Sunday, May 23, 2010

Psychological Warfare And You

Christian whites have been the focus of a very long and concentrated campaign of psychological warfare. This campaign has essentially rendered them docile and powerless. But more importantly, it has rendered them confused and spiritually lost. Their only salvation really is God's grace, which is true of all of us. In God's grace alone the Kingdom manages to abide in an age that is an almost complete debauch. We are a dying breed of men and women, and the truth of our identity and nature as the divine "Images" of the living God expresses itself in what we have offered this world over many thousands of years. Essentially we have attempted to tame the savages that were more deserving of a bullet than a loaf of bread. We have made life easier and kinder to all that were willing to take it. In truth, we were little Gods in a world of dark and ferocious beasts. And what have we received in return? Rape, violence, and murder on a level that knows no bounds. The jealousy and barbarism of the savage is based upon his intuitive, though unacknowledged knowing that he can never attain to the level of those of us who are not only a reflection of God, but also the beloved of God. Therefore the savage hides his hatred in the idea that he belongs to an oppressed race, and it is the white that is responsible for his poverty and anguish. The social engineers who have been pushing this campaign of psychological warfare know full well that the more they nurture this hatred, the quicker their job will be accomplished. If you haven't figured it out yet, the aim of their campaign is miscegenation. A zombified, mamzer race is far more malleable than the sons and daughters of God.

It is interesting to watch the world burn. I say this not because I get a sick thrill by watching it, only that I am rather dumbfounded as to how people can say, "How" or "Why". Essentially, we are seeing a world where the amount of order is proportional to the amount of Adamites alive in a given place and time. With that being said, is there any wonder why we are witnessing the first murmurrings of racial bloodbaths and unheralded chaos that seems to have received a push of some kind shortly after 2006? The universe, at least when it comes to the relationships between the dark and the light, is very straight-forward. There is no mystery as to what happens when there is an absence of light, or an absence of adamic men. Only chaos can ensue.

Make no mistake about it, we are under judgement. Many of us, even though we are Christian, are being tested by fire like never before. God's patience has clearly run out, and if the oceans aren't black by this time next year, I wonder what will be the catalyst that sets the final phases of the judgement process into motion. I'm sure it hasn't been easy for many people the last two years. It has not been easy to watch as white wimpy liberal cowards have elected a mamzer into office to rule over them. It has not been easy to see our borders invaded by dark hordes who want to take the wealth (whatever is left of it) of our land without putting anything into it. And it most certainly isn't easy seeing the Church fall into a state of spiritual oblivion for compromising its convictions in the face of popular culture and political correctness. The world is passing away now, and the coming days will reveal that the war that is to come, will be unlike any other war. Satan has been freed from the bottomless pit, and he has been commissioned to destroy the remnant.

So why have good men simply rolled over in fear and allowed it to come to this? My own research leads me to believe that we first have ourselves to blame. But once we take responsibility, and I think we are moving closer to that day, we will begin to see that the real problem has not only been popular culture, it has been a very long campaign of psychological warfare. This warfare has evoked fear in us, but a fear based upon losing our own comforts. We have grown afraid of what the enemies of Christ can do to us, whether killing us, throwing us in prison, or taking our possessions. Furthermore we have to ask ourselves why we are so afraid if we house the Lord in our hearts. Why do we not walk fearlessly as we are commanded to in the face of God's enemies? Give me 25 good men capable of fearless living in that regard, and I will show you a real remnant.

But even the racially aware Christian shakes in his boots at the thought of the enemies of Christ. He follows the likes of this Identity Pastor or that one. And in the end, it all boils down to the cult of personality. These men have a Christianity to teach and sell in their books, but they don't have Christ burning in their hearts or his law set firmly in their minds. In a word, they live in a realm of ideas without understanding what Christ is really offering to the Soul of Man. If ever there was a time for men to stand up and be fearless, it is now. The days are already here, the end is playing out before our eyes. In truth, there is no tomorrow even though we would like to believe that there is.

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