Saturday, August 29, 2009

"It ain't [America] no more, OK?"


Reichsmarshal said...

We can look forward to more of these surly, drunk with power, minorities in uniform imposing on our freedoms in the future.

On the positive side, however, is the fact that the more these Affirmative Action goons are pushed through this collapsing system, the more ineffectual these agencies become at hindering the coming White Revolution.

And I concur with the talking gorilla. "It aint America no more." Probably hasn't been since Andrew Jackson sat in the White House.

Wheeler MacPherson said...

A Negro who tells the truth. Wonders never cease. He's quite right, too. It ain't America anymore. I'm not sure what it IS, but it's not America. It's not a nation. It's not what our people bled to build and protect.

It's a place where Jews get a foreign mamzer elected president, and the descendants of those who founded the nation are too busy worshiping Negro talk show hosts and athletes and movie stars and filth-mouthed "musicians" to get upset about it.

"It ain't America no more?" You bet your hat it ain't.

Joy said...

You're right Reichmarshal, these AA goons will work in our favor.

Haha Wheeler "A negro who tells the truth". Wonders never cease.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

The white rolley polley sucking up makes me more pissed off than the nigger himself. His kind always thinks they're gonna get a free pass when the savages hit the streets en masse. America no mo indeed !

Cleveland here said...

I had posted on brother ReichMarshal's blog about these camps. I have seen them...Many around the country. No prisoners yet ???? but they are build and staffed. Its not a secret anymore,

That coon is right this is not america anymore. BUt hell we all knew that

Anonymous said...

The Edomite Jews knew what they were doing when they brought those baboons to America. The Edomites think in terms of tens and hundreds of years.

I agree with all here though, the Edomites have been messing up of late; installing 70IQ monkeys into positions of authority. They will be EASILY dispatched.

The Edomites see the end of their long thought-out plans of conquest and they are getting sloppy, sloppy, sloppy - like a well used whore.

Bring it on! Hail YHWH!