Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Thin Veneer

One of the things my grandfather taught me long ago was how to build cabinets. I learned a good appreciation for real wood and what all is necessary, in time, effort and money / material to produce something that is substantial and solid ... a work that would last. But in dealing with folks it quickly became obvious - most are only concerned with the bottom line they are willing to settle for. They want it to look good, they want it cheap and they want it now. And if that is all they want, all that they're willing to invest - perhaps what they get is good enough for them.

For those who know what veneered furniture is, you have to admit - it looks pretty good to the eye. It is less costly than the real solid thing and you can obtain it here and now. It's a popular alternative. I've been snagged on that hook before myself. But don't we eventually learn how shifty it is, how unstable and unreliable. That pretty, thin micro layer of veneer hides some inferior material and sooner or later we realize - you get what you pay for.

I've often made the statement (as I'm certain many have) ... we vastly underestimate our enemies, and in particular the enemies of Christ. We oft quote Jesus's own words when He warned us of wolves in sheeps clothing, but have we really taken His words to heart ? Wolves are a very cunning sort and to lower your guard will only invite chaos into your camp (what happened to eternal vigilance ?). Can we not in all honesty admit that it is not always so very easy to spot them, especially so when we've allowed them for so long to roam among us and grown used to certain of their unshakeable ways ? Do you really suppose they would act by and large like the wolves they are whilst wearing the sheepskin overcoat ? No, they would learn the way and mannerisms of the sheep and strive to blend right in. But the wary sheep can catch a scent if they stay tuned to their program.

Sure, there those who concentrate on the younger (in the faith) sheep on the outskirts of the flock, those who have not grown enough to be wary of the predator who lurks. But the bigger prize, the greater reward in the long run comes to those who can infiltrate and steer the greater portion of the flock to the killing zone where they will have uninterrupted time to consume them at their leisurely pleasure ... all out of the watchful eye and protective reach of the Shepherd. This is the alpha wolf - he is dedicated to his goal and skilled at his task.

We can plainly see how the carnivore has moved into the judaized churches and most aspects of what we term the white movement, sowing discord / destruction and generally muddying the waters so that a clear picture cannot be grasped. Why would we underestimate or doubt his ability, coupled with his ingrained hatred, to creep into our very inner midst ? Do we not consider him dedicated enough to his cause or devious enough to undertake such ? It's often been stated and I believe so myself, Christian Identity is the starting point that turns many of us back to Christ and is quite integral to our core. Knowledge of our true identity is NOT the whole of the picture and salvation unto itself. It should stir us into seeking a deeper understanding of our God and our duties unto Him.

What was Christ's first words unto His disciples when they sought clearer answers as to what would come - Matthew 24:3-5

"Take heed that no man (didn't say some devil and now would have been the time to do so) deceive you,

"For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

They would say that HE was the Christ (not themselves), hence, they were "Christian" imposters. To an extent, they would walk the walk and talk the talk - or else He would not of so explicitly warned us. (TE-jews proclaiming to be Christians, e.g.Weissinger)

Fact of the matter is, YOU don't really know who I am and in all honesty, I should be treated at least initially as all others who profess to be spreading Gods Word - does it stand up to Biblical scrutiny ? Whether or not the message is pleasing to you, whether it contradicts what you personally believe, whether it is the popular stance currently held in CI circles ... should have absolutely no bearing on how you regard it. Have you truthfully searched the scripture to see if these things are so ?

I've been rebuked with the reply that I must think myself better than some of our forefathers who didn't profess such beliefs (and I say that's debatable as to what extent they held some views). Are we conscious of the fact that we may be pursuing the broad path even though we have been warned that many thought with all their heart it was correct ? Is that not the message, the warning given by Christ Himself in Matthew 7:20-23 ? Read the entire chapter leading up to this. I cannot gauge my actions / reactions according to what others might of done, and I am not judging them here and now for their deeds, but who are we following ? What I (or you) may perceive as being righteous or fair, by our standards, has no bearing on this. What does God require ?

Matthew 23:13 (Luke 11:52 / Hosea 4:6) tells us there are those who actively work to keep us out of the kingdom - yes, it can be done.

I'm not an eloquent writer and I don't worry too much about my rough edges ... content is what we should be concerned with. I don't compile long flowing compositions that are pleasing to the ears, or to the emotions, such as in goading our soldiers with the "kill 'em all" chant many of us live to hear and are prone to fall for without due preparation or an overall understanding. I take Christ's warning of casting a stumbling block before His sheep very seriously and strive to use all care in posting what I think is necessary for our growth and guidance. I do not print out each scripture quoted and it is your decision whether or not you take the time to search it out. I will not mock another who quotes scripture in striving for the same understanding I do (as some are prone to do), but will try to be of the "come and let us reason together" mindset. God is not the author of confusion and any lack of grasped continuity of the whole of the Word is shortcomings solely our part.

Luke 6:46-49

" ... and why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say ?"

In Season-Out of Season

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