Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetic Justice

Abortion chain owner's family died in MT cemetery plane crash - near 'Tomb of the Unborn'

From Christian Newswire this afternoon, by pro-life activist and writer Gingi Edmonds:

Some of you may have seen the major news story of the private plane that crashed into a Montana cemetery, killing 7 children and 7 adults.

But what the news sources fail to mention is... the [cemetery] contains... the Tomb of the Unborn... erected as a dedication to all babies who have died because of abortion.

What else is the mainstream news not telling you? The family who died in the crash near the location of the abortion victim's memorial, is the family of Irving 'Bud' Feldkamp, owner of the largest for-profit abortion chain in the nation....

Second from left, top row.

Family Planning Associates was purchased 4 years ago by... Feldkamp... owner of Allcare and Hospitality Dental Associates and CEO of Glen Helen Raceway Park in San Bernardino. The 17 CA Family Planning clinics perform more abortions in the state than any other abortion provider - Planned Parenthood included - and they perform abortions through the first 5 months of pregnancy.

Although Feldkamp is not an abortionist, he reaps profits of blood money from the tens of thousands of babies that are killed through abortions performed every year at the clinics he owns. His business in the abortion industry was what enabled him to afford the private plane that was carrying his family to their week-long vacation at The Yellowstone Club, a millionaires-only ski resort.

The plane went down on Sunday, killing 2 of Feldkamp's daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 5 grandchildren along with the pilot and 4 family friends....

Unfortunately the jew Feldkamp did not join his family in oblivion.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

State of the Revolution

Edgar Steele's Nickel Rant

Second Annual State of the Revolution
A Report to the American People by Edgar J. Steele
March 18, 2008

"Every move you make,"Every step you take,"I'll be watching you." --- Every Breath You Take, The Police
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." --- John F.
Kennedy, 1962 White House speech (35th president of the United States of America, 1961-1963)

My name is Edgar J. Steele.

Ok. So President Obama didn't give a State of the Union address this year. That doesn't mean I can't respond anyway with the second annual edition of my take on The State of the Revolution. Though this year's report contains tons of new information, I will, however, repeat certain salient portions of last year's report.
First, let me assure you that I am not advocating revolution. In fact, I am a strong anti-violence advocate. However, that does not mean I cannot urge you to shoot back when the time comes.
I think a true violent revolution in America now is inevitable. The dominos already are falling and the inexorable result lies directly ahead.

The Road Ahead
Briefly, here is how I see things playing out:

1. The economics disaster now underway will lead to the cutoff of benefits to America's now-permanent underclass, primarily Blacks and Hispanics, which has been conditioned and bred to expect full support as a right - the entitlement mentality. With the cutoff of their rightful due, they will do what they always do: riot and increase their attacks on those whom they view as their oppressors - White people, in other words.
2. Nationwide rioting will culminate in an open race war in the cities of America, which already has been waged for years, but covered up by the controlled media. Like the South-Central riots in LA a few years ago, the media will be unable to cover up the coming unpleasantries, which will take place throughout America simultaneously.
3. As White people form up into roving bands of vigilantes and deliver street justice, just as was done in New Orleans directly following Hurricane Katrina (you didn't hear about that, did you?), the government will respond, just as it did following Katrina (what did you suppose that door-to-door gun confiscation in New Orleans was all about, anyway?), with the shooting of people in the streets of America by government troops and agents. This time, however, it will be too widespread to be covered up and kept from the general public.
4. Just as the Boston Massacre and the battle at the Lexington/Concord Bridge ("the shot heard 'round the world") served to spark the first American Revolution against a tyrannical and oppressive British occupying government, so will the shooting of citizens of every color in the streets by a tyrannical and oppressive American central government lead to the Second American Revolution (third, actually, if you count the War of Northern Aggression from the 1860s that successfully put down the South's try for independence from Northern tyranny). That is when I will advocate shooting back, as if such then will be necessary.
5. I expect government agents of every stripe to be cut down, right and left, throughout America by those who already are too disaffected to be pulled back when the time comes. Chuck Norris' "thousands of right-wing cells" will heave into action, demonstrating the profound wisdom of Louis Beam's foretelling of Leaderless Resistance.
Or, I would advocate shooting back if I could, that is. By then, I expect that all who speak out as do I will have been rounded up and sent to the camps already constructed by Halliburton under the pretense of maintaining order under the inevitable decree of martial law. If it weren't already too late for me, I would shut up and keep a low profile, which is exactly what I advocate you do if you have not already earned a camp ticket. In for a penny, in for a pound.
When the smoke clears, I expect the American government to have been toppled and America to have been "balkanized" along racial lines by the racial civil war that will rage in the midst of the Second American Revolution. I expect World War III to flare up during this crisis with a strong possibility of a heavy nuclear exchange, started by Israel's nuking of Iran, if WWIII has not already begun, that is.

Executive Summary

Here is the Executive Summary, for those who simply must get back to Jeopardy after the break: basically, we are screwed and simply waiting for them to start shooting us so that we can shoot back.
The morons who seized control of America after killing JFK have botched everything so badly that there is no way back not involving extensive pain and deprivation, at a minimum. And they certainly will not cede the power they have stolen from us peacefully. More likely: bloodshed and death far in excess of that seen during America's first Civil War... per capita!
Why should we suffer for their mistakes and intentional misconduct? Because we let them get away with it, that's why! In recent years, we pulled the levers for Bush the First, then Clinton, then, incredibly enough, Bush the Second and now Obama, calling each the lesser of evils, though we always have had men like Ron Paul available to us, men whom we have dismissed as having "no serious chance" at becoming President. Else, we watched while they pulled the levers for us and pretended not to notice the obvious vote fraud - same result, exactly, in any event.

Obama Meo Mio

President Obama's popularity is dropping like a rock and already is below George W. Bush's rating at this stage of his "presidency." The honeymoon is over and people are beginning to wake up to the dawning horror of just what crept into our bed during the night. I already have predicted that Obama will be unpopular by the end of this year and outright hated by the midpoint of his presidency.
Though he has announced an intent to close it, the Guantanamo Bay prison camp (Gitmo) still is open for business. Of course, during his campaign Obama promised to get us out of Iraq, don't forget.
We still are in Iraq, full force, with only a troop reduction (to 60,000) now promised, still 18 months off in the future. This withdrawal-cum-reduction is irrelevant in the face of Obama's announced intention to step up our presence in Afghanistan well beyond the now-promised Iraqi troop reduction. Besides, now Obama is bombing the hell out of northern Pakistan in a clear widening of the Middle-Eastern American War-Crimes-in-Progress.
State National Guard Units co-opted by Bush and sent to Iraq to die are not being recalled by Obama, of course, leaving state and local jurisdictions overly vulnerable to the effects of the coming unpleasantries.
Can WWIII be far behind, you should ask? We are just a single Israeli air strike upon Tehran away from being drawn into what well could result in a global thermonuclear holocaust. Little wonder that the Obama administration continues to tout the idea of compulsory national service for all young people in America.
Obama is continuing the Bush campaign to make Congress altogether irrelevant, with his use of unchallenged executive orders. As demonstrated by his attacking northern Pakistan and ramping up our efforts in Afghanistan, wars are started and treaties negotiated without Congressional oversight (just as did Bush with the current Iraqi war and concomitant Iraqi long-term protection treaty).

Civil Liberties

Though every year since JFK's assassination has chronicled an erosion of personal and civil liberties throughout America, George W. Bush's will go down in history for establishing incredible new lows in tyranny and oppression. Obama will be no different from his immediate predecessor.
As George Orwell sagely observed in his classic Animal Farm, "Some are more equal than others." That certainly is the expectation now heightened on the part of Blacks and Hispanics throughout America, already standing above others on the supremely-unfair ladder of affirmative action. Equal opportunity, indeed. More like equal outcome was the intent, based upon results. Certainly, unequal expectations. This is creating a seething cauldron of racial discontent throughout America that the coming hard times will ignite into a full-on racial civil war, mark my words well.
Not only has the right to demand a court hearing when taken into custody disappeared (overruling of the centuries-old habeas corpus doctrine), but even the right simply to petition the government has been eliminated from the Constitution.
Warrantless searches, both physical and informational, are the order of the day, not that it matters any longer, with the judges firmly in the pocket of the Executive Branch. Strip searches of citizens taken into custody for misdemeanors or less are becoming common.

Police State

The seeds for a declaration of martial law already are being spread. Witness the Alabama response to that gunman's killing spree recently, with armed military troops openly patrolling city streets.
Both Obama and his quisling, tax-cheat Attorney General, Eric Holder, are rushing forward with their plans for gun confiscation. Just this past week, the Department of Defense issued a major shift in policy by declaring that all military-surplus expended brass (a major source for those who load their own ammunition) must be "demilitarized," a euphemism for crushing beyond use except as metal to be melted down. What's more, now being floated for public reaction is a list of guns to be banned; a list that includes virtually everything except single-shot .22-caliber rifles good for nothing more than plinking tin cans.
Local police departments hopped up on delusions of Rambo-like grandeur increasingly think in military terms and act accordingly. The 2008 Defense Authorization Bill actually directs and funds the integration of local police with federal military forces.
More Americans now are in jail than citizens of all other countries are being held in jails, combined. Just think about that single fact for a moment.
Imagine the boy in the following video as your son. It's not hard to do. Have you ever personally encountered or witnessed a cop with an attitude like this? I have. Many times. Therefore, I must conclude that almost everybody has: BTW, the cop merely ended up suspended with pay for a time. Consider just how close to the edge we are in Amerika today.Then watch the following two videos of our police in action today. In both, defenseless white guys in wheelchairs and in custody are physically abused by Black police officers. Why? Because they can, that's why. This is the way that Blacks treat Whites when they feel they can get away with it, particularly when they are given official authority. And now we have made one of them our President, thereby further emboldening them. This is your America today:
What does all this mean? Since the Bush Regime seized power in America - power that continues to be exercised by Obama's minions - for the simple act of writing the very article you are reading, current unchallenged law provides that my home can be secretly searched and all my communications secretly monitored, without warrants; my home can be broken into in the dead of night and I can be dragged out and held indefinitely (that means permanently!) without being charged, strip searched and beaten, all without anybody being told my whereabouts, without access to an attorney and without ever being given a court hearing, then I can be shipped out of the country, tortured, tried by a military tribunal and summarily executed. Seriously. I just have to be named an "enemy combatant," which now includes political dissidents, by some faceless bureaucrat. Change you can believe in, indeed.

Free Speech

Leading Democrats, including the woeful and misbegotten House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, are calling for a crackdown on Internet speech, designed to silence critics such as myself.
The perennial hate-crime bill again, designed to suppress criticism of so-called minorities, especially Jews, is wending its way through Congress, provided new impetus by the recent canonization of the deplorable "Sir" Ted Kennedy.
The "Holocaust" is being provided ever-more strident state support, with bills to outlaw criticism of its claims, similar to those extant in Europe, now being formulated in both houses of Congress. Ask yourself why so many in control of America want to jail those who simply disagree with the claim that 6 million Jews systematically were eradicated by the Germans in WWII. We can criticize anything in America these days except things Jewish. Just ask yourself why.

Freedom of Travel

Under the ATS "Advance Passenger Information System," already we need permission from Homeland Security to leave or reenter America, though our passports are in order and we have received valid visas from foreign destinations. This often is done covertly, while you await the boarding call for your jet to wherever.
The Nazification of our airport travel network continues unabated, though precisely zero terrorists have been captured since its inception over seven years ago. Ask yourself just what is the true intent of the airport Nazis. Based on results, it has nothing to do with capturing terrorists, but it sure has been effective at controlling and tracking law-abiding citizens. Notice how this exactly mirrors the effect of gun control legislation. When air travel is outlawed, only outlaws will have air travel, do you suppose?
Travel with more than a couple thousand dollars and it will be seized if found and you will pay hell in getting it back - we're familiar with this scenario, of course. Now, even your home cash/gold/silver/food stash is in danger when found by authorities, who may legally assume it is theirs unless you can "prove" you earned it. Logical extension: Can you "prove" your wife's wedding ring is yours? Can you "prove" much of anything you possess is yours?
The American border with Mexico is a sieve. On the other hand, the American border outward is a Berlin Wall to its own citizens, who now require, in addition to passports and visas, permission from Homeland Security before being allowed to exit the country.
Take a few minutes and watch the video at the following URL: . The same chart used in the video appears to the right.
Note well that the date by which Whites become a minority in America occurs before mid-century. If you think things are unfair or rough now, just wait until then. Already, the mayors of border towns in Mexico are speaking of constructing a border fence to protect themselves from the gangs, robbers and criminals now crossing over from America. This is just too rich. As always, truth is stranger than fiction - I couldn't make something like this up, folks!
Want to see what America will be like in the not-too-distant future? Dig up some old videos of those riots in South-Central Los Angeles. Pay particular attention to the footage of Reginald Denny being viciously attacked by hoodlum Blacks in broad daylight, with the police doing nothing to intervene or provide him aid.
Without the massive illegal immigration that Bush and, now, Obama are accommodating - immigration of the very worst people that Mexico and Latin America have to offer - America would have reached a level of steady total population in the area of 250 million. Now we are headed upward on a steadily-increasing curve of population growth, already beyond the country's carrying capacity and headed for a level that will make America equal to all other third-world nations.
Obama now openly has promised amnesty to America's millions of illegal aliens, primarily Mexican, while his social-services minions expand the availability to them of social security, Medicare and a host of other social services designed to support deserving American citizens. Who pays? You do, of course, and suffer the degradation and reduction of those very services being provided to your parents and, when needed, to yourself, as well.

Foreign Relations

Foreign relations? What a joke. America fell from first in the world and beloved by all to last - hated more, even, than Israel - and during the term of a single President, arguably the worst President ever to disgrace the White House: George W. Bush.
The US dollar, once backed by gold and then oil, now is backed by raw military force. To ensure the dollar's hegemony, more is spent on America's war machine than is spent by all the other countries in the world - combined. "Use our dollar to conduct your business," we tell the nations of the world, particularly those selling oil, "or we will come to your country, destroy your homes and kill you." Just ask Iraq. Next up: Iran.
After Iran will come America's ultimate and final foreign policy statement: World War III. I pray only that we can get through it without America's cities falling to nuclear strikes, but I see little chance of our escaping that outcome.


Obama's first bailout ("economic stimulus") package was passed in record time by Congress, due in large part to Obama's hysterical call for urgency in its adoption. As with Bush's bailout, not to mention Patriot Acts I and II, the Administration bill was passed without even being read by members of Congress. Bush had to threaten Congress with a declaration of martial law, but Obama's curt demand for swift action was enough. Even then, though Obama threatened the end of the world unless the bill was adopted immediately, he then took a leisurely three days before he signed off on it at a politically-opportune time and place. So much for the national good as motivation.
Now the current national budget, too, has been adopted and signed whole cloth, though embedded with nearly 10,000 pork-barrel "earmarks," the very thing that Obama promised he would refuse to approve when campaigning for our votes. So much for Obama's attention to his campaign promises, as if his actions in the Middle East had not already put the lie to them.
Already, they are talking about Obama's next bailout package. We have yet to address the economic plight of state, county and local governments, the bailing out of which will make the Wall Street bailouts seem like a pittance.
Remember that all this bailout money springs from debt, largely created as if by magic by the not-Federal no-Reserve non-Bank. Remember also that every dollar created in this fashion lessens the purchasing power of the dollars you might have left. This is the magic of economic redistribution in action - redistribution from you to the pockets of Wall Street bankers, so far.
Excessive debt and money creation due to feckless spending is what got us in our current plight. Creating more of it to "cure" the problem is precisely like spraying gasoline on a fire in an attempt to douse it. The result will be more taxes, more debt and more inflation - lots more inflation - leading to more lost jobs, more homelessness and more hunger throughout America. Can the street riots be far behind?
By now, followers of my rants understand that price inflation, which clearly is running well over 10% per year ("Who you gonna believe," asks WhirlyBen Bernanke, "Me or your own lying eyes?"), is a monetary symptom, not an independent phenomenon. It happens because the foxes, whom we put in charge of our henhouse, are busy gorging themselves on our chickens. They simply print money, whether on paper or electrons. Debit cash, credit debt. Our debt. Their cash.
When they started to get really out of control with their money creation scheme, which is a crime called counterfeiting if you or I do it, they simply stopped telling us about how much money they were creating ("M3," the most useful measure of the money supply), but you can get a private assessment of this key figure, which is running 18% today, at .
Today, they claim that inflation is running only 2-3%. Who you gonna believe - them or your own lying eyes?
Inflation, housing, jobs, debt trade deficit - they all are much worse than they tell you. So, naturally, what is the government about to do about it? Stop telling us, of course! The national debt keeps growing, fueled by the insane war in the Middle East. What's going to cut it? We don't have any manufacturing base left in America.
Those interest rate cuts you keep hearing about? They help the bankers, not us. You won't see them. They keep the banks from going under, where they belong.
Market manipulation saves them, not us.
They keep crowing about how they are fixing things. What they are doing is making them worse, of course. Guaranteeing that Depression II will make Depression I look like a walk in the park. That means war, of course, so they can distract us from what they have done and have something else to blame. That means more privation, of course, and more of our children dead.
You know by now that your house has declined in value. Up to 70%, in some parts of the country. Overall, it still looks like at least a 90% total decline in American real estate value to me, measured from a couple years ago until a couple years from now - 50% from inflation and 40% from nominal price declines.
There is at least a 25% decline already built into the inflation rate during the next two years, just like the two years we just finished...four years means a 50% decline from inflation alone, with prices not moving down at all. But, move down they have and move down more, they will. All we need is another 10-20% decline on top of the 50% erosion in value caused by inflation and real estate will hit the levels of Depression I, with properties worth ten cents on the dollar.Imagine: if only we had sold out and rented two years ago.....putting the proceeds into gold or silver, already we would be up 100% on the investment and saved the 30-40% decline in our existing property values. In other words, if your place was worth $1 million in 2005 and you had sold, today you would have over $2 million in shiny metal, be renting an even more palatial residence for a nominal amount and, two years from now, you could buy back your old place for, perhaps, $400k, paid for from your $4 million stash. Net result: You have your same house and $3.5 million that you otherwise would not have had - simply because real estate declined by a total of 90% in that time period. Of course, bread will cost $6 per loaf, but $3.5 million is a lot of bread.
Instead, most of us traded our home equity for cars and trips and boats and other things. Now we are maxing out our credit cards, simply to put food on the table, while the value of our homes drops beneath what we owe on them. Next, we sell our things to pay for the food. This is just how Depression I progressed.
Meanwhile, our own food is being bid up by international forces as the dollar dwindles in significance. Soon, we will have to choose between mortgage payments and dinner for the kids. This, too, is how Depression I progressed. This is precisely how one becomes homeless.If the normal person was capable of doing the math or, even, believing folks like thee and me, there would be blood in the streets tonight. Just as there should be, with politicians, plutocrats, bankers, media moguls and Neocons aplenty hanging from lamp poles all across America. But the normal person is too busy watching Jeopardy tonight. Tomorrow will bring a different story.

Domestic Disaster

We Americans have been abandoned by our erstwhile leaders. Our jobs have been shipped overseas or given to immigrants, both legal and illegal. The safety nets we put in place for ourselves systematically have been slashed and given over to the immigrants and ne'er-do-wells of today's society. As depicted in the movie Rollerball, corporations have taken over the reins of power and rewritten the laws and regulations that made America both great and a land of true capitalistic opportunity for those willing to work and play by the rules. Politicians now exist solely to carry out the wishes of the corporate fascists who really run America (and the world, generally).
Once the very picture of success, in one generation America has gone from being the World's largest creditor to its largest debtor. Money we do not have is spent to prop up some foreigners, particularly Israel and kill others, primarily Israel's enemies in the Middle East. $30 billion dollars explicitly has been approved in America's 2009 budget, with billions more flowing to Israel, both privately and off the public record.
Meanwhile, America's aging infrastructure weakens ever more under the groaning increased demands of out-of-control population fueled by illegal immigration and its literal offspring. Roads, bridges, New Orleans sea levees and thousands of other public works become obsolete, unsafe and generally inadequate. America's money goes to war, but not to America's basic needs. American children die in Israel's wars, while Israel's children safely stay home and shoot unarmed Palestinian children.

States' Rights Movements

President Obama's newly-stated intentions to expand federal power have prompted several state legislatures to introduce bills that would curtail federal authority in those states for a variety of reasons. None of these bills have been passed and signed into state law as yet, but their mere initiation is heartening.
Montana began things rolling with a declaration against the forthcoming further impingement upon the Constitution's Second Amendment's guarantee of the right to bear arms.
All of the anti-federalist state resolutions recently introduced hinge upon the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution, which clearly states that all rights not specifically granted to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the States, to be decided on a state-by-state basis by the people of each affected state. What's more, the powers specifically delegated to Congress by the Constitution may not be delegated by Congress to others.
This isn't complicated, folks. I am a lawyer - a Constitutional lawyer, of sorts, in fact. I have studied it in detail. The federal powers are few, carefully delineated and limited in scope. They can be listed on less than a single sheet of paper. Let's review them together:
The powers granted to Congress by the Constitution in Article I:1. collect taxes2. borrow money3. coin money4. raise and support an army and navy5. declare war6. set up a federal court system7. establish rules for the naturalization of foreigners seeking citizenship8. fix standard weights and measurements9. establish post offices10. make copyright and patent laws11. govern the District of Columbia12. punish treason
The President's powers are granted by Article II of the Constitution:1. veto legislation, which veto may be overridden by a 2/3 majority vote of Congress2. appoint ambassadors, judges and a variety of civil officers3. enter into treaties only with the approval of Congress4. the military's Commander in Chief5. grant reprieves and pardons for crimes against only the federal government6. inform Congress as to the state of the union7. receive ambassadors8. ensure laws are faithfully executed
Finally, the federal judiciary is granted power by Article III of the US Constitution to decide all cases involving the federal government or existing between states or between citizens of different states. Period. No power is granted to interpret laws applying solely to a single state and/or its citizens.
That's it. It wasn't so bad, was it? You didn't hear anything about abortion, did you? That's because it is an issue for individual states. Nothing about gun crimes. Nothing about drug crimes. Nothing about securities crimes. Nothing about free speech or religion. Nothing about most of the topics covered by federal legislation, in fact. That is because it all is reserved to the states or to the people as rights. All of it. Not some of it. All of it. After all, that was the whole point of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution, called The Bill of Rights.
If an area of federal regulation isn't on the list above, it is ultra-Constitutional and, technically and actually, null and void. Good luck living your life under that presumption of reality, though. George W. Bush sometimes was brutally honest, as when he said, of the US Constitution: "It's just a God-damned piece of paper!" That's the way that most feel today, unfortunately.
Today, some of the states are beginning to bristle about excessive federal regulation and taxation. New Hampshire's nascent state's-right legislation goes the furthest in declaring certain actions by the federal government to be null and void, calling repetitions a "breach of the peace" that risk "nullifying the Constitution."
New Hampshire's proposed legislation goes on to declare all acts of federal Congress that exceed the powers I enumerated directly above to be "void and of no force."
Will this recent move by some states result in a modern-day secessionist movement? Some think so, but don't count on it.
Ed Gov not Fed Gov!
I honestly think the time has come to discuss secession and rebellion openly, though. That is why I honestly am considering attempting to garner the Libertarian or Constitutional Party nomination for Governor of the State of Idaho in the 2010 election. My platform? Ed Gov, not Fed Gov! Would "they" allow me a real shot at the Governorship? Of course not. But, it might prove enlightening, and I guarantee you that it would be entertaining.

The People Who Killed America

None have said it better than David Rockefeller, himself, founder of the Trilateral Commission, a Bilderberg member and board member of the Council On Foreign Relations in his Memoirs: "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure-one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

I consider it ironically symbolic that, after 50 years, Marvel Comics has decided to kill Captain America, who stood for everything good in America since the start of World War II. It's just too bad they didn't depict the triggerman as being David Rockefeller.
Everything relates to the New World Order, One-World Government, Globalism - whatever you wish to call it. Everything that is wrong with America today - everything that used to be so right about America - ties back into that single objective.
America's pre-eminence must be destroyed so that she can take her place as just another country under sway of the Globalist self-chosen elite.
Recall that, while Bush the Elder introduced NAFTA, the beginning of what Ross Perot once called "the giant sucking sound" of American manufacturing and employment exiting the country, Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. Other alphabet-soup organizations and agreements (e.g., WTO, NAU, ad nauseum) have continued to expand upon the pattern and objective of NAFTA
Clinton oversaw the systematic dismantling of American military power and allowed her secrets to be given over to America's future enemies, particularly China, both directly and through Israel. Bush the lesser has overseen the destruction of American international influence and her domestic impoverishment. Obama will preside over the post script.
American self-determination, also known as nationalism, is being subverted via the mechanism of unchecked immigration, which dilutes the electorate, disempowering traditional White voters by replacing them both at the polling booth and in the workplace. It merely is a welcome bonus that our ruling corporate fascists thereby tap into a vast source of cheap labor, too.
The elite don't care about the effects upon the rest of us - the crime, disease, poverty and hunger. After all, they live in exclusive, gated communities, mostly abroad. Who are they, you ask? Here's a list of names: . I sincerely hope that someone will post their home addresses for our use when the time comes.

The Axis of Morons

Bill Clinton once observed in a rare flash of honesty back in 1988, while visiting Ireland: "You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions."
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allegedly head up the Legislative Branch of government, both of whom ascended to their current positions following the last mid-term elections simply because the American people overwhelmingly demanded change and an end to the war in Iraq, not because of anything inherently worthy about their politics or leadership. However, the fact of one-party government was belied by Speaker Pelosi, when she immediately put aside any possibility of George Bush being impeached for his many high crimes against the American public.
US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts heads up the Judicial Branch, which has become as much a rubber stamp of executive action as anything ever seen under Franklin Roosevelt.
The US Federal Reserve Bank is private, not federal, has no reserves and is not a bank in any sense of the word and is the most direct and open expression of the globalists, who own its stock through complicated, nested international (mostly foreign) corporate arrangements.
More than anything else, it is the monetary policy of the execrable "Fed," now headed by "WhirlyBen" Bernanke, but which did most of its damage under the leadership of Alan Greenspan, that is destroying America. "Monetary policy" is a euphemism for legal counterfeiting, since it is the expansion of the money supply, the one trick of the Fed, that really has led to the impoverishment of Americans, both now and into the future, by pure and simple theft.
The "Fourth Estate" is best exemplified by media mogul Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, stronghold mouthpiece of the new corporate elite), etc., though every single media outlet of any significance is owned and operated by members of the same group about which Bill Clinton spoke: All Neocon, all Zionist, mostly Jewish ... traitors to America and our blood enemies, every single one of them!
The people mentioned in these past few paragraphs, and just a few others, ladies and gentlemen, are the problem. They constitute what I call the "Axis of Morons." It takes a towering intellect to build a towering house of cards, but all card houses have one thing in common: they fall. It is my fondest dream that one day we might witness their trials and public executions for the treason, genocide and theft they committed while invested with the public good.
Just Ahead of Us
Depression II and World War III are coming. In fact, I believe that history will record that both already have begun. For my complete take on both, as well as their causes, please see my book, Defensive Racism. In addition to the coming unpleasantries of war and economic apocalypse, add the likelihood of global disease pandemics, both natural and man-made, which will result in the globalists' desired population reduction. I foresee a 20-80% population decline throughout, concentrated primarily in the poorer sections of the World.
I see things ramping up ever-more-quickly from here, with things reaching a fever pitch no later than 2012. In fact, it could all be over rather quickly if global thermonuclear war develops, as I think likely, but with a mop-up period of abject misery that lasts for generations.
What We Can Do
Elections are useless in America to effect local, state or national change, as now proven. If you must vote, vote against all incumbents, right down the line ... including Dr. Paul (if he didn't have that congressional slot to which to return, he might have proven more adventurous). The international cake already is in the oven and will explode no matter what we do. The dollar is doomed and there is absolutely nothing that anybody can do about it.
As I said at the outset: We're screwed.
Violence? Much as I would love to say, "Go get 'em and bring me their heads on pikes," truly there is only one answer that I can give: Absolutely not. Anything else, of course, would get me arrested. Besides, it still is too early. Violent and/or illegal acts done now simply would serve to delay the time when the average American will be willing to throw his or her lot in with ours.
Notice that I assume you already are on the same page as I, since I doubt that hardly anybody not already there, other than our enemies, of course, will be reading these words.
Again, refer to Defensive Racism for active preparations. As in real estate, items 1 through 3 are location, location and location, in that order. Get yourself out of the cities and into the country, in a region that will be safe from whatever about which you might be paranoid.
I am paranoid about police-state action, financial devastation, infrastructure breakdown, nuclear strikes, nuclear fallout, racial strife, earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves and hurricanes, not necessarily in that order. That is why I live in North Idaho, one of the very few areas in America likely to be free from (the initial effects, at least, of) nuclear fallout, in the country with a well and a little acreage on which we grow livestock and could grow modest crops.
Next, arm yourself well, with plenty of reserves of ammunition, to protect yourself and your family. Bury some of your guns as gun confiscation is coming.
Next, put up substantial stores of basic foodstuffs, enough to get your family by for a year, ideally. Plant a garden. It will take at least two growing seasons for you to overcome your major misconceptions and mistakes and begin to produce real food for your family. Farmers will tell you that it takes ten years just to get past most of the mistakes.
Finally, protect yourself financially, if you are fortunate enough to have any money left over from the real priority items. Get out of all dollar-denominated assets and into something designed to weather the coming financial storm (which already is in progress). Check my archives for articles aplenty on this topic.
Cultivate like-minded friends, but avoid those who advocate violence or who might seem a bubble or two off center. Don't worry about federal agents. They are everywhere. Live your life right out in the open, keep your head down and do nothing illegal and you likely will avoid their wrath, if not their pettiness.
Our day will come, rest assured. All too soon. The day they start shooting us down in the streets. The day we start shooting back.
Then will be the time to retake America. Then will be the time to even scores and settle accounts. Then we begin the long journey back toward freedom and a constitutional republic.
New America. An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one.
Copyright ©2009, Edgar J. Steele
Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate this articleand its related audio file among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Stranger

For my bestest friend Brooke

The Stranger

The Stranger within my gate,He may be true or kind,But he does not talk my talk --I cannot feel his mind.I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stockThey may do ill or well,But they tell the lies I am wonted to.They are used to the lies I tell,And we do not need interpretersWhen we go to buy and sell.

The Stranger within my gates,He may be evil or good,But I cannot tell what powers controlWhat reasons sway his mood;Nor when the Gods of his far-off landShall repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,Bitter bad they may be,But, at least, they hear the things I hear,And see the things I see;And whatever I think of them and their likesThey think of the likes of me.

This was my father's belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf --
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.
Rudyard Kipling

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taking a Stand Without Wavering

Though I am not condoning anyone go out and repeat this action (you will go to jail), I do admire this man. This is what it will take to win this war, guts, determination and love and faith in God and His laws and principles.

I`M Not A Monster, 70% Of Croats Would Do The Same

Josip Situm, who threw Molotov cocktails at a group of homosexuals, does not repent, not even after 14 months in prison.

Molotov cocktails which caused a real drama for the colourful Zagreb Pride procession in the summer of 2007 in Zagreb`s main square, did not conquer the defeated or the winners two years later, it seems.

While Zagreb Pride victoriously welcomes the verdict for hate crimes, the young man who was just released from prison after 14 months responds:

- I did what 70 percent of Croats would do, if they had the courage to do so! I don`t remember anyone who did not congratulate me

Behind a stand which does no yield remorse, Josip Situm (26) says that there is no psychopath hiding, or a monster or a killer, but a regular Zagreb lad, who is not afraid to raise his voice against what he calls “egoistic exposure of a small groupation of people which doesn`t care about others, but only and exclusively for itself”.

Do they expect us to throw confetti as they strut in their parades?

- If they believe that they can rape this city with their sexual orientation in the spirit of democracy and freedom of life, why would others not be able to display their objection in the spirit of the same democracy? Well, do they expect us to throw confetti on them as they strut in their parades?! – Josip wonders.

On the other hand, we compare paper confetti and hot Molotov cocktails.

- My goal was to end that procession by throwing Molotov cocktails and try to make an impact so that they are no longer held, because they represent a disgrace for this society. Even though it was not my intention to seriously injure anyone, the verdict was passed as a precedent, i.e. as an example to others – Josip said.

We wanted to know how come such a young man was so intolerant towards homosexuals.

Being gay does not suite Christian ways

- I grew up in a Catholic family where directions in life exclusively follow dignity and what can serve as an example for others. Being a homosexual, insisting on same-sex marriages and adopting children is something that does not suit my point of view or religious beliefs. I believe that nobody`s, not even my own child, should not be exposed to such immoral surroundings. Also, I am a patriot who knows how to appreciate the sacrifice of my father and other fathers who shed blood for our freedom, and I now that there are too many disempowered and desperate people on the brink of poverty whose live their life humbly, they don`t harass anyone or parade in the city for their rights – Josip explained.

Still, 14 months of imprisonment does not seem like a reward. Is there any remorse after all?

- As far as gay activists are concerned – no. My position is still the same, except that today, after prison, I know that I can`t change the world. Still, I would like to apologise to all the people who were there by accident that day and who witnessed the incident – Josip said.

What will happen at the next Zagreb Pride?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New Homeless

Just shameful in every aspect. Compounding the tragedy, Sacramento has a black mayor, who is a former NBA player.Isn't that just wonderful

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jewish Smear Tactics

I posted this elsewhere, but I just can't get over it. The damned hypocrisy of the jew. The damned lying vile pathetic sonofbitchin jew! This is a prime example of the jew game of "Double Standards". Read how they are smearing Freeman. How they are accusing him of something they are IN FACT guilty of!!!! Damned to hell hypocrites!

By Alan M. Dershowitz aka "douchebag"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Those who successfully challenged the nomination of Charles W. Freeman, Jr. to become chairman of the National Intelligence Council should be praised for an act of high patriotism. It would have been disastrous for the United States to have, as the person responsible for overseeing “policy-neutral intelligence assessments” for the President, a zealot who is anything but policy-neutral when it comes to two of the most important areas of international conflict.

Freeman not only has extremist views regarding the Middle East and China, but he has been beholden to lobby groups (No it's you jew! With your AIPAC)that are anxious to influence intelligent assessments regarding Saudi Arabia and China. Freeman bowed out when it became clear that his highly questionable financial ties to the Saudi and China lobby would be deeply probed by inspectors general, congressional staffers and the media. He couldn’t handle the truth about his financial ties to these lobbies which do not serve the interests of the United States.(Oh and "AIPAC" does? LIAR!) The heavy thumbs of the powerful Saudi and Chinese lobbies (Gimme a break)would have subtly, and perhaps invisibly, weighed on Freeman’s intelligence assessment.

Freeman is an ideologue who apparently believed that China should have been more aggressive in its crackdown on the peaceful Tiananmen Square protestors.(blah blah blah) (Now here is the gist of their angst)At the same time, he has been critical of American support for Israeli efforts to stop violent terrorists from blowing up Israeli schools busses and firing rockets at Israeli kindergartens.(Where's my violin?) There is only one rational explanation for why a smart intelligence official would be so irrational as to express more sympathy for brutal Chinese repression of peaceful dissent than for Israeli self-defense against violent terrorism: Freeman has been bought and paid for by lobbies that he does not wish to alienate.(Hahahah..good one jew, he has NOT been bought and paid for and that is what pisses you off) He has a long history of playing the tunes selected for him by those who have paid him.(No he is not a "shabbos goy, 'useful idiot') He is an ideological zealot when it comes to the Middle East. Senator Charles Schumer correctly characterized his views as “over the top” and an “irrational hatred of Israel.”

Freeman acknowledged that he is deeply and emotionally committed to a fundamental change in US policy toward Israel. That is certainly his right as a private citizen or even as an elected official. But his extremist views would not have served him, or our nation well, as the person responsible for what are supposed to “policy-neutral intelligence assessments.” An ideologue with such heavy financial baggage is simply incapable of policy-neutrality, and he should have known that. ( Say what??? Last time I checked, being a "dual citizen" is in direct conflict with the best interest of America)

If there was ever any doubt about his neutrality, he eliminated it by his over-the-top reaction to those who challenged his qualifications for the job based on his record. He railed against “the Israel lobby” blaming it, and it alone, for his failure to get the job. He ignored those human rights advocates who were outraged by his defense of the Chinese repression of the Tiananmen demonstrators and his unwavering support for the most repressive regime in the Middle East. He ignored environmentalists who worried that he was far too beholden to oil interests. And he ignored patriotic Americans who support the U.S. policy in the Middle East because they believe it is good for America, for democracy and for the war against terrorism. (Shut the hell up you lying jew)

Freeman was not alone in invoking the “power” of the Israel lobby and accusing it of unpatriotic actions. He teamed up with Stephen Walt, the discredited academic who has recently made a career of blaming all of America’s ills on “The Lobby.” Here is how Walt gleefully put it: “For all of you out there who may have questioned whether there was a powerful ‘Israel Lobby’ or admitted that it existed but didn’t think it had much influence…think again.” Walt ignored the fact that the powerful Saudi, China and foreign oil lobbies were supporting Freeman because they believed, quite correctly, that his assessment of intelligence would be anything but neutral when it came to protecting their interests. He also ignored the fact that AIPAC—which Walt considers the puppet master of the Jewish Lobby—took no position on the Freeman nomination, and that those who opposed it included critics of Israeli policies.

So let me understand the Freeman-Walt position. When the Saudi’s, the Chinese and foreign oil lobbies (with a small “l”) exercise their influence, that is freedom of speech and the right to petition the government. But when the Israel Lobby (capital “L”) challenges an appointment, such action is “dual loyalty,” “un-American” and “unpatriotic.” Their other position is that any time people of diverse backgrounds and views independently challenge a government decision that relates to the Middle East, this represents the collective action of the notorious and powerful Israel Lobby, rather than the heartfelt views of individual patriotic Americans.

The truth is that the Freeman appointment was bad for America, bad for peace in the Middle East, bad for human rights in China, bad for Tibet, bad for the environment, and bad for “policy-neutral intelligence.” Those who challenged it performed a patriotic duty. They should be praised for helping the Obama Administration avoid a serious blunder that threatened to compromise the President’s ability to act in the interest of the United States (IsraLIE) on the basis of policy-neutral intelligence. All Americans owe them a debt of gratitude.

To hell with you quickly scourge of the earth.

Here is what Freeman said:

Freeman speaks out on his exitTue, 03/10/2009 - 5:35pm

Retired Amb. Chas Freeman, who said today that he no longer accepts an offer to chair the National Intelligence Council, has just sent this message:
You will by now have seen the statement by Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair reporting that I have withdrawn my previous acceptance of his invitation to chair the National Intelligence Council.

I have concluded that the barrage of libelous distortions of my record would not cease upon my entry into office. The effort to smear me and to destroy my credibility would instead continue. I do not believe the National Intelligence Council could function effectively while its chair was under constant attack by unscrupulous people with a passionate attachment to the views of a political faction in a foreign country.I agreed to chair the NIC to strengthen it and protect it against politicization, not to introduce it to efforts by a special interest group to assert control over it through a protracted political campaign.

As those who know me are well aware, I have greatly enjoyed life since retiring from government. Nothing was further from my mind than a return to public service. When Admiral Blair asked me to chair the NIC I responded that I understood he was “asking me to give my freedom of speech, my leisure, the greater part of my income, subject myself to the mental colonoscopy of a polygraph, and resume a daily commute to a job with long working hours and a daily ration of political abuse.” I added that I wondered “whether there wasn’t some sort of downside to this offer.” I was mindful that no one is indispensable; I am not an exception. It took weeks of reflection for me to conclude that, given the unprecedentedly challenging circumstances in which our country now finds itself abroad and at home, I had no choice but accept the call to return to public service. I thereupon resigned from all positions that I had held and all activities in which I was engaged. I now look forward to returning to private life, freed of all previous obligations.

I am not so immodest as to believe that this controversy was about me rather than issues of public policy. These issues had little to do with the NIC and were not at the heart of what I hoped to contribute to the quality of analysis available to President Obama and his administration. Still, I am saddened by what the controversy and the manner in which the public vitriol of those who devoted themselves to sustaining it have revealed about the state of our civil society. It is apparent that we Americans cannot any longer conduct a serious public discussion or exercise independent judgment about matters of great importance to our country as well as to our allies and friends.

The libels on me and their easily traceable email trails show conclusively that there is a powerful lobby determined to prevent any view other than its own from being aired, still less to factor in American understanding of trends and events in the Middle East. The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth. The aim of this Lobby is control of the policy process through the exercise of a veto over the appointment of people who dispute the wisdom of its views, the substitution of political correctness for analysis, and the exclusion of any and all options for decision by Americans and our government other than those that it favors.

There is a special irony in having been accused of improper regard for the opinions of foreign governments and societies by a group so clearly intent on enforcing adherence to the policies of a foreign government – in this case, the government of Israel. I believe that the inability of the American public to discuss, or the government to consider, any option for US policies in the Middle East opposed by the ruling faction in Israeli politics has allowed that faction to adopt and sustain policies that ultimately threaten the existence of the state of Israel. It is not permitted for anyone in the United States to say so. This is not just a tragedy for Israelis and their neighbors in the Middle East; it is doing widening damage to the national security of the United States.

The outrageous agitation that followed the leak of my pending appointment will be seen by many to raise serious questions about whether the Obama administration will be able to make its own decisions about the Middle East and related issues. I regret that my willingness to serve the new administration has ended by casting doubt on its ability to consider, let alone decide what policies might best serve the interests of the United States rather than those of a Lobby intent on enforcing the will and interests of a foreign government.

In the court of public opinion, unlike a court of law, one is guilty until proven innocent. The speeches from which quotations have been lifted from their context are available for anyone interested in the truth to read. The injustice of the accusations made against me has been obvious to those with open minds. Those who have sought to impugn my character are uninterested in any rebuttal that I or anyone else might make.

Still, for the record: I have never sought to be paid or accepted payment from any foreign government, including Saudi Arabia or China, for any service, nor have I ever spoken on behalf of a foreign government, its interests, or its policies. I have never lobbied any branch of our government for any cause, foreign or domestic. I am my own man, no one else’s, and with my return to private life, I will once again – to my pleasure – serve no master other than myself. I will continue to speak out as I choose on issues of concern to me and other Americans.
I retain my respect and confidence in President Obama and DNI Blair.

Our country now faces terrible challenges abroad as well as at home. Like all patriotic Americans, I continue to pray that our president can successfully lead us in surmounting them.

For an excellent commentary on this story


By Jayne Gardener

George Santayana once said that "those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." But what happens when you find out that the history you thought you knew was not history at all, but rather a fabrication by the mostly Jewish power elite who seek to keep us from ever finding out the truth?

How have they done that?

By brainwashing us from cradle to grave.We come into the world as blank slates. We know nothing of our collective past nor are we capable of understanding our present. We learn first from our parents whose words of wisdom we accept unquestioningly because they are our parents who love us and want the best for us.

However, once we get to be of school age we begin to be subjected to brainwashing on a grand scale. In an ideal world, education would be about teaching children the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, at least at the lower levels, before progressing into more specialized subjects such as history, maths, geography etc.

It is readily apparent to anyone with more than two active brain cells that our educational system is no longer about creating deep thinking scholars. The fact that we pour more money into education than ever before and turn out poorly educated functional illiterates at an alarming rate should be of concern to us all.

It is not hard to see that this has become the case because schools have ceased to be about education at all and are merely a tool by which to indoctrinate our young and to test the latest insane educational theories to come down the pike.. Public education promotes ill-education, mediocrity and conformity. It inundates our children with the latest ideas promoted by followers of all the radical movements in our society and forces all of a child's mind and energy towards becoming a member of the coming globalist, one world government society.

As we pass through the higher grades and into university the mind control accelerates as we are taught to conform to political correctness and regaled with stories of historical significance that turn out to be nothing more than the sanitized version of history created by the Rockefeller foundation and taught in schools and universities around the country.

Distraught parents send their children off to universities with their conservative values in place only to find out years and thousands of dollars later that a liberal education has turned their child into just another non-thinking cog in the globalist wheel.

They are taught a history that bears no resemblance to our actual history. The causes of all the wars of the twentieth century are not laid at the feet of the Zionist Jews and the international bankers where they belong. They are taught the generally accepted version of the "Holocaust" which is nothing but hyperbole and complete fabrication designed to serve our Zionist masters in their quest for money and control and to keep us offering our unwavering support to Israel.

It is pretty much a given that they will not know that Wall Street financed Hitler and that Zionist Jews collaborated with him to ensure the persecution of their own people. Jewish suffering meant nothing to them as long as it advanced their goal of a Jewish state. The fact that it has been milked for cash and sympathy for the past 64 years is nothing short of disgraceful.

Our people are kept from knowing that Japan offered to capitulate before the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that the war with Hitler could have been won two years sooner had the offer of peace not been spurned. Chamberlain was not an "appeaser" as the history texts have portrayed him but instead a man who wanted no more British youth dead on the battlefields of Europe while Churchill was a war criminal and should have been prosecuted as such.

Most of us are ignorant of the fact that while we were living in fear of the Soviet Union it was being funded by Jewish international bankers who have always fomented war for a few reasons, mostly to effect social change and create more wealth and power for themselves. Most people are completely unaware that the Russian Revolution and the murder of up to 100 million gentiles in the 20th century was carried out and funded by these same despicable individuals who give no thought to the suffering of their fellow human beings as long as the money keeps flowing in their direction.

Now our children are being taught that the tragedy of September 11, 2001 was an attack on the US by "Muslim extremists" when in reality it was just another example of false flag state terror, completely in tune with the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin and Pearl Harbor. These events are created and used by our government according to the Hegelian Dialectic. Create a problem, cause a reaction and promote a solution which is usually to placate us while removing more of our rights amid blaming an unsuspecting third party for the tragedy.

War has always been accompanied by propaganda on both sides, stirring up the population so that they fall in lock-step with the plans while demonizing the enemy, even if he really isn't the enemy. This is easily demonstrated by the demonisation of the Kaiser, the Germans, Saddam Hussein and Muslims, among many others throughout our modern times.

For decades we were kept in fear of the USSR bogeyman, building up a huge nuclear arsenal at the cost of billions of dollars while all along these same Molech-worshipping elements in our society were funding the so-called enemy. When the Soviet Union came crashing down a new enemy was required, one that would feed the war economy and keep these unscrupulous vultures in food and shelter and our children in their perpetual debt.

The new bogeyman is Islamic extremism and since most people believe that 9/11 was planned and carried out by Muslims I will assume the brainwashing took hold.

The anti-Muslim propaganda has been virulent and unceasing. I read several books depicting Muslims as nothing but animals ready to slaughter the infidel at will until I took note of the fact that most of the books were penned by Zionists such as Daniel Pipes, who made absolutely no attempt to be impartial or accurate.

Television showed pictures of the twin towers being reduced to rubble while superimposing a picture of Osama bin Laden so that those two images are imbedded in our minds.

We saw pictures of Muslims dancing as the towers fell but of course were never shown pictures of those Muslims who were horrified by such a terrorist act and felt our pain. When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian problem, Israel is more often than not portrayed as the victim instead of the active participant in a relentless campaign to commit genocide against the Palestinian Arabs. It's devious, it's clever and it works.

Those who report the "news" to us are the biggest dissemblers. They don't report what is happening in the world. They report what they want us to know and believe and nothing beyond that. Most journalists working for corporate media are nothing but intellectual whores, feeding a gullible public an endless stream of garbage about Britney Spears or Rhianna to distract us from the real issues facing us and from their devious machinations and mendacity. Any honest journalist who wished to report the truth would be out of a job before he could dot his next i or cross his next t.

Media deliberately sets out to deceive us, usually by handing out only the information that serves their dark purposes. Black on white crime is rarely reported in mainstream media, but should a minority be the victim of a crime at the hands of a white person, it will make every newspaper and television station across the country. Everyone has heard of James Byrd but only a few people outside of Knoxville and its surrounding area have ever heard of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

One of the worst offenders is Fox News, which purports to be "fair and balanced" and yet is, in reality, a mouthpiece for the Neo-Con agenda. While they do have liberal commentators on the programs they make up only about 10% of all guests and are frequently insulted or "shouted down" when trying to offer their opinions. Fox News is largely responsible for being a willing partner of the Bush administration in the build up to and justification for the war in Iraq.

Our most popular forms of entertainment are a huge part of the problem, indoctrinating and brainwashing children from a very early age. Movies and television provide the information that the Jewish supremacists want us to know while hiding the truth behind lies and obfuscation. Nowhere have movies and television been more successful than in the promotion of acceptance for the radical homosexual agenda. Movies like Brokeback Mountain and Milk as well as television programs such as Will And Grace have, within one generation, made homosexuality not only acceptable but laudable.

Violent programs desensitize us to violence while other shows trash Christian conservative values and ridicule the traditional family. Once I began to look at the agenda in the movies and television programs I watched, I realized how prevalent it is and how well it has succeeded. It's very interesting to me that we often refer to television shows as "programs" which is exactly what they are, programs to force feed us their agenda, dumb us down, make us complacent and totally incapable of figuring out what is being done to us, why and by whom.

We are rarely allowed to know the truth about what is going on in our government, our country or our world. It never ceases to amaze me that people honestly believe that they are governed by the people we elect, which is sadly not the case. There is no appreciable difference between Democrats and Republicans now and it is always the same powers behind the throne who manipulate us and control us while we delude ourselves that we actually have a choice.

Elections are just for show, an attempt to fool the people into believing we actually live in a "democracy". So much for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. A change in administration is just a change in the puppet who occupies the White House. No matter which side wins, the same people are pulling the strings.

I sometimes randomly ask questions of people I come in contact with and I am not surprised that very few have ever heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs or the Trilateral Commission. The media rarely reports anything about these groups despite the fact that they all wield enormous power in this country.

Even worse is how few people have ever heard of the Bohemian Grove where politicians, media moguls and wealthy businessmen get together to cavort in the woods and offer mock sacrifices to a 45 foot owl while trying to determine their next step in world domination.

We are subjected to constant mind manipulation by print, in the movies and on television, but once you figure out that all we see is smoke and mirrors it is much easier to reject the brainwashing and begin to think for yourself. Their greatest fear is exposure. They know that if their duplicity is discovered they have lost control of us and they can't allow that to happen.

We certainly have our work cut out for us. People who try to expose the truth are often harassed, threatened, intimidated, marginalized or physically attacked while others are charged with "hate crimes" and incarcerated.

Our words become Orwellian as freedom of speech is sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Any criticism of blacks or Jews no matter how warranted is "racism" or "anti-semitism". Objections to the radical feminist agenda or the radical homosexual agenda is "sexism" or "homophobia".

With these restrictions on our speech our right to free speech is ripped from us while the majority of us go along with it because we have been programmed to do so.

This is not acceptable in a supposedly free country.and we all need to do our part before it's too late.

With the latest puppet, President Obama, in the White House, I think "too late" is fast approaching.

Truth Behind St. Patricks Day

The truth of St. Patricks Day lies in history. The story of St Patrick driving out the snakes is symbolisim of him ridding Ireland of jewish and pagan practices.

The legend of Saint Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland may be nothing more than misreading of an ancient text.

According to Irish lore, Saint Patrick scattered the serpents and drove them into the sea, though most naturalists are convinced that larger reptiles were never part of our fauna.
Now it's emerged that the myth may have come about because of a too-literal translation of an ancient sixth century text called the Dinnshenchas.

The text carries an account of a sect called the Crom Cruich, who used the symbolism of the snake.
In time, Crom Cruich eventually became a powerful force in Ireland, whose followers used the snake as their symbol. And herein may lie the real story about Saint Patrick driving out the snakes

"Crom Cruich which literally means bloody crescent, was a pagan site of worship near the village of Ballymagauran in County Cavan. It's exact location was in the plain of Mag Sleact, which translates into the field of adoration. At its entrance was a large megalithic standing stone which was surrounded by 12 smaller upright lintels. So in a sense it looked like Stonehenge in England."
"The Crom Cruich cult were very bloodthirsty with the faithful expected to sacrifice their first born in his honour to assure a successful harvest. The annual slaughter took place on the pagan feast of Samhain, on November 1, each year," explains historian, Thomais Moriarty, who specialises in pre-Christian Ireland.

It's recounted in the text that Saint Patrick marched on the place with a band of well-armed missionaries, mocked its demons, blessed the place afterwards and then destroyed the site.
"By all accounts, a major battle took place, but Patrick and his well-armed followers won the day.

"The people feared terrible retribution from the pagan god afterwards, but it never came to pass, and from that point onwards, the cult's grip was effectively broken in Ireland for all time. The event is recorded in the 6th century Dinnshenchas text, otherwise known as the Book of Leinster," adds Thomais Moriarty.


Baal Worship

"In his sermon, Pastor Mabray illustrated that, although they've now assumed a more contemporary flair, the fundamentals of Baal worship remain alive and well today. The principal pillars of Baalism were child sacrifice, sexual immorality (both heterosexual and homosexual) and pantheism (reverence of creation over the Creator).Ritualistic Baal worship, in sum, looked a little like this: Adults would gather around the altar of Baal. Infants would then be burned alive as a sacrificial offering to the deity. Amid horrific screams and the stench of charred human flesh, congregants – men and women alike – would engage in bisexual orgies. The ritual of convenience was intended to produce economic prosperity by prompting Baal to bring rain for the fertility of "mother earth."

Jer 19:5 and they have built altars for Baal in order to burn their children in the fire as sacrifices. I never commanded them to do this; it never even entered my mind.

Mat 23:33 You snakes, offspring of snakes, how will you be kept from the punishment of hell?

Strongs Definition of "Snake":

Probably from G3700 (through the idea of sharpness of vision); a snake, figuratively (as a type of sly cunning) an artful malicious person, especially Satan: - serpent.

So it would appear that what St. Patrick ran "out of town" were Baal worshippers, which has its origins with the Canaanites, (jews/snakes).

The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon


It was not part of their blood
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the SAXONS began to hate,

They were not easily moved,
They were icy-willing to wait
Till every count should be proved
Ere the SAXONS began to hate.

Their voices were even and low,
Their eyes were level and straight,
There was neither sign nor show,
When the SAXONS began to hate.
It was not preached to the crowd
It was not taught by the State,
No man spoke it aloud,
When the SAXONS began to hate.
It was not suddenly bred,
It will not swiftly abate
Through the chilled years ahead
When Time shall count from the date
That the SAXONS began to hate.
--- by Rudyard Kipling

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Migrations of the 12 Tribes of Israel Power Point Series

Migrations of the 12 Tribes of Israel PowerPoint Series

Introduction in your Browser by Pastor Eli James ( I cannot get the link directly)

Chapter 1View Chapter 1 in your Browser by Pastor Eli James

Chapter 2View Chapter 2 in your Browser by Pastor Eli James

Chapter 3View Chapter 3 in your Browser by Pastor Eli James

Gen 28:13-15

Ferrar Fenton Translation

I am the Ever-Living God of your father Abraham, and the God of Isaac, the land which you now lie upon I will give to you and your race; and your race shall be like the dust of the earth, and shall spread West and East, and North and South, and all the Nations of the world shall be benefited by you and your Heir.Be assured also that I am with you, and will guard you wherever you go,

The damned jews have never benefited anyone, but themselves. They are a curse and a blight upon the earth and its people.

Only the White People throughout time have benefited the earth.

...and the world knows it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blessings and Curses

Throughout the Bible, our God has told us what would happen to us beforehand, whether it be blessings or curses. Sadly our People do not understand or believe.

Let me explain first that "Israel" is not a geographical location, it is a People. Israel does not reside in the Middleast any longer. They left there thousands of years ago and founded the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, and Germanic nations. White people are Israel. History proves it and the Bible confirms it.

The jews have gone by many names such as Edomites, Canaanites, Amelkites, and Khazars in more modern times. They are not Israelites.

Think about it, how can Abraham be a "jew" as the jews claim when he is the grandfather of Judah?

Anyways I digress. I just wanted to clear a few things to help you get a clearer picture of the scriptures.

The following scriptures fortell by God Himself, what will happen to us, whether it be blessings for obedience or curses for being unfaithful and disobedient.

Does anyone see that this is what is happening to America and all White Christian nations?

Deu 28:1 Carefully obey the LORD your God, and faithfully follow all his commands that I'm giving you today. If you do, the LORD your God will place you high above all the other nations in the world.

Deu 28:2 These are all the blessings that will come to you and stay close to you because you obey the LORD your God:

Deu 28:3 You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country.

Deu 28:4 You will be blessed. You will have children. Your land will have crops. Your animals will have offspring. Your cattle will have calves, and your flocks will have lambs and kids.

Deu 28:5 The grain you harvest and the bread you bake will be blessed.

Deu 28:6 You will be blessed when you come and blessed when you go.

Deu 28:7 The LORD will defeat your enemies when they attack you. They will attack you from one direction but run away from you in seven directions.

Deu 28:8 The LORD will bless your barns and everything you do. The LORD your God will bless you in the land that he is giving you.

Deu 28:9 You will be the LORD'S holy people, as he promised you with an oath. He will do this if you obey the commands of the LORD your God and follow his directions.

Deu 28:10 Then all the people in the world will see that you are the LORD'S people, and they will be afraid of you.

Deu 28:11 The LORD will give you plenty of blessings: You will have many children. Your animals will have many offspring. Your soil will produce many crops in the land the LORD will give you, as he swore to your ancestors.

Deu 28:12 The LORD will open the heavens, his rich storehouse, for you. He will send rain on your land at the right time and bless everything you do. You will be able to make loans to many nations but won't need to borrow from any.

Deu 28:13 The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. You will always be at the top, never at the bottom, if you faithfully obey the commands of the LORD your God that I am giving you today.

Deu 28:14 Do everything I'm commanding you today. Never worship other gods or serve them.

Deu 28:15 Obey the LORD your God, and faithfully follow all his commands and laws that I am giving you today. If you don't, all these curses will come to you and stay close to you:

Deu 28:16 You will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country.

Deu 28:17 The grain you harvest and the bread you bake will be cursed.

Deu 28:18 You will be cursed. You will have few children. Your land will have few crops. Your cattle will be cursed with few calves, and your flocks will have few lambs and kids.

Deu 28:19 You will be cursed when you come and cursed when you go.

Deu 28:20 The LORD will send you curses, panic, and frustration in everything you do until you're destroyed and quickly disappear for the evil you will do by abandoning the LORD.

Deu 28:21 The LORD will send one plague after another on you until he wipes you out of the land you're about to enter and take possession of.

Deu 28:22 The LORD will strike you with disease, fever, and inflammation; heat waves, drought, scorching winds, and ruined crops. They will pursue you until you die.

Deu 28:23 The sky above will look like bronze, and the ground below will be as hard as iron.
Deu 28:24 The LORD will send dust storms and sandstorms on you from the sky until you're destroyed.

Deu 28:25 The LORD will let your enemies defeat you. You will attack them from one direction but run away from them in seven directions. You will become a thing of horror to all the kingdoms in the world.

Deu 28:26 Your dead bodies will be food for all the birds and wild animals. There will be no one to scare them away.

Deu 28:27 The LORD will strike you with the same boils that plagued the Egyptians. He will strike you with hemorrhoids, sores, and itching that won't go away.

Deu 28:28 The LORD will strike you with madness, blindness, and panic.

Deu 28:29 You will grope in broad daylight as blind people grope in their blindness. You won't be successful in anything you do. As long as you live, you will be oppressed and robbed with no one to rescue you.

Deu 28:30 You will be engaged to a woman, but another man will have sex with her. You will build a house, but you won't live in it. You will plant a vineyard, but you won't enjoy the grapes.

Deu 28:31 Your ox will be butchered as you watch, but you won't eat any of its meat. You will watch as your donkey is stolen from you, but you'll never get it back. Your flock will be given to your enemies, and no one will rescue it.

Deu 28:32 You will watch with your own eyes as your sons and daughters are given to another nation.(Iraq, Iran) You will strain your eyes looking for them all day long, but there will be nothing you can do.

Deu 28:33 People you never knew will eat what your land and your hard work have produced. As long as you live, you will know nothing but oppression and abuse.

Deu 28:34 The things you see will drive you mad.

Deu 28:35 The LORD will afflict your knees and legs with severe boils that can't be cured. The boils will cover your whole body from the soles of your feet to the top of your head.

Deu 28:36 The LORD will lead you and the king you choose to a nation that you and your ancestors never knew.(Kenya anyone?) There you will worship gods made of wood and stone.

Deu 28:37 You will become a thing of horror. All the nations where the LORD will send you will make an example of you and ridicule you.

Deu 28:38 You will plant many crops in your fields, but harvest little because locusts will destroy your crops.

Deu 28:39 You will plant vineyards and take care of them, but you won't drink any wine or gather any grapes, because worms will eat them.

Deu 28:40 You will have olive trees everywhere in your country but no olive oil to rub on your skin, because the olives will fall off the trees.

Deu 28:41 You will have sons and daughters, but you won't be able to keep them because they will be taken as prisoners of war. (think Iraq)

Deu 28:42 Crickets will swarm all over your trees and the crops in your fields.

Deu 28:43 The standard of living for the foreigners who live among you will rise higher and higher, while your standard of living will sink lower and lower.

Deu 28:44 They will be able to make loans to you, but you won't be able to make loans to them. They will be the head, and you will be the tail.

Deu 28:45 All these curses will come to you. They will pursue you and stay close to you until you're destroyed, because you didn't obey the LORD your God or follow his commands and laws, which I'm giving you.

Deu 28:46 These curses will be a sign and an amazing thing to warn you and your descendants forever.

Deu 28:47 You didn't serve the LORD your God with a joyful and happy heart when you had so much.

Deu 28:48 So you will serve your enemies, whom the LORD will send against you. You will serve them even though you are already hungry, thirsty, naked, and in need of everything. The LORD will put a heavy burden of hard work on you until he destroys you.(Untold billions to Israelies, welfare to feed, clothe and house the muds, taxes taxes taxes)

Deu 28:49 The LORD will bring against you a nation from far away, from the ends of the earth. The nation will swoop down on you like an eagle. It will be a nation whose language you won't understand. (Arent we now being eaten out of house and home, not to mention jobs because of all the foreigners here)

Deu 28:50 Its people will be fierce-looking. They will show no respect for the old and no pity for the young.

Deu 28:51 They'll eat the offspring of your animals and the crops from your fields until you're destroyed. They'll leave you no grain, no new wine, no olive oil, no calves from your herds, and no lambs or kids from your flocks. They'll continue to do this until they've completely ruined you. (Aren't the hordes of foreigners like a flock of locust devouring our land, resources and income?)

Deu 28:52 They will blockade all your cities until the high, fortified walls in which you trust come down everywhere in your land. They'll blockade all the cities everywhere in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.

Deu 28:53 Because of the hardships your enemies will make you suffer during the blockade, you will eat the flesh of your own children, the sons and daughters, whom the LORD your God has given you.

Deu 28:54 Even the most tender and sensitive man among you will become stingy toward his brother, the wife he loves, and the children he still has left.

Deu 28:55 He will give none of them any of the flesh of his children that he is eating. It will be all that he has left, because of the hardships your enemies will make you suffer during the blockade of all your cities.

Deu 28:56 The most tender and sensitive woman among you-so sensitive and tender that she wouldn't even step on an ant-will become stingy toward the husband she loves or toward her own son or daughter.

Deu 28:57 She won't share with them the afterbirth from her body and the children she gives birth to. She will secretly eat them out of dire necessity, because of the hardships your enemies will make you suffer during the blockade of your cities.

Deu 28:58 You might not faithfully obey every word of the teachings that are written in this book. You might not fear this glorious and awe-inspiring name: the LORD your God.

Deu 28:59 If so, the LORD will strike you and your descendants with unimaginable plagues. They will be terrible and continuing plagues and severe and lingering diseases.

Deu 28:60 He will again bring all the diseases of Egypt that you dreaded, and they will cling to you.

Deu 28:61 The LORD will also bring you every kind of sickness and plague not written in this Book of Teachings. They will continue until you're dead.

Deu 28:62 At one time you were as numerous as the stars in the sky. But only a few of you will be left, because you didn't obey the LORD your God.

Deu 28:63 At one time the LORD was more than glad to make you prosperous and numerous. Now the LORD will be more than glad to destroy you and wipe you out. You will be torn out of the land you're about to enter and take possession of.

Deu 28:64 Then the LORD will scatter you among all the people of the world, from one end of the earth to the other. There you will serve gods made of wood and stone that neither you nor your ancestors ever knew.

Deu 28:65 Among those nations you will find no peace, no place to call your own. There the LORD will give you an unsettled mind, failing eyesight, and despair.

Deu 28:66 Your life will always be hanging by a thread. You will live in terror day and night. You will never feel sure of your life.

Deu 28:67 In the morning you'll say, "If only it were evening!" And in the evening you'll say, "If only it were morning!" You'll talk this way because of the things that will terrify you and because of the things you'll see.

Deu 28:68 The LORD will bring you back to Egypt in ships on a journey that I said you would never take again. There you will try to sell yourselves as slaves to your enemies, but no one will buy you.

Isa 10:1 You people are in for trouble! You have made cruel and unfair laws

Isa 10:2 that let you cheat the poor and needy and rob widows and orphans.

Isa 10:3 But what will you do when you are fiercely attacked and punished by foreigners?

Where will you run for help? Where will you hide your valuables?

Isa 10:4 How will you escape being captured or killed? The Lord is still angry, and he isn't through with you yet!

Isa 10:5 The Lord says: I am furious! And I will use the king of Assyria (the King of Assyria is the jew who then utilizes their useful idiot nigs, mexican etc) as a club

Isa 10:6 to beat down you godless people. I am angry with you, and I will send him to attack you. He will take what he wants and walk on you like mud in the streets.

Isa 10:7 He has even bigger plans in mind, because he wants to destroy many nations.

Isa 10:8 The king of Assyria says: My army commanders are kings!

Isa 10:9 They have already captured the cities of Calno, Carchemish, Hamath, Arpad, Samaria, and Damascus.

Isa 10:10 The gods of Jerusalem and Samaria are weaker than the gods of those powerful nations. And I will destroy Jerusalem, together with its gods and idols, just as I did Samaria.

Isa 10:11 (SEE 10:10)

Isa 10:12 The Lord will do what he has planned against Jerusalem and Mount Zion. Then he will punish the proud and boastful king of Assyria,

Isa 10:13 who says: I did these things by my own power because I am smart and clever. I attacked kings like a wild bull, and I took the land and the treasures of their nations.

Isa 10:14 I have conquered the whole world! And it was easier than taking eggs from an unguarded nest. No one even flapped a wing or made a peep.

Isa 10:15 King of Assyria, can an ax or a saw overpower the one who uses it? Can a wooden pole lift whoever holds it?

Isa 10:16 The mighty LORD All-Powerful will send a terrible disease to strike down your army, and you will burn with fever under your royal robes.

Isa 10:17 The holy God, who is the light of Israel, will turn into a fire, and in one day you will go up in flames, just like a thornbush.

Isa 10:18 The Lord will make your beautiful forests and fertile fields slowly rot.

Isa 10:19 There will be so few trees that even a young child can count them.

Isa 10:20 A time is coming when the survivors from Israel and Judah will completely depend on the holy LORD of Israel, instead of the nation that defeated them.

Isa 10:21 There were as many people as there are grains of sand along the seashore, but only a few will survive to come back to Israel's mighty God. This is because he has threatened to destroy their nation, just as they deserve.

Isa 10:22 (SEE 10:21)

Isa 10:23 The LORD All-Powerful has promised that everyone on this earth will be punished.

Isa 10:24 Now the LORD God All-Powerful says to his people in Jerusalem: The Assyrians will beat you with sticks and abuse you, just as the Egyptians did. But don't be afraid of them.

Isa 10:25 Soon I will stop being angry with you, and I will punish them for their crimes.

Isa 10:26 I will beat the Assyrians with a whip, as I did the people of Midian near the rock at Oreb. And I will show the same mighty power that I used when I made a path through the sea in Egypt.

Isa 10:27 Then they will no longer rule your nation. All will go well for you, and your burden will be lifted.