Tuesday, March 17, 2009


By Jayne Gardener

George Santayana once said that "those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." But what happens when you find out that the history you thought you knew was not history at all, but rather a fabrication by the mostly Jewish power elite who seek to keep us from ever finding out the truth?

How have they done that?

By brainwashing us from cradle to grave.We come into the world as blank slates. We know nothing of our collective past nor are we capable of understanding our present. We learn first from our parents whose words of wisdom we accept unquestioningly because they are our parents who love us and want the best for us.

However, once we get to be of school age we begin to be subjected to brainwashing on a grand scale. In an ideal world, education would be about teaching children the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic, at least at the lower levels, before progressing into more specialized subjects such as history, maths, geography etc.

It is readily apparent to anyone with more than two active brain cells that our educational system is no longer about creating deep thinking scholars. The fact that we pour more money into education than ever before and turn out poorly educated functional illiterates at an alarming rate should be of concern to us all.

It is not hard to see that this has become the case because schools have ceased to be about education at all and are merely a tool by which to indoctrinate our young and to test the latest insane educational theories to come down the pike.. Public education promotes ill-education, mediocrity and conformity. It inundates our children with the latest ideas promoted by followers of all the radical movements in our society and forces all of a child's mind and energy towards becoming a member of the coming globalist, one world government society.

As we pass through the higher grades and into university the mind control accelerates as we are taught to conform to political correctness and regaled with stories of historical significance that turn out to be nothing more than the sanitized version of history created by the Rockefeller foundation and taught in schools and universities around the country.

Distraught parents send their children off to universities with their conservative values in place only to find out years and thousands of dollars later that a liberal education has turned their child into just another non-thinking cog in the globalist wheel.

They are taught a history that bears no resemblance to our actual history. The causes of all the wars of the twentieth century are not laid at the feet of the Zionist Jews and the international bankers where they belong. They are taught the generally accepted version of the "Holocaust" which is nothing but hyperbole and complete fabrication designed to serve our Zionist masters in their quest for money and control and to keep us offering our unwavering support to Israel.

It is pretty much a given that they will not know that Wall Street financed Hitler and that Zionist Jews collaborated with him to ensure the persecution of their own people. Jewish suffering meant nothing to them as long as it advanced their goal of a Jewish state. The fact that it has been milked for cash and sympathy for the past 64 years is nothing short of disgraceful.

Our people are kept from knowing that Japan offered to capitulate before the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that the war with Hitler could have been won two years sooner had the offer of peace not been spurned. Chamberlain was not an "appeaser" as the history texts have portrayed him but instead a man who wanted no more British youth dead on the battlefields of Europe while Churchill was a war criminal and should have been prosecuted as such.

Most of us are ignorant of the fact that while we were living in fear of the Soviet Union it was being funded by Jewish international bankers who have always fomented war for a few reasons, mostly to effect social change and create more wealth and power for themselves. Most people are completely unaware that the Russian Revolution and the murder of up to 100 million gentiles in the 20th century was carried out and funded by these same despicable individuals who give no thought to the suffering of their fellow human beings as long as the money keeps flowing in their direction.

Now our children are being taught that the tragedy of September 11, 2001 was an attack on the US by "Muslim extremists" when in reality it was just another example of false flag state terror, completely in tune with the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin and Pearl Harbor. These events are created and used by our government according to the Hegelian Dialectic. Create a problem, cause a reaction and promote a solution which is usually to placate us while removing more of our rights amid blaming an unsuspecting third party for the tragedy.

War has always been accompanied by propaganda on both sides, stirring up the population so that they fall in lock-step with the plans while demonizing the enemy, even if he really isn't the enemy. This is easily demonstrated by the demonisation of the Kaiser, the Germans, Saddam Hussein and Muslims, among many others throughout our modern times.

For decades we were kept in fear of the USSR bogeyman, building up a huge nuclear arsenal at the cost of billions of dollars while all along these same Molech-worshipping elements in our society were funding the so-called enemy. When the Soviet Union came crashing down a new enemy was required, one that would feed the war economy and keep these unscrupulous vultures in food and shelter and our children in their perpetual debt.

The new bogeyman is Islamic extremism and since most people believe that 9/11 was planned and carried out by Muslims I will assume the brainwashing took hold.

The anti-Muslim propaganda has been virulent and unceasing. I read several books depicting Muslims as nothing but animals ready to slaughter the infidel at will until I took note of the fact that most of the books were penned by Zionists such as Daniel Pipes, who made absolutely no attempt to be impartial or accurate.

Television showed pictures of the twin towers being reduced to rubble while superimposing a picture of Osama bin Laden so that those two images are imbedded in our minds.

We saw pictures of Muslims dancing as the towers fell but of course were never shown pictures of those Muslims who were horrified by such a terrorist act and felt our pain. When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian problem, Israel is more often than not portrayed as the victim instead of the active participant in a relentless campaign to commit genocide against the Palestinian Arabs. It's devious, it's clever and it works.

Those who report the "news" to us are the biggest dissemblers. They don't report what is happening in the world. They report what they want us to know and believe and nothing beyond that. Most journalists working for corporate media are nothing but intellectual whores, feeding a gullible public an endless stream of garbage about Britney Spears or Rhianna to distract us from the real issues facing us and from their devious machinations and mendacity. Any honest journalist who wished to report the truth would be out of a job before he could dot his next i or cross his next t.

Media deliberately sets out to deceive us, usually by handing out only the information that serves their dark purposes. Black on white crime is rarely reported in mainstream media, but should a minority be the victim of a crime at the hands of a white person, it will make every newspaper and television station across the country. Everyone has heard of James Byrd but only a few people outside of Knoxville and its surrounding area have ever heard of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

One of the worst offenders is Fox News, which purports to be "fair and balanced" and yet is, in reality, a mouthpiece for the Neo-Con agenda. While they do have liberal commentators on the programs they make up only about 10% of all guests and are frequently insulted or "shouted down" when trying to offer their opinions. Fox News is largely responsible for being a willing partner of the Bush administration in the build up to and justification for the war in Iraq.

Our most popular forms of entertainment are a huge part of the problem, indoctrinating and brainwashing children from a very early age. Movies and television provide the information that the Jewish supremacists want us to know while hiding the truth behind lies and obfuscation. Nowhere have movies and television been more successful than in the promotion of acceptance for the radical homosexual agenda. Movies like Brokeback Mountain and Milk as well as television programs such as Will And Grace have, within one generation, made homosexuality not only acceptable but laudable.

Violent programs desensitize us to violence while other shows trash Christian conservative values and ridicule the traditional family. Once I began to look at the agenda in the movies and television programs I watched, I realized how prevalent it is and how well it has succeeded. It's very interesting to me that we often refer to television shows as "programs" which is exactly what they are, programs to force feed us their agenda, dumb us down, make us complacent and totally incapable of figuring out what is being done to us, why and by whom.

We are rarely allowed to know the truth about what is going on in our government, our country or our world. It never ceases to amaze me that people honestly believe that they are governed by the people we elect, which is sadly not the case. There is no appreciable difference between Democrats and Republicans now and it is always the same powers behind the throne who manipulate us and control us while we delude ourselves that we actually have a choice.

Elections are just for show, an attempt to fool the people into believing we actually live in a "democracy". So much for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. A change in administration is just a change in the puppet who occupies the White House. No matter which side wins, the same people are pulling the strings.

I sometimes randomly ask questions of people I come in contact with and I am not surprised that very few have ever heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs or the Trilateral Commission. The media rarely reports anything about these groups despite the fact that they all wield enormous power in this country.

Even worse is how few people have ever heard of the Bohemian Grove where politicians, media moguls and wealthy businessmen get together to cavort in the woods and offer mock sacrifices to a 45 foot owl while trying to determine their next step in world domination.

We are subjected to constant mind manipulation by print, in the movies and on television, but once you figure out that all we see is smoke and mirrors it is much easier to reject the brainwashing and begin to think for yourself. Their greatest fear is exposure. They know that if their duplicity is discovered they have lost control of us and they can't allow that to happen.

We certainly have our work cut out for us. People who try to expose the truth are often harassed, threatened, intimidated, marginalized or physically attacked while others are charged with "hate crimes" and incarcerated.

Our words become Orwellian as freedom of speech is sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Any criticism of blacks or Jews no matter how warranted is "racism" or "anti-semitism". Objections to the radical feminist agenda or the radical homosexual agenda is "sexism" or "homophobia".

With these restrictions on our speech our right to free speech is ripped from us while the majority of us go along with it because we have been programmed to do so.

This is not acceptable in a supposedly free country.and we all need to do our part before it's too late.

With the latest puppet, President Obama, in the White House, I think "too late" is fast approaching.

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