Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama's Jewish Cabinet



Reichsmarshal said...

"jews are not in control of our government, that's just crazy talk!!!"

It would be interesting to see how many of those have dual American/Israeli citizenship. "Rahm-bo" for sure. He served in the IDF while our boys were dying in Desert Storm. Real patriot there. Actually, they used to call this "treason."

And don't forget the "czars", like Cass Sunstein, who thinks that your child is viable for abortion up until the time they learn to talk. I think he is also the one who wanted to infer all the legal rights of humans to animals and appoint lawyers for them to fight for their "civil rights."

I highly doubt it's because these flakes love animals. It has more to do with perverting and subverting, creating chaos, while at the same time opening up new money making avenues for kike lawyers.


You REALLY think that these lying Bolshevik pigs represent ALL Jews??
Come on.

Joy said...

Collectively yes.

Reichsmarshal said...

Angry For God, it really doesn't matter if they represent "all" jews(though I happen to think they by and large do). The fact is that THESE jews are the ones in power who are subverting, undermining and absolutely destroying this nation.

The fact that they wield disproportionate power compared to their actual representation in the population should be cause enough for concern for any rational person. That they are committed to radical leftist causes in every nation they infiltrate is well documented.