Thursday, August 20, 2009

La Raza Member Attacks Gene Green Towhall Attendees

The fucking spics admit "We are the majority and we are taking over America"


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Damn ... I was gonna ask ya if I had run outa the right buttons to push 'cuz I had no sound.

(it helped a great deal to unmute my mute)

Good crew of 3 or 4 with shotguns to tidy things up and we could devote the rest of the afternoon to BBQ 'n talking about the festivities !

Mucho grande !

Reichsmarshal said...

I take some solace in the fact that,in this instance at least, the cops nicked the right party for a change, especially when a White man waving an American flag in public in this day and age constitutes a "hate crime." Sometimes the good guys win.

Brooke said...

The "good guys" have *already* won!

Christ already has the victory, and by extension - because we are His - SO DO WE.

Don't forget that. Ever.