Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Mighty Poobah!

Community Organizers Pray to Obama...Sickening
All hail the magic nigger.


Reichsmarshal said...

Sick and creepy beyond words. Martin Loofer Coon is now lionized by these goofballs as a "prophet"?

These people think that the gubbinmint is going to provide their "health care" and further call it a "right". By that flawed logic the state should provide for my automobile insurance...and the car itself.

Of course, there should be a safety net for covering catastrophic accidents and illnesses that no one is immune from being blind sided by, but, hearing slovenly creatures who can barely breathe because they are over weight, smoke, drink and otherwise trash their bodies then expect that someone else pick up the tab is ridiculous. These same people "can't afford healthcare" because they need to buy the latest gadgets and designer clothes and all of the other baubles of consumerism. When I need something I have to prioritize. It sucks, it's not fun, and it may not even seem "fair." But it's more fair than having someone else pay for it.

But the debate isn't even about medicine. It's about these Marxists gaining absolute control over our lives to further regulate what we do, how we live and more easily implement their programs of euthanasia, eugenics and abortion designed to primarily destroy the White race.

It is not "out of the goodness of their hearts" that Obongo's Marxists are pushing for "health care." Were it that simple, the uninsured could be brought under Medicaid tomorrow and the whole mess is solved.

The key to remember is that problems aren't there to be solved. They are there to provide smoke and cover for the true agenda.

Now I have to go sacrifice a goat to Obongo. I need a new pair of shoes and the gas tank is getting a little low...

Joy said...

You are right.
This shit is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Let's just see how well Obama is able to protect those ANIMALS from the wrath of YHWH!