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Nozette: Just Another Traitor Jew Spy

October 19, 2009 in Jew Subversion

Jew always spout-off ”anti-Semitism” whenever they get busted spying, yet the real truth is that they are indeed RATS of the first order. Always have been, always will. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg both took part in an Atomic Spy ring, transferring critical data to the Soviets that allowed them to build the big one far too soon and putting American lives at risk for decades. They didn’t care because they were JEW COMMIES.

He's a rat-faced Jew, alright.
A supposed “would-be” Jew spy named Stewart David Nozette (right) was arrested by the FBI today, trying to sell US secrets to Israel. The US mainstream media’s 10 second report made sure to say “no wrongdoing by Israel.” The undercover FBI agent who made contact with him, was most likely one who looked and sounded Jew; Nozette was surely led to believe the FBI agent was MOSSAD or some other Israeli intelligence operative.

The traitorous Jew was willing to pass on secret data on American satellites and early warning systems. He was a former employee of NASA, but now worked for the Department of Energy and Defense at the Pentagon where he had top-secret ”Q Critical” access (big mistake) to sensitive nuclear weapon design information (imagine the uproar if this guy was Muslim). The rat still has his self-serving page up on the NASA website and can be seen HERE (for now).

Nozette wanted the Israelis to pay him a $10,000 a month retainer and get him an Israeli passport ”to make things easier.” He told the agent that because both his parents were Jewish, he could claim Israel’s “Right of Return.” More like right to flee justice.

Chances are, Nozette only failed because he didn’t have the right Israeli contacts long before. Maybe he should have talked to his local rabbi first?

But was it merely a sting ops? In January of this year, Nozette traveled to “Country A” (typical code for Israel) with 2 computer thumb drives and returned without them, so it is indeed possible that Israel took part in espionage. This specific event was not reported in the mainstream media — they merely implied that it was only a recent, bungled attempt foiled by the FBI and that Israel was innocent from the very start (it was so obvious it wasn’t funny).

Watch this whole story completely disapear from the mainstream media and get replaced with another ridiculous “boy in a ballon” hoax or some White man pervert killer story they can wildly inflate to fill the time. Hell, this news is already down the rabbit hole by now.

Even when Jew Spies are obviously guilty, Jews go haywire trying to get them released, like this massive multi-national campaign to get Jonathan Pollard free (he was caught red-handed). Before Bush left office, Jews went into overdrive to get the rat a pardon (look under Bush’s name on the bus ad above). At first, Israel tried to deny having anything to do with Pollard, but today Israel even has streets and squares honoring this American traitor. When Pollard is finally set free, the Jews everywhere will try to make it look like it was all nothing but ”anti-Semitism” to begin with and that he was so innocent (Jews can never admit to any wrongdoing); exactly like they do about the Dreyfuss case now.

Traitor Rat Pollard
The Dreyfuss Affair in France, way back in the late 1800’s, has had the Jews yelping “anti-Semitism” whenever they get caught spying; the facts should now be quite obvious that Jews do this kind of thing all the time, wherever they live in the world.

Most of the Atomic Spies back in the 1950’s were Jews too, like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were justifiably fried for it. For decades, Jewry bemoaned their execution, only recently did they finally shut-up, when information was unclassified that showed them guilty as hell. Comrade David Greenglass was another Jew Commie spy from this period.

Israeli spying is often given a free pass by our Zionist-corrupted government, simply because of them being Jews. FBI agents have made quiet complaints that investigations never really go anywhere since higher-ups try to quash them if they get too big. Look at the operation of the Israeli Art student spies that ran in conjunction with Zionist 9/11 False Flag operation. Who knows the extent of it? It was all swept under the carpet, just like the Dancing Israeli story of 9/11.

Israel promised not to do anymore spying on the US since Jonathan Pollard got busted turning over hundreds of thousands of secret docs to the Motherland. Right. Believing any Jews is just plain stupid, since lying is second nature to Jews. Hell, breaking oaths is a religious experience for them. It’s all a giant lie by the Israelis — they are always running intel ops in the US. One covered-up story happened in my state only a few years ago.

Ariel Weinmann (right) was a Navy Petty Officer who was caught transferring top-secret US Naval Submarine data to ZIP disks, flying to Austria and Mexico to make his connection with an agent of “a foreign government” (more code for Israel). It was reported in my local paper for a week or two and then the whole story dropped down the rabbit hole.

The embedded Jew agents working Kikepedia have him spying for Russia. Yeah, right, Jews. If that was the case, you would not have all this “foreign government” BS. These Jews will do anything they can to keep America snowed.

And the story never made it on the national news for some reason. Oh, I’m being coy here, the US Navy and Zionist-owned media must have been expressly told to keep wraps on the story because of the Israeli “promise” not spy after the Pollard affair. Can’t be embarrassing our Masters and the Chosen Ones, can we? Curt Maynard wrote a great piece on this story and can be read HERE.

Two AIPAC Jews (Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, right) were caught spying for Israel in 2004, but only contact Larry Franklin (supposedly a Catholic) was convicted (now out on parole). Franklin was an Iran analyst in Neocon Douglas Feith’s Pentagon department and close associate of war mongering Jew Neocon Michael Leeden. The AIPAC Jews got away scot-free when the government dropped the case for some BS reasons. Jewess Senator Jane Harman is reported to have been recorded via a FBI wiretap offering AIPAC help in the case, if they could get her the coveted chairmanship of the House Intelligence committee (how bitterly ironic is that?). She was never charged, but neither did she get the position.

These Nation Wrecking Jews have been getting away with murder in the US now for decades. What the Jews and Israelis steal from us, often ends-up in Chinese hands (Jews everywhere can’t pass up the chance at easy money). What’s stupid is that the Chinese may sell it to the Iranians. That’s how flocked-up the Jews are and another reason Jews make the entire world suck.

One Israeli Jew immigrant to the US, the Orthodox Zionist Asher Karni, sold and smuggled export-banned US medical devices to Muslim Pakistan, for use as thermonuclear detonators (can you believe that?). This was another story swept under the rug by the traitorous US mainstream media. ABC even refrained from mentioning his Jewish name in their brief on-air report. These greedy Jews make the world infinitely more dangerous to America, even themselves, regardless of how much the Zionist-owned media tries to make them look like ”our little friendly ally in the Mideast.” What a sorry joke that’s been.

Little Jews also love thinking they are secret spies for Mother Israel and the International Cabal of Jewry. These pint-sized James Bonds get excited by cloak and dagger stuff — throw in easy moolah and the chance to serve Jewry makes them glad to stab us in the back. Still, the paranoid Jews all think that us Goyim are only suspicious of them simply because of “anti-Semitism,” as usual.

In other words, Jews have only loyalty to other Jews and never towards the country they live in, regardless. Remember, to a Jew living in “the Diaspora” this is only a temporary situation until they rule the planet. Any means to that end deserves support and respect from all the rest. This Jew quote says it all:

“The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.”
— The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.

Folks, we have an entire race of “Fifth-Columnists” living in America; willing — often eager — to betray us all. Whether they work in government, the media, the military, or what have you; Jews from Hollywood to New York to Washington DC are obviously a poisonous cancer on America. They need to go now. You need to see that now.

— Phillip Marlowe

The Centre for Counter Intelligence and Security

Many Malls in the US have Israeli Jews working in Kiosks selling some kind of cosmetic product from the Dead Sea like “Seacret” hand creme. These are called Sayanim and the Mall business is a cover story, or “legend,” a way to earn money and keep busy until Mother Israel needs them for some specific perfidy in Western countries (Australia has them too). Confront the bastards and let them know that you know!



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