not, will be covered. There is also a mandate for linguistic services.

Remember the hysteria about "Death Panels"? It's in there, check out pages 425-430 of the bill. They might not call it that now, but the foundations for such is there, especially as costs spiral out of control.

There's lots more, just google "Health Care Bill Online" and check it out. Not that it matters for revolutionaries as this is what we want. Anything that will cause more division, strife and rebellion is good. And really, the fight is not here yet. Wait until the amnesty bill comes up. That's where we should stake our guns.

If you live as a slave you will die a slave. There can be no freedom without redemption. Blood is required. Everyone desperately seeks other ways out, but it's an exercise in futility. Just watch the Tea Partiers.

Access St. Louis

Waning Freedom Wherefore The Dilemma

The Covenant News ~ March 20, 2010


“From right to left, secular to God-fearing, what so few people know is that in the last half century, United States administrations have overthrown 50 governments — many of them democracies. In the process, thirty countries have been attacked and bombed, with the loss of countless lives. Bush bashing is all very well — and is justified — but the moment we begin to accept the siren call of the Democrat’s drivel about standing up and fighting for freedom sought by billions, the battle for history is lost, and we ourselves are silenced”. John Pilger

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is concerned about domestic terrorists (that's me and you folks)and her potential targets are making a hero of Texas suicide pilot Joe Stack who crashed his private plane into an Internal Revenue office. There is a resentment tsunami rising in America that threatens the established terra firma.

It is a complex dilemma. The two puppet political parties are still sources of intense interest even for individuals who should know better. The media promotes their significance through constant publicity. Ron Paul is a hero for his straightforward approach to political issues and his sensible solutions, but he remains in the Republican Party and that organization will never allow his ascent.

Propaganda in United States would have Joseph Goebbels dancing in the street. Every television show is hosted by a person who wears a small American Flag, who has accepted the legitimacy of 9/11 attacks, and who depicts our government as righteous and the war as just. Our political leaders have the same mindset. No one ever publically questions the legitimacy of the government’s propaganda. Entertainment is not immune. Exciting, well written, popular Fox Network television show “24” starring Kiefer Southerland exalts humanism, cruelty, torture, and question-less devotion to the government. Torture is standard procedure in every interrogation and with the exception of the Counter Terrorist Unit’s inhuman agents, who are impervious, it is usually successful. Of the three United States Presidents involved in the story the Black president and the Female president are moral, the White president is a scoundrel. Patriot groups are terrorists. Many viewers fail to see through these insidious distortions.

The destruction of our wealth and power has been going on for several decades. The textile industry was one of the first to go. From New England it moved South and from the South it moved overseas. Now it is hard to find a set of durable bed sheets of the quality Americans used to produce. Over fifty years ago, in 1957, Toyota and Datsun shipped the first Japanese cars into the United States. This incursion by Japanese manufacturers forced domestic producers into a distorted competition and slowly eroded the auto industry’s upper middle class jobs. During these years the electronics industry also succumbed to the Japanese. Little by little American television manufacturers, RCA, General Electric, Philco, Raytheon, Hallicrafters, Hoffman, and Pacific Mercury (Remember those names?) bowed. In 1977 President Jimmy Carter divested our nation of the Panama Canal ceding hegemony over a project that cost millions of dollars and the lives of 21,000 workers. The Clinton Administration brought us NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, and the WTO. These treasonous treaties opened American markets to unprecedented exploitation. First is was Japan and now in little more than a decade China has become bloated with U. S. dollars. In a recent column Pat Buchanan wrote that since the year 2000 we have lost 5.7 million manufacturing jobs, one-third of the entire manufacturing sector. The exact figures are difficult to find but it is apparent that the standard of living in United States has been purposely decimated.

When George W. Bush was appointed president in 2000 his visit with Mexican President Vincente Fox was closely followed by hoards of illegal Mexican border crossings. Western societies around the world are being challenged by immigrants that seek equality and more. In a couple of decades United States Christian European society will be no more.

News, literature, art, and entertainment are controlled by a tightly knit, mostly Jewish group. It was far better for the consumer when the motion picture writers were on strike. The material they produce is not only vile, sadistic, and pornographic but bereft of a story line, tedious, and prosaic. Movie after movie abruptly terminates leaving the audience wondering if Hollywood has lost all its storytellers. Drugs, violence, fornication, adultery, sodomy, murder, robbery, rape, torture, and tyranny infest the bulk of Hollywood’s products. (this is the jew mindset, evil)

In a 2007 lecture in Chicago John Pilger, an experienced Australian Journalist, talked about the failures of the United States press corps. He is a Socialist and the setting was Socialistic but the lecture contained truths that are seldom expressed. Fascism, Communism, and Socialism are abhorrent systems of government but the radicals that support these aberrations sometimes carefully chronicle the failures of our present system and are sources of truth others fail to discern. This truth teeters on an unsteady platform but while the platform is deplorable the truth, as always, is precious.

Pilger describes the advent of corporate advertising and the creation of the “Professional Journalist”. He details the institutionalization of journalism which then began using “official sources” to back up stories. He says “a mythology of liberal neutrality was spun around the professional journalist” which engendered a system that is “entirely bogus”. Pilger informs us there were 50 corporate owners of the media in 1983, in 2002 only nine, and more recently only five. Rupert Murdock (Fox News and a host of others.) predicts it will soon be reduced to three. Pilger writes that studies have determined that the BBC provided only two percent of its coverage to Iraq War detractors while reserving the bulk of its space for correspondents, like those in Washington, who described American intentions as being rooted in “democracy and grass roots development”. He reveals the never reported U. S. support for Pol Pot in Cambodia, notes the contrived propaganda that has always been directed at the Palestinians and, maintains that though the press hammered away at the Vietnam War the situation was far worse than the media reported. “There were 649 reporters in Vietnam on March 16, 1968 — the day that the My-Lai massacre happened — and not one of them reported it.” With sharp insight he writes “One of the oldest clichés of war is that truth is the first casualty. No it’s not. Journalism is the first casualty.”

We gave away the Panama Canal; we gave away access to our markets; our government began to allow mergers and buyouts that consolidated industries and created fewer and fewer larger and larger corporations; we allowed, even encouraged, these international corporations that had been spawned in the United States to become international entities with no obligation to the nation or the people that built them. Our government made it easy for corporations to move manufacturing operations out of the country and the attraction of lower taxes and fewer hampering legal codes provided an additional strong incentive.

The Bush II Administration used the 9/11 disaster as a reason for beginning an open-ended military offensive in the Middle East against an obscure enemy called “Terrorism”. A massive propaganda campaign designed to create a phantom threat was successful enough to force our legislators to pass laws that encroach on our freedoms and nullify our Constitution. While our government tells us we are fighting in the Middle East for our freedom they are busy passing laws that create tyranny. The Middle East offensive is not approaching a decade in duration at a disastrous cost in money, reputation, and liberty. Our elected officials lured by financial incentives and cowed by a compliant press are too timid to question the authenticity of the policies of the Executive Branch so everyone is acting as if the facts are as they have been presented by our Neo-Con taskmasters. We are living in a sea of contrived mendacity.

Our citizens are complicit in this disaster. In George Orwell’s “1984” Winston writes in his diary that “He knows that if once the “proles” rose up in rebellion, the Party could not survive. But the ‘proles’ seemed incapable of organizing themselves into any concrete entity. All their immense energy was dissipated in trivial grievances; they had no concern to expend on larger issues. The Party itself did not interfere too much with the ‘proles’; they were ‘below suspicion’. So long as they were willing to breed and labor they were left largely to their own devices. According to the Party ‘Proles’ and animals are free.” The United States has a large segment of potential “Proles” who are not yet restrained by absolute tyranny. They support the war effort and believe that the United States is a lily white entity that deserves to rule the world. They support our armed forces and pray for victory in foreign battles. They hate Arabs and believe Iran is our enemy. Civilian residents of other nations who seek to maintain their independence are expendable and bloody campaigns like the North waged in the Civil War, Dresden in WW II, Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the Korean War and the War in Iraq are celebrated with cheers. Defeats and disasters are always blamed on the other political party and they work hard to unseat it in the next election. When they should be repenting for their monstrous sins they are ebullient with pride and the expectation that the next election will solve all of their problems.

The problems facing the world today will not be solved through politics. We have been disobedient to the Creator and disobedience must be repented from. This is God’s decree: What is yours?

“Now it shall be, if you will diligently obey the Lord your God, being careful to do all His commandments which I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you will obey the Lord your God: ‘Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the country. Blessed shall be the offspring of your body and the produce of your ground and the offspring of your beasts, the increase of your herd and the young of your flock. Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl. Blessed shall you be when you go in and blessed shall you be when you go out. The Lord will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you; they shall come out against you one way and shall flee before you seven ways. The Lord will command the blessing upon you in your barns and in all that you put your hand to, and He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God gives you. The Lord will establish you as a holy people to Himself, as He swore to you, if you will keep the commandment of the Lord your God, and walk in His ways. So all the peoples of the earth shall see that you are called by the name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of you. And the Lord will make you abound in prosperity, in the offspring of your body and in the offspring of your beast and the produce of your ground, in the land which the Lord swore to you fathers to give to you. The Lord will open for you His good storehouse, the heavens, to give rain to your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hand; and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow. And the Lord shall make you the head and not the tail, and you only shall be above, and you shall not be underneath, if you will listen to the commandments of the Lord your God, which I charge you today, to observe them carefully, and do not turn aside from any of the words which I command you today, to the right of the left, to go after other gods to serve them.’” --Deuteronomy 28:1-14

If peace and prosperity is ever to return to our world, Christians must understand that God’s primary requirement is obedience. When we ignore His Law and devise our own law we disobey Him. He requires “careful” obedience. When the people obey and their government obeys the nation is blessed; when the people obey but the government disobeys, the nation is judged; when the nation obeys and the people disobey; the nation is judged. Today, neither the people nor their governments regard God’s Ordnances!

Entrance into a contemporary promised land will involve resisting some giants. The forces seeking world domination are in control of the money, they control the media, and they control the military of the world’s most powerful nation. “Proles” must understand that the only remedy for globalism involves God’s dominion over His creation. As long as God’s people are willing to allow evil humanist laws to rule us victory will be evasive. If we continue to allow them to control our money, our medical care, our peace, and our freedom the battle is lost. But if we repent of our evil ways, read God’s Law, agree to obey His Commandments, fearlessly face the evil powers of darkness, and proclaim God’s right to dominion, He will defeat our enemies and the battle can be won.

Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida.

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Transformations in the Heartland: Life and Race in Oshkosh

Downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Oshkosh is a city in East-Central Wisconsin, celebrated on websites as "Oshkosh on the Water" with pictures of lakes Winnebago and Butte des Morts, a college-town that is home to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and its 11–12 thousand students. The city is most famous or best known for the EAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association, whose week-long "fly-in" each summer attracts 200,000 to 300,000 enthusiasts and other attendees, many of them from other nations. In bars and stores and restaurants, I've heard Australian, English, Irish, German, and French accents. I moved to Oshkosh in June of 2005 and also lived there for a few years during the 1970s and 80s.

According to a 2008 estimate, as reported in, the population is now 63,679. In 2000, according to the census, Oshkosh was 91.8% "White non-Hispanic," 1.7% Hispanic," 2.4% "other Asian," 1% two or more races, 0.8% American Indian, 0.5% other race, and 2.2% Black. is rife with comments describing and comparing cities and giving advice to people who plan to relocate. In dozens of comments, Oshkosh is compared to Appleton, almost always unfavorably. Appleton, a city of 70,305 some 20 miles north of Oshkosh, is cleaner, newer, "nicer," a far better downtown, a large mall for dining and shopping, more restaurants, stores, sources of entertainment. By contrast, Oshkosh is older, dirtier, more blue-collar, more "riff-raff," more "ghetto." By "ghetto," the commentator is referring not to Blacks but to a "central city" with "tons of dilapidated houses."

Though almost as large as Appleton and home to the state's third largest university population, Oshkosh doesn't have a mall. And the downtown is so small and old that an entire block on main street, lined with old stores and an ex-bank that opened in 1927, was closed to traffic for five days in April of 2008 to film a robbery scene for Public Enemies, a depression-era movie starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger. The largest new building in the downtown area, and in some ways the most impressive architecturally, is the jail, euphemistically called "the City of Oshkosh Safety Building."

"Racism" and Diversity

And, of course, diversity and race are also discussed. Questions are asked. Is Oshkosh "racist"? Is it "welcoming" to and "safe" for Blacks and other minorities? Predictably, many commentators decry the "lack of diversity" in Oshkosh and the "racism" of its White population. Everyone agrees on the "lack of diversity" but some dispute the charges of intense and pervasive "racism."

No one comments on how non-Whites, especially Blacks, have made the city less safe for Whites. No mention of gangs and crime and Black-on-White violence. Given the zeitgeist, explicit concern for the interests of Whites as a group in relation to Blacks and other minorities is ipso facto "racist" to everyone but a small minority of race realists and "White nationalists." Did anyone say there is too much "diversity," or that Oshkosh is a worse place to live because it has roughly twice as many Blacks as Appleton? If so, their remarks were either blocked or summarily deleted. But not this comment by a Black female and ex-student at UW-Oshkosh.

Please keep away from Oshkosh. It's just full of rednecks who think Black folks are the devil. I was shot at my first week there while going to college just because of my skin tone. Most people in Oshkosh have missing teeth and try to recite the Bible to you as soon as you walk in a restaurant or store. (, 5-21-2009.)

Someone replied: "This person is obviously mentally unstable."

Perhaps she heard the engine of a car "backfire" and, given her anti-White sentiments and hallucinations, thought "rednecks" were shooting at her? If a Black coed were "shot at" during her first week at UW-Oshkosh, her ordeal would have been on the front page of the New York Times and featured on NPR.

But it's far more likely that she's lying in order to demonize Whites and Oshkosh and to advance the myth of "systemic racism" and Black victimization, the paranoid illusion of an America in which Blacks are in constant danger of being assaulted and murdered by Whites. In reality, of course, exactly the opposite is true for tens of millions of Whites and has been so for the last 50 years.

More typical is this lament by NicePolishBoy: "There is little diversity. Racism is quite common but on a subtle level."

Ironically, a population whose "lack of diversity" so vexes and saddens NicePolishBoy and many others now includes every race and sub-race on earth with the possible exception of Aborigines and New Guineans. And dozens of non-White ethnicities.

In my travels around town, I see many Blacks, mulattos, mestizos, Amerindians, Latinos, Native Americans, and sundry Asians. The Asians include not only people who were once called "Orientals" — Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Laotians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Hmong, etc. — but also those of Indian and Middle Eastern descent.

Here's an example of how my life in Oshkosh has been enriched by diversity: For two or three months in 2009, a family of Muslim Arabs or Persians(?), lived in the first floor apartment directly beneath me. I could often hear them praying or chanting or whatever during the night and playing music in a strange foreign language. The husband was always slamming the door and going outside to smoke or getting into his car and driving away and then soon coming back. I never saw the wife, and only once did I see the children. Then, suddenly, they were gone. I didn't even see and/or hear them leave. I was so happy I felt like kneeling and bowing to Mecca. (hahahaha)

According to the 2000 census, there are nearly as many Latinos as Blacks in Oshkosh. And there are more "Asians" than Blacks. Most of these are Hmong. Almost every day, I see dozens of Blacks but far fewer Latinos and Hmong. And almost every day I see Blacks I haven't seen before.

Almost 2,000 Hmong are estimated to live in Winnebago County. This figure is not for the city of Oshkosh but the entire county, including the cities of Neenah and Menasha. Many days I don't see a single young male or female who is saliently Hmong. The Hmong I see most often are old ladies. They're always tiny, at time quasi-dwarfish, and often faintly simian, their faces leathery and wizened, spotted and freckled, prematurely ravaged by years under the tropical sun in Cambodia and Laos.

"Little diversity"! The irony of denigrating Oshkosh for a "lack of diversity" is that the city could hardly be more diverse, though it could be far less White and, inexorably and increasingly, will be so in the future. What "NicePolishBoy" and others are deploring is not a "lack of diversity" but the still relatively small numbers of non-Whites What bothers them is that Oshkosh, according to the 2000 census, was still over 90% White and, a decade later, may still be almost 90% White.

And what most guilt-addled and self-hating Whites desire is not so much diversity per se but the displacement and dispossession of Whites by non-Whites. Their ultimate goal is not so much a diverse Oshkosh, which already exists, but a non-White majority Oshkosh. How many Blacks and White leftists complain about the "lack of diversity" in East St. Louis or Detroit?

As for the view that "racism is quite common but on a subtle level": Perhaps this is referring to those people who are less than ecstatic about an invasion of ghetto Blacks and don't want more of them "enriching" the city and their neighborhoods — people who believe there's too much "diversity" of the most dangerous kind but only express their disapproval " in "subtle" ways. "Racism" is a synonym for realism and White self-interest, even if subtle and implicit. And, objectively, precisely how is a city "enriched and made a "better place to live and work" by 1500–2000 Blacks, most of them from the ghettos of Milwaukee and Chicago?

In reality as opposed to mythology, even relatively small numbers of Blacks can critically degrade the quality of life in a city of 63,000 for its White population. This is especially true for poor and lower-class Whites who generally live in closer contact with Blacks and whose lives are more limited and miserable than they would otherwise be in a virtually all-White community: The people who must ride the buses with Blacks and must often live near Blacks in low-cost apartments and old houses in decaying and impoverished neighborhoods. These Whites are in competition with Blacks who benefit from quotas and affirmative action and preferential treatment for menial jobs and social services. These Whites are also far more likely to be the victims of Black-on-White violence and criminality. To a lesser degree, it’s the same story with Latinos and the Hmong.


Most seriously, even an infestation of "only" a few hundred young Black males and even fewer "Hispanics" and Hmong will inevitably result in marked increases in violent and predatory crime, both gang-related and free-lance. A White resident complains:

I've lived in Oshkosh for about 18 years now. When I moved here there was relatively low (violent) crime. Now you hear of murders, not real often, robberies quite often, and people jumping others at night. I'm not a racist...However, am I the only one who sees since there's been a nearly 150% rise in the Black and Hmong populations, the crime has basically skyrocketed. These people move up here from Milwaukee, Chicago, and various other cities and bring their lifestyle with them. (, 10-13-2008.)

Before the diversity onslaught, murder was unheard of in Oshkosh. It’s quite different now. There were four murders in 2006 and three were committed by Blacks. And at least two of the victims were White. A White junkie named Joshua Meyers was shot and killed over a "drug debt" by Keith Lee, a Black "chronic criminal" and drug-dealer from Milwaukee. Stereotypically, the murderer and his accomplice fled the scene in a Cadillac.


Like Green Bay, Oshkosh is now "enriched" by a racially-driven and hydra-headed gang subculture which didn't exist only yesterday, historically speaking, but which will now blight the city forever. Remarkably, it takes only a few hundred inner-city Black males in their teens and 20s and lesser numbers of "Latinos" and Hmong and other "Asians, a comparatively tiny fraction of a minority population of 6-7 thousand, to plague a city with dozens of gangs with ties to Milwaukee, Chicago, the Twin Cities, and even California, Texas, and Mexico.

According to law enforcement, Winnebago County is now home to 56 gangs. This includes not only the city of Oshkosh but also Neenah and Menasha, a city of 16,527 whose "Hispanic" population has "grown exponentially over the past 5 years" (i.e., an "extremely rapid increase"). I quote from a report entitled "Northeast Wisconsin Gang Assessment":

Oshkosh Police Department … reports an increase in gangs and gang activity in the past 5 years. There has been an increase in drug-related complaints … and an increase in people with possible gang associations moving to, or through, the area. OPD has linked gangs to crimes such as battery, criminal damage to property, drug trafficking, graffiti, intimidation/threats, and theft. OPD reports that violent crimes, particularly robberies, homicides, and aggravated assaults, have increased in Oshkosh since 2004. An estimated 10 to 15% has been attributed to gangs and gang-related activity.... The OPD reports that many gang members have moved to the area from Milwaukee, Chicago, and the Twin Cities. There may also be ties to Hispanic gang members, and migrant workers, in Texas, as well as Asian gang members with ties to gangs in California.

Surreally, all "Hispanic" criminals and gangsters are classified as "White" when they commit aggravated assaults, rapes, "sexual assaults," robberies, and murders. Nevertheless, as reported in The Color of Crime, it’s clear that gangs are a non-White phenomenon: "Only 10 percent of youth gang members are White. Hispanics are 19 times more likely than Whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely." So virtually all criminal gangs, properly defined, are non-White.

In Closing: Another Racine? And No Escape?

I could live another 30–35 years. Will I see Oshkosh turn into another Racine? Racine was once the third largest city in Wisconsin with a population of almost 100 thousand. By 2000 the population had fallen to 78,805. Racine is 20.3% Black, 14% Latino, 7.1% other race, and 63.5% "White non-Hispanic." There were 16 murders in 2005 and 10 murders in 2008. During the last decade, the crime-index was in the low to mid to high 400s almost every year. The exception was 2001, when it was 537.7.

Perhaps this is unlikely. But even a city half as Black, half as Latino, and half as bad as Racine would be dreadful and intolerable — not a place where I would want to live and grow old in relative poverty. Will thousands of Blacks move to Oshkosh from Milwaukee and Chicago and elsewhere during the next 10–20 years? Will meat-packing plants and other businesses attract thousands of Latinos? If Menasha, a city 1/4 the size of Oshkosh and 15 miles to the north, has experienced an exponential increase in its Latino population over the past five years (which was already 3.6% of the city's population in 2000), then why not Oshkosh, and on a much larger and more ruinous scale? Will Oshkosh become in 10–15 years what Green Bay is today, a city that is now 20–25% non-White, and in which the number of crimes increased by 209% from 1989 to 2006?

You're old and poor and have no car. You want to escape the joys and riches of diversity and multiculturalism: crime and gangs, chaos and clamor, black and Latino "neighbors," overcrowded buses on which you can't find a seat and have to stand and hold the rails for 15–30 minutes and endure the noise and disorder and ugliness, including assaults and fights and shootings(?); an overcrowded library where one can rarely find a computer to surf the net for an hour or a place to sit down and read or write in peace and quiet. But you don't want to live in a hamlet or small town in the northwoods. You want to spend the rest of your life in a city with a university library or, at least, a large public library conducive to reading and writing.

What can you do? Move to Eau Claire if the city is still 85-90% White and not blighted by a people-of-color invasion from Minneapolis-St. Paul and possibly even Milwaukee and Chicago? Move to Fargo or Bismarck, ND, assuming they're still 90% White?

It's a bleak picture. And why should we have to be always running away?

Simon Krejsa (email him) is a free-lance writer living in Oshkosh.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knock, Knock — Telegram For The GD Jews!

Western Union Telegram STOP Who the HELL do you think you are? STOP America has had enough STOP You SUCK STOP GET OUT JEWS!

THAT’S RIGHT, JEWS: You SUCK big-time and America is now rapidly waking up to the fact. We hereby deliver a message to you Jews and that message is: GET THE HELL OUT! There, is that clear enough for you?

Where you go is not our problem: The island of Madagascar, the jungles of Brazil, Tierra del Fuego — we don’t give a flying flock where you end-up, just as long as it’s not any of our White countries — that’s all we really care about. Of course, wherever that may be, the same GD thing will happen should you manage to snooker another race to implant yourselves among. If you do find a spot without a worthwhile host to suck on, you wouldn’t last a lousy 10 years, if that.

Do I have an issue with the Jews? Uh… hell yeah, I do! Does the rest of the planet? Ditto! Millions of newly awakened are now getting around to learning all the sordid details about you people. Trust me, the more they look into the matter, the more they’ll end-up just like me. Angry and pissed as hell. Read on Jews, if you got any guts, or you’re the usual masochistic type who gets off on the whole Jew victimhood/Nazi schtik. You know who you are

Read the rest.........
Incog you're on fire!

A Thin Veneer

One of the things my grandfather taught me long ago was how to build cabinets. I learned a good appreciation for real wood and what all is necessary, in time, effort and money / material to produce something that is substantial and solid ... a work that would last. But in dealing with folks it quickly became obvious - most are only concerned with the bottom line they are willing to settle for. They want it to look good, they want it cheap and they want it now. And if that is all they want, all that they're willing to invest - perhaps what they get is good enough for them.

For those who know what veneered furniture is, you have to admit - it looks pretty good to the eye. It is less costly than the real solid thing and you can obtain it here and now. It's a popular alternative. I've been snagged on that hook before myself. But don't we eventually learn how shifty it is, how unstable and unreliable. That pretty, thin micro layer of veneer hides some inferior material and sooner or later we realize - you get what you pay for.

I've often made the statement (as I'm certain many have) ... we vastly underestimate our enemies, and in particular the enemies of Christ. We oft quote Jesus's own words when He warned us of wolves in sheeps clothing, but have we really taken His words to heart ? Wolves are a very cunning sort and to lower your guard will only invite chaos into your camp (what happened to eternal vigilance ?). Can we not in all honesty admit that it is not always so very easy to spot them, especially so when we've allowed them for so long to roam among us and grown used to certain of their unshakeable ways ? Do you really suppose they would act by and large like the wolves they are whilst wearing the sheepskin overcoat ? No, they would learn the way and mannerisms of the sheep and strive to blend right in. But the wary sheep can catch a scent if they stay tuned to their program.

Sure, there those who concentrate on the younger (in the faith) sheep on the outskirts of the flock, those who have not grown enough to be wary of the predator who lurks. But the bigger prize, the greater reward in the long run comes to those who can infiltrate and steer the greater portion of the flock to the killing zone where they will have uninterrupted time to consume them at their leisurely pleasure ... all out of the watchful eye and protective reach of the Shepherd. This is the alpha wolf - he is dedicated to his goal and skilled at his task.

We can plainly see how the carnivore has moved into the judaized churches and most aspects of what we term the white movement, sowing discord / destruction and generally muddying the waters so that a clear picture cannot be grasped. Why would we underestimate or doubt his ability, coupled with his ingrained hatred, to creep into our very inner midst ? Do we not consider him dedicated enough to his cause or devious enough to undertake such ? It's often been stated and I believe so myself, Christian Identity is the starting point that turns many of us back to Christ and is quite integral to our core. Knowledge of our true identity is NOT the whole of the picture and salvation unto itself. It should stir us into seeking a deeper understanding of our God and our duties unto Him.

What was Christ's first words unto His disciples when they sought clearer answers as to what would come - Matthew 24:3-5

"Take heed that no man (didn't say some devil and now would have been the time to do so) deceive you,

"For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

They would say that HE was the Christ (not themselves), hence, they were "Christian" imposters. To an extent, they would walk the walk and talk the talk - or else He would not of so explicitly warned us. (TE-jews proclaiming to be Christians, e.g.Weissinger)

Fact of the matter is, YOU don't really know who I am and in all honesty, I should be treated at least initially as all others who profess to be spreading Gods Word - does it stand up to Biblical scrutiny ? Whether or not the message is pleasing to you, whether it contradicts what you personally believe, whether it is the popular stance currently held in CI circles ... should have absolutely no bearing on how you regard it. Have you truthfully searched the scripture to see if these things are so ?

I've been rebuked with the reply that I must think myself better than some of our forefathers who didn't profess such beliefs (and I say that's debatable as to what extent they held some views). Are we conscious of the fact that we may be pursuing the broad path even though we have been warned that many thought with all their heart it was correct ? Is that not the message, the warning given by Christ Himself in Matthew 7:20-23 ? Read the entire chapter leading up to this. I cannot gauge my actions / reactions according to what others might of done, and I am not judging them here and now for their deeds, but who are we following ? What I (or you) may perceive as being righteous or fair, by our standards, has no bearing on this. What does God require ?

Matthew 23:13 (Luke 11:52 / Hosea 4:6) tells us there are those who actively work to keep us out of the kingdom - yes, it can be done.

I'm not an eloquent writer and I don't worry too much about my rough edges ... content is what we should be concerned with. I don't compile long flowing compositions that are pleasing to the ears, or to the emotions, such as in goading our soldiers with the "kill 'em all" chant many of us live to hear and are prone to fall for without due preparation or an overall understanding. I take Christ's warning of casting a stumbling block before His sheep very seriously and strive to use all care in posting what I think is necessary for our growth and guidance. I do not print out each scripture quoted and it is your decision whether or not you take the time to search it out. I will not mock another who quotes scripture in striving for the same understanding I do (as some are prone to do), but will try to be of the "come and let us reason together" mindset. God is not the author of confusion and any lack of grasped continuity of the whole of the Word is shortcomings solely our part.

Luke 6:46-49

" ... and why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say ?"

In Season-Out of Season