Tuesday, March 16, 2010

“I Killed Them Because They Were White”

Police sketch of unknown White girl, horribly burned to death by blacks in South Africa. She was still alive when the black bastards lit her up. Look at her: This could be your own wife or daughter!

IF YOU’RE NEW to this blog and, like many today, wondering what’s happening to America, then I ask you in all honesty to think about what’s going down in South Africa (Zimbabwe, too) when it comes to White people. The mainstream media is keeping deathly silent about all this, since they know if White Americans had any straight-up info, they would surely start questioning the deal.

“Well, what’s all this got to do with me?” You might ask. Plenty! Besides any last shred of humanity you might still harbor for members of your very own race — after all the White guilt trips instilled by the Jew media — what’s happening in South Africa is coming your way, if not already. Think that’s so impossible? Ask the shades of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, gang-raped and tortured to death in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What do you think the real power structure has been doing to America over the last 50 years? How about the last 10? Our race has been purposefully and gradually rendered powerless; our brains pickled by a steady drip-drip of multicult propaganda, while at the very same time they’re exporting our jobs and filling our countries with the flotsam and jetsam of the planet!

DO NOT CLICK on the “read rest” button if you can’t handle really sick stuff, or still stubbornly insist on clinging to stupid beliefs about diversity and multiculturalism. Blind idiots deserve to personally find out what you’ve wrought on the rest of us!

The Silent Genocide of Whites in South Africa

These kind of murders are not some random occurence, or anomaly. No way. 3100 White SA farmers have been viciously killed since the end of apartheid. Proportionally, it would be like hundreds of thousands in the US. One way to put it all in perspective is to imagine living in a US state that had these numbers of brutal crime specifically directed at your race, what would you think? Would you still keep your mouth shut and just watch more TV, hoping it doesn’t happen to you or your loved ones?

If the races were reversed in any of this, we would see the liberal media and black race hucksters screaming bloody murder on the airwaves 24/7. Hell, they would be demanding we invade the country!

In addition, this whole situation should be a wake-up call to the White race on how these people really are, how they act once they gain real political power over us.

For example: Black South Africans hold political meetings were they literally chant “kill the Boers! kill the farmers!” Julius Malima, the Youth League president of South Africa’s ruling political party, the ANC, recently held a outdoor rally of thousands of Johannesburg University students where he led the crowd chanting this very thing. Whites are trying to get Hate charges filed about the event, but President Jacob Zuma is backing up Malima and the Whites are getting the runaround by the government. They don’t care!

Jacob Zuma does his Zulu thing with one of his many wives.

Blacks in South Africa are totally racist against Whites (often, here too). The more you study the matter, the more you’ll get pissed off at all those Hollywood liberals who go around kissing Nelson Mandela’s ass and holding telethons to drum up money for blacks, like they did for Haiti recently. Did they even think to do all this for Chile, with a Causcasian population of over 53%?

Whites in South Africa are not only getting violently murdered, but are also being fired from jobs to make way for blacks and ending up in shantytowns. Meanwhile, the country’s infrastructure is falling apart, blackouts and urban blight are common, corruption is rampant. The SA is quickly descending into a typical African nation.

ANC political boss and South Africa’s current President is a polygamist with 5 wives, and has numerous children with other women. He was once tried for rape of a HIV-positive woman but, not surprisingly, acquitted, forcing the accuser to flee the country for her life. The former Soviet Union trained him in military, intelligence and subversion tactics. This corrupt bastard has over 750 charges brought against him so far, but remains unscathed.

This kind of person is represented through-out the South African power structure, all the way down to the police on the street. Corrupt and often anti-White. White people frequently get no justice, sometimes the police don’t even show up to the scene of a crime for hours. Last year, a White man was held at gunpoint while black police took turns raping his wife. White men incarcerated often face gang-rape at the hands of black prisoners they are thrown in with. Merely reporting a crime puts Whites in danger from the police.

And Whites everywhere in the country can end-up as victims, not just farmers in remote rural areas (the actual number of White dead over-all is even higher). One of the commonest sights in city neighborhoods are all the enormous security precautions taken by White families. The homes are like fortresses: High walls with barbed wire and embedded broken glass, klieg lights and attack dogs. Black criminals use markers and spray painted symbols on the walls to alert other blacks to the defenses and crime potential of the residence.

Folks, these South African Boers, or Afrikaners, are White people just like you and me. They may speak a different language but they are our kinsfolk. Also, Whites don’t usually behave like this — never have. Regardless of what the Jew organization SPLC tries to say and all the old photos from a hundred years ago they endlessly play-up on the History Channel. It’s all a part of instilling White guilt so the real power structure gets away with turning our countries into profitable third world slave states.

From an article on a South African trial case for one of the few black animals brought to justice (watch videos below):

“I killed them because they were white.” These famous words were spoken last year by William Kekana, who participated in one of the most horrendous incidents in which the entire family of Mr. Clifford Rawstorne was wiped out, consisting of his fiancée, baby, as well as his own mother. Even this massacre of an entire family would not have made headlines, were it not for the fact that one year-old Kayla was executed on her very first birthday with a shot in the head. Needless to say, the two adult women were first raped before being killed.

Read that paragraph back and think deeply on the kind of animal who would shoot a one-year old baby girl in the head. And it was on her very first birthday, too! These filthy animals have little or no compunctions about doing things like this (some Negro did this to a black baby in my “news region” just a couple of years ago).

These ”people” will also have a little fun before they kill their White victims by raping and torturing them. Imagine suddenly finding yourself at the hands of such animals without any means to defend yourself?

What don’t you get White people, for crying out loud? Look at these photos of Whites victimized:

The survivors. These South African Whites came within inches of losing their lives at the hands of brutal animals.

The dead. The last thing these White people experienced, before their world turned black forever, were brutal animals beating, raping, stabbing, shooting, or even burning them to death. This is only a bare few of the White victims.

A glimpse of the HELL these people suffered before death:

Old White man with his head bashed to pulp and dumped into his own bathtub like a sack of garbage by murderous black killers.

Whites horribly victimized by insanely evil black killers: 1) Woman raped and throat cut in her own bed. 2) Woman raped, hung-up and gutted like a fish. 3) Woman gang-raped, slashed and finally killed by a broomstick stuck up her vagina and into her body. 4) Little boy literally beaten to death. 5) Old White woman killed with a broken bottle jammed up her rectum. Can you believe this shit?

The Jew media in the US never reports on any of this. Why? Simply put: They don’t want Whites to get wise, that’s why. They definitely don’t want us to get angry and start demanding answers. It’s already bad enough with all the rip-offs and wars they have going on.

And think a minute here: Why do they constantly broadcast news on White murderers in the US; some of them not even arrested or the bodies even found? Like that missing sheriff’s wife, the Caylee Anthony case or this recent White pervert named Gardner in California whom they suspect of killing 2 young girls. The media goes on and on about these crimes, but somehow cannot find any time whatsover for crimes against Whites, no matter how horrible!

Compare and contrast this media treatment of White criminals with what’s really going down, not only in South Africa but America, Canada, Britain and all our formerly White nations.

Are you pissed yet?

Who’s responsible for bringing all this horror to White people in South Africa and Western countries like America?

Winnie and Nelson Mandela with the Marxist Jew, Joe Slovo.
The International Jew and his owned liberal media, that’s who.

From civil rights activism, Marxism, media brainwashing and immigration of non-Whites, the Jew has always been at front and center to the destruction of White people. South Africa is but a glimpse at what these people are taking America, or any White country for that matter.

If you were old enough in the late 1980’s, you will surely remember the non-stop media propaganda campaign against Whites and apartheid in South Africa. Funny, how this same media hypocritically and completely ignores the apartheid going on in Israel against the Palestinians; or the openly Jewish racism against the few black Ethiopians still living in Israel after being wooed into going there in the 1970’s on the pretext they had Jew blood (Queen of Bathsheba and liberal Jew crap).

The Jew worked for years to bring down Whites in South Africa and he succeeded. Whites are a now a powerless minority, constantly victimized by roving bands of Negro criminals. Whites get turned into shantytown beggars and fired from employment. The Jews in SA never see this discrimination and keep their jobs, because they serve as the “White faces” for any of those too stupid not to know what’s going on.

Jews are even allowed to immigrate from South Africa to the US (never do the hypocrites move to another African country), while White Europeans almost always cannot. White South Africans who do make it to the US illegally often get deported, even when they are children involved.

All this is NOT coming to America — it’s already started!


Farm Murders Part 1

Farm Murders Part 2

At the bottom of my “Race Reality Vids” page, I have a police videotape made during the investigation of a White family murdered after coming home from church. It is absolutely horrible what they did to that poor family and you may not want to watch.

– Phillip Marlowe

Go here for updates and long listings of the crimes against fellow Whites:


The Hidden Hand of Jewry on South Africa

More shots of White SA victims

America: A Warning You Had Better Read

Die, The Beloved Country



CK said...

Joy, you are right, it already IS like South Africa and Zimbabwe, formerly a White paradise: Rhodesia.
http://newnation.org/ that is AMERICA, NOW!

Here is who made it happen:

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Thanks for posting this Joy .. our kinfolk in South Africa and Rhodesia (I prefer that over Zimboobway) must certainly have abandoned all hope that any of us around the world care of their plight.

Yes, we certainly have our nigger atrocities too but not nearly the frequency that they suffer (I think SA is about the size of a Texas and another half). Alot of us do try and raise awareness, but look at these bleeding heart white dipflips whining over voodoo Haiti as if their own kin aren't already suffering aplenty. Do they have a brain cell left that functions ?! I'll never understand them.

America does experience this same savagery and most of us are convinced it will increase .. in just the same manner as SA. Most of them are disarmed, on their way to it or have to jump thru so many hoops to get even a lil revolver that it's almost impossible to "lawfully" comply.

Some of us have tried talking via blogs to a few over there but how much can be said on an open line, and with feasibility to accomplish anything realistically small. What answer do you give someone with no options left and pushed slam up against the wall ?

Well, you have advised same as me - our first and foremost priority should be a true turning back to our God. No other preparation will reap better rewards.
And then ... ?

Fight the bastards tooth and nail .. sh*t, what else is there for ya to lose at that point ?! (particularly in the case of these SA'ns)
I would hope thus would be the case when it unfolds here.

Damn the law that would disarm you in the face of such peril - those who would do so expose themselves as yet another enemy and will be treated as such. To me this is crystal clear and in need of no further explanation.

(guess I shoulda just made a post instead of dumping all this here - it really makes ya wanna go on a cleansing spree, don't it)

Joy said...

Thanks for your comment CK and the links!

Jeff I always appreciate your thoughtful and common sense opinion in all matters.
These atrocities make my blood boil.