Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taking a Stand Without Wavering

Though I am not condoning anyone go out and repeat this action (you will go to jail), I do admire this man. This is what it will take to win this war, guts, determination and love and faith in God and His laws and principles.

I`M Not A Monster, 70% Of Croats Would Do The Same

Josip Situm, who threw Molotov cocktails at a group of homosexuals, does not repent, not even after 14 months in prison.

Molotov cocktails which caused a real drama for the colourful Zagreb Pride procession in the summer of 2007 in Zagreb`s main square, did not conquer the defeated or the winners two years later, it seems.

While Zagreb Pride victoriously welcomes the verdict for hate crimes, the young man who was just released from prison after 14 months responds:

- I did what 70 percent of Croats would do, if they had the courage to do so! I don`t remember anyone who did not congratulate me

Behind a stand which does no yield remorse, Josip Situm (26) says that there is no psychopath hiding, or a monster or a killer, but a regular Zagreb lad, who is not afraid to raise his voice against what he calls “egoistic exposure of a small groupation of people which doesn`t care about others, but only and exclusively for itself”.

Do they expect us to throw confetti as they strut in their parades?

- If they believe that they can rape this city with their sexual orientation in the spirit of democracy and freedom of life, why would others not be able to display their objection in the spirit of the same democracy? Well, do they expect us to throw confetti on them as they strut in their parades?! – Josip wonders.

On the other hand, we compare paper confetti and hot Molotov cocktails.

- My goal was to end that procession by throwing Molotov cocktails and try to make an impact so that they are no longer held, because they represent a disgrace for this society. Even though it was not my intention to seriously injure anyone, the verdict was passed as a precedent, i.e. as an example to others – Josip said.

We wanted to know how come such a young man was so intolerant towards homosexuals.

Being gay does not suite Christian ways

- I grew up in a Catholic family where directions in life exclusively follow dignity and what can serve as an example for others. Being a homosexual, insisting on same-sex marriages and adopting children is something that does not suit my point of view or religious beliefs. I believe that nobody`s, not even my own child, should not be exposed to such immoral surroundings. Also, I am a patriot who knows how to appreciate the sacrifice of my father and other fathers who shed blood for our freedom, and I now that there are too many disempowered and desperate people on the brink of poverty whose live their life humbly, they don`t harass anyone or parade in the city for their rights – Josip explained.

Still, 14 months of imprisonment does not seem like a reward. Is there any remorse after all?

- As far as gay activists are concerned – no. My position is still the same, except that today, after prison, I know that I can`t change the world. Still, I would like to apologise to all the people who were there by accident that day and who witnessed the incident – Josip said.

What will happen at the next Zagreb Pride?


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"Molotov cocktails which caused a real drama for the colourful Zagreb Pride procession ..."

Ha ! You reckon ?!!

Yep, we gotta be careful what we say for the entrappers ever watch, but I see no sin committed on his part.

The day is fast approaching that this filth, along with the race mixers will be drug out of their slimy hidey holes by an enraged populace though.

God hasten the day.
(gonna throttle back a bit and let these other good folk comment - I don't want to be like Alpo and hog the light)

Reichsmarshal said...

This is the logical outcome of having something so vile pushed in one's face: the inevitable lashing back.

Many years ago, I had the attitude of "live and let live" and "to each his own." As far as what people do behind closed doors, I still feel that way. However, I couldn't help but notice over the years how much more radicalized, violent, militant, and hateful these sodomites became, as they took to the streets to assault an unsuspecting public with their perversion and filth on full display. Like judeo-feminism and all of the other rot designed to erode our culture and destroy the Patriarchy of the family, a jew is scurrying under that slimy rock as well. The ADL is one of the chief advocates of "tolerance" for perversion and filth, and they want children to accept this garbage as just another life style choice.

To paraphrase something the Reverend Dick Butler said years ago that has stuck in my memory ever since:"how much evil can you "tolerate" before it poisons you?"

Jeff, it's not "hogging the light" so long as you're making sense. Something that Apoo never does...
Now that I've acknowledged him will he be harassing me as well...?

Joy said...

You're right Reichmarshal, Jeff is certainly not hogging the light.
I love your comments Jeff.
Talking with you reminds me of long ago nights on the front porch.

You will probably be visited by Apoo, Reich. You'll just have to put the blog on moderation then. The cretin is a one verse charlie who feels he is blessing us with his wisdom....NOT!

"Giv'em a inch...they'll take a mile"
Queers are fucked up. My sister had her a pet fag until she forgot to tow the line and he dumped her.Valuable lesson for my seester.

Queers aren't funny anymore. They are violent psychopaths.
This whole damn world is topsy turvy. Bad is good and good is bad.
I am real damn tired of it.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Geez - thanks yoos guys ! I'm prone to "ramblin' on" at times, I know ...

Aah ... hanging out on the front porch, perfect summer evenings. Talks that go on all night and solve the problems of the world ...

(echos of Robin Trower - Long misty days, ramble thru his brain)

(where did that come from ?!)