Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knock, Knock — Telegram For The GD Jews!

Western Union Telegram STOP Who the HELL do you think you are? STOP America has had enough STOP You SUCK STOP GET OUT JEWS!

THAT’S RIGHT, JEWS: You SUCK big-time and America is now rapidly waking up to the fact. We hereby deliver a message to you Jews and that message is: GET THE HELL OUT! There, is that clear enough for you?

Where you go is not our problem: The island of Madagascar, the jungles of Brazil, Tierra del Fuego — we don’t give a flying flock where you end-up, just as long as it’s not any of our White countries — that’s all we really care about. Of course, wherever that may be, the same GD thing will happen should you manage to snooker another race to implant yourselves among. If you do find a spot without a worthwhile host to suck on, you wouldn’t last a lousy 10 years, if that.

Do I have an issue with the Jews? Uh… hell yeah, I do! Does the rest of the planet? Ditto! Millions of newly awakened are now getting around to learning all the sordid details about you people. Trust me, the more they look into the matter, the more they’ll end-up just like me. Angry and pissed as hell. Read on Jews, if you got any guts, or you’re the usual masochistic type who gets off on the whole Jew victimhood/Nazi schtik. You know who you are

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