Friday, September 11, 2009

Psalm 31

For you Wheeler.

Psalm 31

I trust to You Lord, without shame;
To Your goodness I always can fly.
Bend your ear to me, then, from on high,
Become my Deliver, a tower of strength,
And a fortified house to preserve!

For you are my Fortress, and rock,
So lead me and guide by Your power.
For You are my Guardian alone.
My breath to Your hand I resign,
So redeem me O LORD GOD of TRUTH.

I have hated the teachers, of empty ideas,
And my trust I have placed in the Lord,
In Your mercy I joy and am glad.
Because You have looked on my griefs,
And known of the woes of my life,
Give not up to the hand of my foe,
But set on my feet, in the plain.

O! pity me, Lord for my sorrows,
My body, and soul, and my sight waste with grief,
For by anguish my life is consumed,
And my years are exhausted in sighs;
By sufferings the strength of my body decays.
To my neighbours a grief, and a dread to my friends,
Who saw me in public and fled!
I'm forgot, as the dead from their heart,
I'm become like a vessel disused,
For I heard the abuse of the mob,
Who conspired around about me,
And plotted to capture my life.

But I have relied upon You,
For, O Life, You are truly my God.
In your hand is my fate; set me free
From the power and pursuit of my foes.
And let Your face smile on Your slave,
And save me for Your mercy's sake.
O Lord shame me not when I call;
In the silent grave let the bad sink,
And silence the false-speaking lips,
Bold, proud, and insulting the good.
For great is the goodness You store,
For Your friends, and kindness done,
By You to the children of Adam!
You hide in Your presence secure,
You guard them from ruffian men,
And shelter from libellous tongues.

Thank the Lord for His marvellous acts,
A Strong-hold was His kindness to me!
Yet I have exclaimed in my terror,
I shall be cut off in Your sight;
But you heard the voice of my prayers,
When I to You shouted aloud!
So let all His saints love the Lord;
For the faithful the Lord will preserve,
But repay to the rest their proud acts.
Take courage! embolden your hearts,
All you who keep watch for the Lord.

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