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The Enemy Within – The Jew

The Enemy Within – The Jew

Educating people about the Global Jew Mafia

This is what the jews are doing and why they are doing it.

Transcript: “The thing that make judaism dangerous to everybody, to every race, to every nation, to every ideas is that we smash things that aren’t true. We don’t believe in the boundaries of nation-state, we don’t believe in the idea these individual god’s that protect individual groups of people.

This are all artificial constructions and judaism really teaches us how to see that. In a sense our detractors have us right in that we are a corrosive force, that we are breaking down the false god’s of all nations and all people because they are not real. And that is very upsetting to people.”

Douglas Rushkoff, Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism

Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism

This is how the Jews do it.

Transcript: The Enemy Within – The Fading West – Early in the 20th century, the West was the dominant power. Westerners were a confident race, proud of their achievements, convinced of their fitness to dominate the globe. But in a few decades, they have lost their will. They became declining and apologetic, ashamed of their own history … even supporting policies against their interest.

- The Enemy Within – A people successful at surviving among hostile majorities, but survival was harder where national identity was strong. Their best strategy was therefore to weaken the identity of their hosts. The more multi-cultural the host country is, the safer they will feel.

- The Evolutionary Edge – Two qualities are central to group evolutinary strategy: High intelligence + the ability to cooåerate in cohesive groups. This overall cohesion is effective in spit of existing in-group dissent. Cohesive, cooperating ethnocentric groups have a competitve edge over individualistic cultures. In evolutionary theory, cohesive groups outcompete individual strategies. A tenacious minority will beat down the resistance of a disorganized majority.

- The New Dark Age – The 20th century rise of Jewish intellectual movement led by authoritarian figures. Ideology – Media for the masses – Frank Boas controlled the American Antropological Association … promoting the idea that race was trivial, and enviroment was everything … with fabricated data to support his ideology.

A neo-Marxist cult group finance by Jewish millionaire Felix Well … The Frankfurt School, wit its books sponsored by the American Jewish Committee*, aimed to discredit any commitment to Western tradition, patrioism, religion, family and race.

They descibed as mental disorderin Westerners, precisely the kind of group loyalty, respect for tradition, and consciousness of differences central to Jewish identity.

They never criticized or even described Jewish group identity – only that of “gentiles”. The success of Jewish-led intellectual movement has been possible because their ethnic character was hidden behind the face of Marxism.

Egalitarianism, “Sexual Lieration”, Multi-culturalism & Mass Immigration for the “goyim**”. Intellectual movements that had little to do with science or description of reality, but rather with competition between the old elite and the new Jewish-dominted one.

- The Breaking of the Western Spirit – The best strategy for a collectivist group to destroy the West is to convince Westerners of their moral bankruptcy. Once Judaism is presented as morally superior to European civilization … The Western will be convinced of its own moral depravity, and will destroy its own people.

The judaization of the West is obvious in the veneration of the Holocaust as the central moral icon of the entire civiliation. Jewish likes and dislike now constitute the culture of the West.

The biggest “Enemies of Freedom” are not those scarecrows shown with fanfare. They are not the ones we are fighting, but the ones who want us to fight their wars. The biggest enemy is the Enemy Within – - The Jew

*AJC = The Biggest Global Jewish Criminal Network

** Goyim = All non-jews

Original Source-Hoff


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