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Takeover of US by Israel in its Final Phase

March 26, 2010 by Gordon Duff · 26 Comments


By Philip Tourney, President, Liberty Veterans Association

If you have a TV set in your home, a radio, a computer or read the newspaper, you know now America how Israel treats her only friend and benefactor in the world, the good ole USA.

The Prime Minister of Israel told our Vice president where he could stick his Middle East peace plan a week or so ago. Several days ago this same Prime Minister of Israel then comes to our shores, at our nation’s very White House no doubt and tells the President of the United States the very same thing–“Stick your peace plan where the sun doesn’t shine“–and in person mind you.

This VILE ARROGANT ZIONIST little state has been doing this ever since 1948 to every US President and every US Congress. As bad as this is however, what’s worse is that our leaders just lay back and take it. In whose interests do you think they are serving? It sure isn’t America’s.

America has fed this step child for far too many years. WE made them a nuclear superpower. WE made them rich beyond the wildest dreams of not only the average American, but the average person on planet earth. And how do they show their gratitude for this? They give us the middle finger. Israel has busted America flat broke, stolen our most vital national defense secrets with her thousands of spies.

Our service members are dying on a daily basis fighting two wars for these parasites and now Israel is hoping to expand the present disaster into a trifecta–meaning the US fighting Iran.

AIPAC, ADL run the show here folks no doubt about it, they buy of our congress with money, hookers, little boys, anything congress wants for their vote Israel will provide. Our congress is nothing more than a high-priced whorehouse. They are nothing more than streetwalkers, thieves in the night and killers for hire.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned congress about the danger Israel poses to America’s well being. General Petraeus says Israel is a danger to our troops and our National Security…Is congress listening? (A warning mysteriously rescinded after the Netanyahu visit to the US)

Hell no. I write this article hoping us–WE THE PEOPLE–will finally stand up and hold the WHORES in congress accountable for our men and women who are dying for the state of Israel.

Israel is already guilty of war crimes against its only friend, the USA, and by that of course I mean the deliberate and pre-meditated MURDER of my shipmates aboard the USS LIBERTY on the high seas. They got caught red handed in the dirty business of cold-blooded murder, and the bought-and-paid for WHORES in congress gave them a pass on murdering America’s sons aboard the USS LIBERTY June 8, 1967 by ordering the remaining crew never to breathe a word about it under penalty of going to jail or “worse”, and we all new what worse meant.

Take just one half hour out of your day and go to USS Liberty Blog and you will learn all you need to know about our so called “ally” Israel. Please go to right side of page to the links section and hit “USS LIBERTY” and you are on your way.

You will see the facts in all their raw ugliness. They–meaning Israel and her paid-for whores in the US government–don’t care about America, neither your little Johnny, nor your little girl Susie nor you or me.

Israel cares only about Israel and it is way past time we start taking care of America. The clock is ticking now, faster than the national debt and if WE THE PEOPLE don’t act soon to take our country back from these vampires America will be gone as the greatest nation on earth.

I sure don’t like Israel telling me to stick it where the sun never shines how about you? God help us!!


Philip F. Tourney


Three time President Liberty Veterans Association


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Anonymous said...

To be fair (something the Edomite jews know nothing about) the Edomites are only protecting their own interests. They are loathsome, despicable, lying thieves and murderers. What can we expect from the literal children of the devil? They are true to themselves, their own and THEIR g-d, Lucifer.

What I cannot abide in are the JEWdeo Anti CHRISTtians, who are among the most vile hypocrites to ever blaspheme the name of YHWH. While they spew their platitudes of their love for "Jesus" and mankind; while they decry abortion and murder; they CHEER with unmitigated glee as the children of Satan, whom they WHOREship, murder innocent people Palestinian children; even the deaths of our own kinsmen in times of war for IS-A-REAL-LIE.

It will be a great day of rejoicing when Edom (the jews) are put to death - every manTHING, womenTHING and childTHING among them. But more than that, I will shed tears of joy when those among our own are cast into the pit and out of the kingdom for their unmitigated HIGH TREASON against their fellow kinsmen and most especially for their HIGH TREASON against YHWH Almighty HIMSELF!

When I see that fat whore Hagee and Mr. "Dirty Old Fart, pretending to be a stud muffin" Robertson hanging from a yard arm, that will be a day of great joy for me.

Let Israel be cleansed. And let it begin in the House of YHWH! After all, the Edomites could never have accomplished what they have without the support of TREASONOUS kinsmen.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Great post and it certainly highlights the lateness of the hour - how are the hidden things of Esau sought up (like NEVER before).

As much as I despise the jew and all the evil they have perpetrated against the sons of Jacob .. it was expected of them (and they will answer for their glee in so doing), James words hit it on the nail far as I'm concerned -

"Let Israel be cleansed. And let it begin in the House of YHWH! After all, the Edomites could never have accomplished what they have without the support of TREASONOUS kinsmen."