Saturday, January 30, 2010


Great post Shieldline!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Check out the video on the attacks and rapes of white Australians by Middle Easterners and Africans. You deserve it because you’re Australian say some of the assailants. In other words you deserve it because you’re white.

Look at Australia on a map of the world. What are European whites doing there? Their ancestors went there two hundred years ago on wooden ships finding their way to that distant land with their navigational skills. Their brethern followed them from Britain in large numbers in the nineteen fifties and sixties.

What are Middle Easterners and Africans doing there? Most of them have recently arrived because in the late twentieth and early twenty first century they follow white people around. A relatively new tradition made desirable and possible by modern communications technology and the decadence that has taken hold of the white race. They’re not in Australia because of the land itself. They are there because of what white people have made of the land. They are there because the country has a mainstream white society. They are there because white people are there. No other reason.

A few years ago one of the muslim maniacs in Sydney offered these words of wisdom. ‘ I deserve more rights in this country than you ( whites ) because I choose to come to this country.’ In other words you choose your country like you choose your friends but you’re stuck with the family you’re born into. In that vast land of Australia he just happened to choose Sydney the largest of the white settlements. Why didn’t he choose the outback. Why not choose some Aboriganal settlement if he didn’t choose to live in that country because of the comforts made possible by the white infidels.

If there had been no white colonisation of Texas and no US Mexican war in the 1840s and the American southwest had always remained part of Mexico with a 100% Mexican population do you think there would be enormous migration from central Mexico into California ongoing today.

What are Pakistanis and Somalis doing in Norway in significant numbers? Norway has no colonial history with these countries. Why are Norwegians allowing their country to be invaded, their people to be brutalised? They know their land. They’re an outdoors people, physically hardy. Most of them know how to ski. Many families holiday in mountain huts. They can cope with their extreme winter weather, keep the roads open, put the chains on the car wheels, keep the planes landing in snowy conditions.

Why are they letting in these people who have to concentrate in their cities depending on their infastructure and many depending on their benevolence ( welfare). Why are they letting in an intolerant people who assualt and rape them in the cities in hugely disproportionate numbers? What do the Norwegians get out of this? Nothing but a little respite from the white guilt. The white guilt that did not exist fifty years ago. And a little respite will never be enough. They can never give enough. What else do they get? They get to lose control of their country over time to a people who will persecute them when that day arrives. And yet there is no rebellion.

White guilt itself makes a mockery of the multiculturism idea that we are all one. Where’s the Turkish guilt for the genocide of Armenians. Where’s the Mongol guilt for the havoc their ancestors wrecked. Chinese guilt over Tibet? African guilt for their various tribal massacres of each other? Why are Middle Easterners still bitching about Crusaders? What about the Mongols. The sack of Baghdad in 1258? Well it wasn’t whitey that did that.

Only white people are susceptible to this kind of guilt. You deserve this guilt because you’re white. You deserve to be violated because it drives us crazy when we come to your countries and see how superior they are to ours, the very reason we are there. You deserve it because you are weak enough to let us come here. You deserve it because you make excuses for us when we abuse your hospitality and prosecute those among you who refuse to go along with the betrayal of their own people. You deserve it because you’ve lost consciousness of being part of a people, something we have never lost and will never lose. You deserve it because of the laws of nature. If you don’t have the collective will to survive as a people you will not survive as a people. You deserve it because you are terrified of being called a racist even though we are racist and proud of it. You deserve it because when you are gone we will have no white people to follow around. What the hell are we going to do then you inconsiderate bastards.



Cracker Americanus said...

Whites should only be ashamed of letting their race be destroyed. We are only 7% of the worlds population. We are under attack. The moslems and the other invaders are placing eggs in our nest after pushing out our eggs. Hopefully we will be smarter than the birdbrains.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately "we" as a White nation of Israelites deserve this because YHWH judges the NATION of HIS people. Not all of us, as individuals, deserve this and YHWH will take care of us as individuals; whom HE deems deserving of HIS almighty protection.

Always, when "we" rebelled, YHWH preserved a remnant of HIS people who kept HIS laws and preserved HIS ways.

Truthfully, I have no place left in my heart for the race traitor among us. They are like Esau, whom YHWH hated with a perfect hate. They deserve and receive my utter contempt. Every White child, in the Israelite nation today, are the victims of these malicious, vile and brain dead whites traitors.


kinswoman said...

Joy, what is so shocking is how insidious the inroads into our daily lives this all really is. I recently saw, in the nearby 95% fairly conservative white midwestern town, a big black man walk out of the grocery store toward me with a large, white, young welfare-assisted woman. On his t-shirt was the bloodied, dripping, mangled vivid image of a naked murdered beautiful young white woman. She looked like some of the women in photos you've posted here. I so much regret not halting the girl in my absolute shock, and pointing to his shirt and yelling, "Do you want to end up like THAT!!" I was with my younger children, and afraid to do so. Would it have done any good, except to be able to say I did so? I don't think so.

Joy said...

It's best that you did nothing kinswoman, it's t-shirt pretty much says alot about what he thinks of our kind, and it aint very nice. What is so disgusting and sad is the White women who simply is either brain dead or does not care anymore about herself or her life.