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The New Weimar Republic

The New Weimar Republic (and a Very Brief and Partial History of Modern Christendom)

July 25th, 2009

Before the dawn of the 20th century, Jewish bankers and merchants had long been using their pocketbook influence to work their way into a position where they began marrying into the aristocratic families of Germany. This situation is inevitable where you have a minority that works its way into a host population, and where that minority also happens to have the ability to create its own paper money – therefore having practically unlimited funds with which to corrupt the host society. The average Christian had no use at all for money, and especially paper money. Trade was conducted in barter and taxes were paid in kind. For many centuries in Medieval Europe usury was an abomination, since it is antithetical to Christianity, and so the Jews – who have always been usurers – naturally became the bankers to European nobility, profiting immensely in those circumstances by pandering to the desires of the weak. This same situation long existed in Britain too, since in that nation Jewish families had controlled the economy from the founding of the so-called Bank of England in the 17th century. Before the First World War, much of the British aristocracy was actually Jewish, or as a result of intermarriage had Jewish cousins or in-laws. In fact, a Jew had become the Prime Minister of Great Britain even long before the First World War. To the honest inquirer of history, it is quite clear that by the dawn of the 20th century Europe was ruled by an aristocracy permeated by and beholden to the Jews, and increasingly hostile to Christianity, because Jews are naturally hostile to Christianity. Jews are also hostile to anyone else who is not a Jew – as their Talmud plainly and directly states in many places. It is quite clear that once they acquire control of a nation’s ruling classes, having no allegiance to or kinship with the population of the nation itself, they only use that control in order to further increase their own advantage. Even to the extent of intermarrying with them. To the Jew, like to all aliens, a White wife is a trophy – a mark of conquest – and not a partner. (Such was also the situation in first century Judaea where the Edomites – today’s Jews – had infiltrated and taken over that government and society by 40 B.C.)

The Jewish campaign against the German people discreetly began long before the First World War, in the propaganda that was circulated throughout intellectual circles in Britain and which was designed to alienate the two kindred peoples from one another – the English Saxons and the German Saxons. This is because under the Kaiser, the Jews did not have a Jewish-owned central bank, and therefore did not have complete control of the German economy. But they certainly wanted it. The same situation existed in Russia, where the Czar would not have a Jewish central bank. All of the other so-called reasons for the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the destruction of Germany in the First World War are sheer nonsense – the power behind the creation of those wars were the Rothschilds and their Jewish kindred. The Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish conquest of Russia, orchestrated and financed in lower Manhattan. The Jewish minority in Russia – using every other minority that they could incite, along with every White Russian they could deceive with their empty talk of egalitarianism and social justice – were the foot soldiers for the Jewish bankers of New York and London.

Yet during the First World War, many of Germany’s Jews actually did lend their support to the German cause, and German victory was seemingly inevitable in 1917, especially when the Russian front began to collapse and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia ended that nation’s part in the war effort against the Germans. But in 1917, something else happened. Lord Balfour signed a declaration assuring the Jews a homeland in Palestine if Britain won the war. The Ottoman Empire, a vestige of which remains as modern Turkey, controlled Palestine at the time, and the Ottomans were allies of the Germans. It was Jews in Germany who through their capitalism controlled much of the country’s industrial power, and once this declaration was signed, these Jews, along with their lower-class kinsmen, became hostile to the German war effort, becoming more or less a fifth column in German society. At the same time, Jewish leaders in Germany instigated and organized labor disruptions at the German munitions factories. With all of this, and with American entry into the war on behalf of the British, Germany’s fate was sealed and her defeat was assured.

After the First World War was over, and the Kaiser removed by what more or less amounted to treason, a “Republican” form of government was instituted in Germany amidst much prolonged political and civil strife. This new government is now referred to as the “Weimar Republic”, and it lasted until 1933. This republican government, dominated by the “Social Democratic” parties, was actually very socialist in nature, and had large factions of communists and communist sympathizers, but it was not itself truly communist. The Weimar Republic was marked by rampant inflation and a cowering of the German people to the extravagant reparations and demilitarization demands resulting from losing a war which Germany did not start. Along with those reparations came the loss of much historically German territory, which Germany was forced to cede to the whims of the victors. The monetary inflation itself was to a great degree the cause of the tremendous reparations burden. The Weimar government also suffered heavily from a failure to reel in the communists and communist factions of the controlling political parties. The communists stridently attempted to install a government of their own during these years, and actually succeeded in doing so by force in Bavaria, at least temporarily, and again in a part of the Ruhr region. These communist uprisings, along with others in Hamburg and in Saxony in the early 1920’s, were not put down by the Weimar government, but by coalitions of patriotic Germans known as the Freikorps, and factions of the military operating independently and in spite of the Weimar government.

The Jewish hand in all of this civil discord in Germany could not go unnoticed. Many of the communists in Germany were lower-class Jews, and a great majority of the Jews were communists. Additionally, due to the rampant inflation, for it literally did take a wheel-barrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, the only people who were able to buy either property or goods were those who could obtain money from outside of the country. In 1914, a German mark was valued at around twenty-five cents of American money. In 1923, one million units of that same currency were only worth a mere dollar. During this period many German families were forced to sell everything they had in order to survive. Hence the upper-class Jews with foreign financial connections were able to buy up much of Germany’s material wealth for incredibly low sums. Jewish carpetbaggers abounded, consuming the nation like so many parasites consume a cadaver. All classes of Jews in Germany had a feast in the Weimar years, glorying in their perceived victory over the heart of European Christendom, for now they would own it. While all of this transpired, there was an earnest endeavor by the radical communists, who had much political influence in the major parties which were Socialist themselves, to stifle all serious political opposition.

He looks really handsome here!

Adolf Hitler – who was truly a champion of traditional German culture and of Christianity – things which all Jews everywhere despise, was not the only such politician to gain a following in the wake of the Judaization of Germany, where engagements in pornography and substance addiction were rapidly becoming the norm (things which are hallmarks of the Jewish domination over culture wherever they appear). Hitler’s eventual success was nothing but a reaction to the Jewish-dominated society of the Weimar republic, and the fear among Germans of eventual communist domination. Certainly the average German was well aware of the destruction of millions of Christians occurring in the Soviet Union under the Bolshevik Jews and Stalin, who himself was a Jew by race. Yet Hitler was not the only one who attempted to take Germany back from such Jewish domination. Other nationalist, Christian & conservative politicians in Germany were beaten down at their own meetings by Marxist thugs. It was commonplace for Marxists in Weimar Germany to look for conservative political gatherings, and to disrupt them with violence. This happened with regularity while the government turned a blind eye to the violence perpetrated by the Marxists. But Hitler was one of the only opposing politicians who successfully countered them. The Sturmabteilung (SA), commonly called the Brownshirts, were formed out of a need to protect the fledgling party’s rights of free speech and assembly from Marxist thugs who wish to reserve that right exclusively for themselves. Many of the Brownshirts came from the ranks of the old Freikorps, the German equivalent to the American idea of the militia. Where the government refuses to maintain order and uphold the basic rights of the people, the people must retain the right to do it themselves.

(Obviously this is written from a jewish perspective, oi vey!)However, the Nazi action worsened. From march 1933 boycotts of Jewish businesses were commonplace across Germany. Jews were humiliated and degraded by the new regime and it’s supporters. By mid 1934, the Boycotts had suddenly stopped. The Nazis begam to introduce restrictive laws that meant the freedoms enjoy under the Weimar Republic for Jews and Germans alike began to disappear. Yet things would worsen.

In 1935 the Nazis introduced a series of laws, commonly known as the Nuremburg laws, that stripped all Jews of their German citizenship. The Reich Citizenship Law clearly defined who was and was not a German citizen, whilst the Laws for the protection German blood and German Honor, forbid marriages and relationships between “Germans” and Jews. These laws were later enforced against the black and Roma people of Germany. The boycotts of Jewish businesses intensified.

When Hitler finally gained power, he took the German economy back into the hands of the German people, refused to allow a Jewish-controlled central bank to run the nation, and immediately World Jewry openly declared war against Germany again, in 1933. The rest is history, and it need not be discussed here. The Jews have long used propaganda against Germany and against the czars of Russia. In both Great Britain and the United States, everything believed by the people in respect to both Germany and Russia has been told through a Jewish perspective, since Jews have long controlled all of the major media outlets in both nations. Everything that the average person thinks that he knows about Germany in the 20th century is a lie. The Jews in Britain and the United States have used their power over the media to perpetrate the greatest hate crimes ever: the extermination of many tens of millions of White Christians in Europe, while at the same time they are falsely accusing White Christians of hate crimes! There was no holocaust of Jews by Germans, not in the 20th century, and not ever. The holocaust is a huge lie perpetrated by the Jews, perpetuated by the Jewish-controlled media, and promulgated so that the Jews gain the advantage of muzzling all of their critics with a single slur, that of being a “Nazi” or an “Anti-Semite”. With this same slur, they place an obstacle before any reasonable and scholarly inquiry into the real Hitler, the true reasons for his rise to power, and the reasons for Germany’s success in the 1930’s under Hitler’s policies. This success came while the rest of the West was mired in the Great Depression, another device of the Jewish bankers to assist in their accumulation of the wealth of the West and to gain the political control of Christendom. It is no accident of language, that the word so often translated “devil” in English Bibles is actually a Greek word which means false accuser.

It took only a few decades for the Jews to affect the takeovers of both Russia and Germany in the early 20th century. Winning the minds of most Americans took much longer, even several decades; however the Jews have long accomplished that. Hidden from the eyes of most Christians, both Jewish Capitalism and Jewish Marxism are but two heads on the same beast which seeks to devour all of Christendom and to destroy the White race. Henry Ford knew this, and wrote about it, but the Jews found a way to silence him. Adolf Hitler knew it too, and he also wrote about it, and the Jews went to great lengths to silence him. This country has been kept in a constant state of war since capitalist agents used the accidental sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor as an Imperialist tool. This constant state of war, whether foreign or domestic, keeps the people perpetually distracted, and has enabled the Jews to win a cultural battle here that most people are totally unaware ever happened. Usually that battle was packaged as a noble pursuit, such as “civil rights”, “women’s rights”, “gay rights”, ad nauseum. If one does not think that all of this was a part of the Jewish war against Christendom, one is obviously ignorant of the declarations of the Jews themselves.

Foremost are the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. While declaimed by the Jews as a Czarist forgery when they were revealed in the early part of the last century, every element of these writings have been carried out over the past several decades by the Jews and the institutions which they control. The fact that every one of the things described therein have actually come to fruition proves their original authenticity, and that the negative Jewish effect on Western Civilization is not perceived, but is indeed a real conspiracy.

At the dawn of the “civil rights” movement, and just before the so-called “Sexual Revolution” of the 1960’s, the Jew Alan Ginsburg wrote a collection of so-called poetry which was greatly lauded by all of the Jewish media and academia. It contains material such as: “I’m with you Rockland where you accuse your doctors of insanity and plot the Hebrew socialist revolution against the fascist national Golgotha” (from Howl). What garbage is praised by the Jews as art! To Ginsburg, Christianity (“Golgotha”) and nationalism are both evil, and these are what he is railing against. A generation of Jews followed suit, and the Jewish media has praised all of them glowingly ever since, openly worshipping devils while the average American stares blindly at the television screen, getting his daily dose of “entertainment”. While Ginsburg may appeal to the basest sorts in society, this same mentality exists throughout academia. For instance: “Barack Obama is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose … A pair of radical Columbia University professors by the name of Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven wrote an article in the radical magazine known as The Nation. The article was published on May 2, 1966 and laid out what is now known as the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’. The plan calls for the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions. Cloward and Piven studied Saul Alinsky just like Hillary Clinton and … Obama” (Quoted from It should be quite evident why ever since the “Great Society” speech given by Lyndon Johnson, this nation has sunk deeper and deeper into socialism, which is nothing but a euphemism for Marxism. These early statements, and the fact that this nation has obviously followed this path laid out by so many Jews, makes it no coincidence why we have done so.

This Jewish war against true liberty and Christendom in America began long before the 1950’s. In fact, at the same time that the Jews were using their propaganda in company with staged operations such as the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor to incite America into joining in the wars of Europe, they were also infiltrating Christian institutions here in order to pervert them. While the profits from usury bought out the department chairs in all of our academic institutions, so that by the 1930’s many of the American universities were already leaning far to the left, they also planned something much more treacherous, and fully executed that plan: the total corruption of Christian American theological thinking.

In 1890 a small-time Dallas pastor started a Bible Correspondence Course which gained quite a following, and was taken over by the Moody Bible Institute in 1914. This pastor had also been part of a group which sought to revive the much earlier Niagara Conferences of the Pentecostal Charismatic Charles Darby. Influences by the work of men such as Darby and the dispensationalist J. R. Graves had a tremendous impact on the formulation of this pastor’s doctrines. With a few books under his belt and having developed much greater aspirations, he left his Dallas congregation in 1901. This pastor went to New Hampshire, where he purchased a plot of land and planned to build on it, and then on to the big city – New York – where he was admitted to the very exclusive Lotus Club founded by the Jewish attorney Samuel Untermeyer and others. Untermeyer himself was on the committee which approved this pastor’s application. His name was Cyrus Scofield, and no earthly door was closed to him from this time forward.

Students of history may recognize the name of Samuel Untermeyer from elsewhere. It was he who had bribed Woodrow Wilson when Wilson was in a jam over an affair he had while he was employed at Princeton, and not wanting his Presidential aspirations destroyed, Untermeyer was more than willing to assist him. So Woodrow Wilson had two terms as President, and the American people got their first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, and also the Jewish-controlled central bank, the Federal Reserve, women’s suffrage, a graduated income tax, involvement in the First World War, and many other curses. What a productive time in office Woodrow Wilson had – or at least if one happens to be a Jew and a New York banker one may think so.

There is much more to the Scofield story, however after his Reference Bible was published by Oxford University Press in 1909, the false doctrine of Dispensationalism caught on in America’s churches. The Jews, the people of God’s curse, became “God’s Chosen People”, as if such a thing were possible. It also wasn’t long before the oxymoronic term “Judaeo-Christian” and its variants came into the vocabulary. Scofield was a major tool in the effort to Judaize Christianity. Of course, the Jews were its primary proponents, but certainly not in public. Scofield did not develop any of his doctrines on his own, rather he borrowed them all from others. He was not a Bible Scholar, but a man who borrowed, sometimes reformulated, and often received credit for the work of others (if indeed it wasn’t simply handed to him). Yet while he didn’t develop his false doctrines alone, he did collect them all into one place, and with a little help from his Jewish friends they managed to become quite popular. American Seminaries would never be the same again.

At this same time many other forces were at work, helping to bring about the Judaization of America. The Jewish banking families would stop at nothing, and could fund almost anything, in their attempt to gain world domination. A New York Jew coined the term “melting pot”, and wrote a play to that effect in 1910. The entire idea is an outright lie, but today most Americans believe it and repeat it. That same Jew, Israel Zangwill, helped conceive the idea of Fabian Socialism along with another Jew, Israel Cohen, and George Bernard Shaw, who probably should have been born a Jew, but whom was accidentally Irish, at least apparently. All three of these men were ardent Marxists and strived towards the goal of a communist world. Shaw was a strident critic of Christianity and, of course, was another darling of the Jewish Western media. In 1913 Jews founded both the NAACP and the ADL. Jews were inciting the negroes in the South to rise up against Whites, and they continue to incite them to this very day. A long litany of proofs can be supplied to support these statements. By 1952 Jewish rabbis were openly trumpeting the death of the White race, and their final victory over Christendom.

In 1935, the Communist Party’s Workers Library Publishers issued a pamphlet entitled ‘THE NEGROES IN A SOVIET AMERICA.’ It urged the Negroes to rise up, especially in the South, and form a Soviet State in the South, and apply for admission into the Soviet Union … it contained implicit assurance that the ‘revolt ’ would be supported by all American Reds [i.e. Jews]. This is outright treason, however in the Roosevelt administration no Jew would ever be prosecuted for such a thing, and the Jewish-controlled mainstream media would never point a finger at it! The wolves have been devouring the sheepfold for a hundred years now, and none of the shepherds raise an objection!

War and revolution were not necessary in order for the Jews to conquer Britain, for they have controlled that nation entirely since at least the days of Napoleon. Neither were they necessary in order for them to conquer America. Rather, like the British, the population most often simply went along with whatever they were told. The media, in concert with the government, either silenced or simply ignored all opposition. Those few who opposed who could not be easily contained, such as Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford, were silenced in other more serious ways. Most Americans [except for the radical Jews], in the exact opposite of that spirit by which the founders had fought for and formed this nation, never questioned the things which they were being told, never questioned their pastors or professors or political leaders, but just followed along like meek sheep going to the slaughter. Americans never evaluate the sources of their news, editorials, movies or books. It is only taken for granted that all these things are healthy and legitimate, because they bear one commonly known brand-name or another.

Today, if one does not fit into the typical Jewish-approved “mainstream” mode of thinking, but is to the left of the political spectrum, one’s crimes are either ignored by the media, or upheld as exemplary models of idealistic achievement, but never openly criticized by the media. However if one does not fit into this same mold and is on the political right one is branded as a criminal and a demon. Just like the Weimar Republic of the 1920’s, Marxist – or often Negro, or Ladino – gangs can roam the streets acting like thugs, and the media ignores their criminal activity. They can even brag about their criminal activities publicly, and nobody in the public eye seems to notice or mind – even though they are certainly well known to the ADL and other mostly Jewish organizations. But if a nationalist group or a traditional Christian group tries to meet in peaceful assembly, it is either lambasted by the media, or if it is small enough not to warrant media attention, it is interrupted – sometimes violently – by the Marxist thugs. And the ADL trumpets this activity with glowing satisfaction! In fact, the way that the ADL has announced certain events, and announced them with glee, events that the ARA – a motley collection of Marxist thugs recruited as “anti-racist activists” from various college campuses – has taken credit for, betrays as a certain fact that the ARA is nothing but a militant tool of the ADL itself. In that manner, the ADL can use violence and criminal activity to interrupt any group which has a profession contrary to those of Judaism.

This is currently happening on a small scale. Soon – and especially when the so-called “Hate Bill” is finally enacted – it will get larger, and even to the point where no Christian group will be able to meet in public at all, without its meetings being punctuated by the Marxist thugs and their Janissaries, supported and encouraged by the ADL. It is absolutely obvious to anyone who has eyes to look (never mind see), that non-White racist groups such as La Raza or the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are never harassed by the Jews and their front organizations. In fact, blatantly racist La Raza is billed as a “civil rights” group by the ADL! Only White nationalists and Christians are harassed. The same is true in the mainstream media, which was instrumental in the election of a patently racist negro president – while purposely ignoring all of the plainly racist statements which he made in his own books. To the Jew, it is good to be a racist – unless you are White – and only then is racism evil (with perhaps the exception of a handful of openly anti-Jewish muslim groups). Why isn’t the ADL protesting the apartheid in Palestine? Because they are double-minded, and not at all pious. In reality they are little but Jewish hypocrites of the same sort which Christ Himself condemned in Matthew chapter 23. It is no figment of the imagination, that these Jews of today are descendants of the Christ-killers.

Radical Jews tried to promote so-called “holocaust” stories after the First World War, claiming that the Germans killed “six million” innocent Jews. Of course, back then even most Americans had more sense than to believe these Jewish lies. After World War II, there were all sorts of wild stories again, most of them now forgotten in the black hole of the American memory (which easily forgets everything that the Jewish media does not constantly remind them of). In fact, ninety-nine point nine percent of the wild holocaust tales contrived by lying Jews in the 1940’s and 1950’s are now even conveniently forgotten, if not actually denied, by Jews themselves. They realize that most of these stories are easily discredited, regardless of the claims of supposed eyewitnesses. However the most reasonable-sounding of the holocaust tales of the post-war era were pounded down the throats of the American and European peoples, and ever more vigorously since the 1970’s, when Jews like Elie Weasel (not a typo) and Simon Rosenthal were made famous by Jewish media and cinema companies.

The result of the success of this propaganda – which actually is itself a hate crime of the second-greatest magnitude (the murder of the Christ being first) – is that now the Jews have elevated themselves above all criticism: anyone who dares criticize any Jew for practically anything is immediately branded a Nazi and an “anti-Semite”. Anyone who questions the historical accuracy of any Jewish holocaust tale is also branded in this manner and – if one is foolish enough to visit Europe or have European citizenship – thrown in prison simply for doing so. Additionally, the reasons for Hitler’s popularity and Hitler’s own policies are never evaluated objectively, since anyone who mentions him in any other-than-negative light is immediately branded and excoriated by the Jews and the media.

Zionism and the holocaust religion amount to an attempt to replace the Biblical Christian Messiah with the Jews as Messiah as according to the Talmud. In Rome before the time of Constantine, the Jews had special privileges to practice their religion, and Christianity was criminalized. The Jews, having these privileges, used their power and influence to make sure that the Romans persecuted the Christians mercilessly. It is a fact of history, attested to by Tertullian and many other early Christian writers, that Jews were behind all of the Roman persecution of Christians. The Jews also took advantage of the Arian heresy to drive a wedge between the various Christian factions and cause them to attack each other. Today, mostly because Christians give heed to outfits like the ADL, the “Judeo-Christian” propaganda of Scofield and all of his followers, and all of the holocaust propaganda, Jews are again garnering for themselves a special distinction of privilege above other all citizens. And Christians are again being persecuted! This is the new Weimar Republic! And even worse, this is pagan Rome all over again! But Constantine cannot deliver us from it, and Hitler cannot deliver us from it. Only Christ Himself can deliver us from it – and surely He will!

William Finck


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Hopefully someday we will have the Cleveland Laws about these inbred, horrible animals

Linda said...

Wonderful illustrations!
This is the time in our history that Aryans either stand up and be counted or lose EVERYTHING.
Our enemies have thousands of lawyers, thousands of judges, thousands of politicians, and millions of people who hate White European Christendom all working around the clock to destroy us. If you are White and especially if you are a White Christian you are marked for extinction.

Joy said...

Hi Linda and welcome!
I am in agreement with ya, but even though they have massive arms and control, we will be victorious despite overwhelming odds.