Sunday, March 15, 2009

Migrations of the 12 Tribes of Israel Power Point Series

Migrations of the 12 Tribes of Israel PowerPoint Series

Introduction in your Browser by Pastor Eli James ( I cannot get the link directly)

Chapter 1View Chapter 1 in your Browser by Pastor Eli James

Chapter 2View Chapter 2 in your Browser by Pastor Eli James

Chapter 3View Chapter 3 in your Browser by Pastor Eli James

Gen 28:13-15

Ferrar Fenton Translation

I am the Ever-Living God of your father Abraham, and the God of Isaac, the land which you now lie upon I will give to you and your race; and your race shall be like the dust of the earth, and shall spread West and East, and North and South, and all the Nations of the world shall be benefited by you and your Heir.Be assured also that I am with you, and will guard you wherever you go,

The damned jews have never benefited anyone, but themselves. They are a curse and a blight upon the earth and its people.

Only the White People throughout time have benefited the earth.

...and the world knows it.


Wheeler MacPherson said...

So glad I providentially happened upon your blog. You're doing good work here - keep going. Our numbers are growing, and the Lord of Hosts is with us.

Cleveland here said...

Thank you for the info Joy...So were not kikes but the true (God's) chosen? I am Anglo Saxon, Celt and Germonic...All of superior races....

Joy said...

LOL Cleveland! No, we are not kikes!
I love you to pieces!!!

Joy said...

Hi Wheeler and welcome!
Yes our numbers are growing and we will be victorious. We have been told that:
Mat 10:26 "So never be afraid of them. For there is nothing covered that will not be exposed, and nothing secret that will not be made known.
Our People are waking up to the perfidy of the jew. All their lies and treachery are being exposed.

Cleveland here said...

Had to post this pompous degenrate kike....who claims its white..Now if a true white called obongo a shwartze all hell would break lose..Slap the beanies off them.

Joy said...

Very true Cleveland. Jews only claim to be "White" when it is convenient for them, but what he said is true, "Whites have no free speech".
Funny how their unleashing of the negro beast is turning around and biting them in the ass.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Wow - you've been hard at work ... great
job !! I'll have to be more diligent in dropping by.

America's Promise Ministries used to put out a large size map like this, which was perfect for hand outs. We've distributed hundreds over the years.

Have to read your other articles tomorrow after my brain cells rejuvenate ! Can't hardly wait !

I sense "blinded" kinsmen awakening and realizing that alot of what they espouse is indeed connected to ancient true Christianity - that is, it's NOT judaic.

Praise God - for this will get the jew pissing his pants like nothing else !

CHANGE you CAN believe in ! Hasten the day !!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

If I might point out an obvious to you probably - touching on what Wheeler said ... the Lord of Hosts.

That word hosts almost always means - a mass of persons, servants ... an army assembled to fight -

Strongs #6633/6635

What was the name of that great blog - Thy Weapon ...

Deut. 32