Monday, March 9, 2009

Whenever You Criticize Anything Jewish

Whenever you criticize anything Jewish, the reaction of Jews always shows the same pattern.

a) The criticizm has a vicious motive; e.g. anti-semitism, jealousy, autonomous evil, etc.

b) Diversion of attention; e.g. when Israel is criticized, they will come up with North Korea, as a worse place.

c) Answering with a question or with clichés like "If this were true", "You're talking about yourself", etc.

d) Intellectualist and sophist smoke curtains; they will make their reply so very complicated, that you have to be a master of logic/linguïstics, in order to puncture this BS.

e) Sentimentalism; they come up with a baby shoe from Treblinka, a diary or whatever.

f) Crooked logic; e.g. 'a-->b' is falsely turned into 'b-->a', or: 'not all a-->b' is turned into 'none a-->b'.

g) Murder of character; e.g. people who have once done something wrong in their life, like shoplifting, are no longer allowed to criticize Jewry. Even a history of bad school results is used to undermine your plausibility.Jews try anything to discredit the criticaster and make him unconvincing.

h) Body language that is brought with an enormous amount of pathos; if they can't win the discussion, they will still show all the symptoms of the winner.Stupid people fall for that.

i) Involve the Law; their huge influence in the realm of Justice is exploited and misused in order to criminalize anyone who holds an opinion that they don't like.

j) Cursing, swearing, threatening, calling you names.

k) Taking revenge. Trying to screw you where they can, e.g. short changing you in shops, harassing you on the street, setting people (even Muslims) up against you etc etc.

I have experienced all of the above in the past three decades, just by trying to discuss with them. This list is not complete but it covers most of the types of vicious reactions, they use as a response.

Jews = group rights
White Gentiles = individual rights

Jews = intermarriage is genocide
White Gentiles = intermarriage is healthy, multicultural and tolerant

Jews = cannot be collectively blamed for any nefarious event, even Communism
White Gentiles = often collectively blamed for “white privilege”, slavery, segregation, Nazism, etc.

Jews = always victims of unreasoning hatred
White Gentiles = always victimizers, even when they are victimized

Jews = clannishness and a “team effort” are encouraged and admirable
White Gentiles = clannishness and a “team effort” are latently or overtly “racist” and should be discouraged

Jews = domination of an industry is a sign of “hard work” and “initiative”
White Gentiles = domination of an industry is a sign of an “old boys club” or a “WASP establishment”

Jews = Jews-only clubs and organizations are a way of promoting Jewish culture and enriching Jewish solidarity
White Gentiles = whites-only clubs and organizations are a way of “self-segregating” and amount to “discrimination”

Jews = a “Jewish nation” is a means of protecting the Jewish people and preserving their unique genotype
White Gentiles = a “white Christian nation” equals nothing but hatred and racism and is against “pluralism”, “democracy”, “multiculturalism” and “inclusion”


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