Thursday, April 2, 2009


I found this little gem while surfing for some pics. It's ALWAYS good to find some like-minded people 'out there' in the wilderness.

I watch people every day, really watch their reactions to everyday occurances and wonder just what the hell has happened to us all? Am I the only one that notices the difference in people today?
As a girl we lived in a very small town, every one was known by everyone, a new comer didn't take long to become the topic of conversation having all of their personal information spread all over the county. How many chairs were at the kitchen table, how many suitcases they brought in, all those little details were common knowledge within a few hours of their arrival. We of course had our own welcome committee, a few women whose job it was to find out all the secrets and disperse the gossip over the party lines. Their commitment to the job was topmost on their agenda for the day. Carrying pots of soup, hot trays of bread, cookies to the newcomers for the opportunity to sit down with them and pry into their private lives. Then the rush to get on the phone to be the first to let the rest of the women in town know every single detail.

While this seems rather petty and cruel it served the purpose of giving useless women something to do and make themselves feel useful and important. It also gave the rest of us a little forewarning of what kind of people we had moving into our town.

Each person in town had their own personality, some bland, some grouchy, some downright mean, some funny and some that just went along for the ride. But everyone was a individual. Now it seems like everyone is the same? No one wants to be different.

Everyone has been cloned I think.

What happened to the old man that would swear at you for stepping on his lawn? Or the old lady that would yell at you for stealing one of her flowers or picking a strawberry from her patch? Or the old guy that napped on the bench in front of the post office only cracking a eyelid when one of the better looking ladies went inside? We all knew everyones little "ISM'S" and accepted them for what they were, That is what made people real and individuals.

Where are the individuals today?

If you lined up everyone on a block and just pointed in a direction they would all look in that direction, not one would ask what the hell you were trying to prove. Not one would dare to look the other way or in any way not be part of the crowd.

When I was a girl there would be no way to line any group of people up in the first place, they would either tell you to go to hell or they had better things to do than play mind games with idiots.

At a meeting we attended last week there were more than 300 people there for a program, after the program a young man stepped forward and told everyone to get comfortable, take their chairs and move them in a circle.. my first thought was oh my Lord we are going to sing Kum By Ya... not one person refused to circle their chairs. I didn't have a chair so I didn't participate and quietly stood there and watched all those people scramble to obey a suggestion which was certainly idiotic. Why get in a circle when the chairs were perfectly lined up so everyone had a good vision of the stage?

How hard will it be to round up people and put them in a safe place? Will there be any of us that will ask why, where or just say hell no? Or will people be so willing to believe what they are told and to comply with authority? What Authority? Who gave anyone the authority to tell you what to do, when to do it and how?

Did you grant that authority over your life?

Yes you did !

We drank the Koolaid, We have allowed ourselves to be controlled as it is just so easy. No one has to think about what to do or how, The Authoritys tell you how, when and where. Such a wonderful way to live, no problems, no conflict, just getting along and living in a bubble. No mental arguments over what is wrong or right, no inner battles over what we should do or not do, Just take a pill and be happy. How wonderful. If our children scream for something just give it to them, better than listening to their crys or God Forbid make a scene. If your kids sit for hours watching TV or playing video games, great, they are quiet and out of our hair.

The American people have been conquered by and with "EASE". Why struggle when you can just let someone else take care of the problem? Why worry about your kids not being able to function as a adult in the world when the whole world is going to be such a garden of eden. No want, No worry, No responsibility, No problems. No Hell to worry about. No morals to worry about. Just do it if it feels good, don't worry, everything is going to be taken care of for you. If Jane gets pregnant at 13 not a problem, just have a abortion, Jane won't even have to tell you about it, that is her natural right didn't you know? If Jimmy catches a STD he won't worry, just go to the school nurse, get it fixed and never mention it to you. You must all feel so safe and secure knowing Big Brother is watching out for you and your children.

We have allowed our Country to be taken over by blithering idiots whose only agenda is power, and money. They have the perfect formula, make us think they are working for us ( and making a huge salary) and are PUBLIC SERVANTS.! They are sacrificing their lives for us. For the country. For Freedom Peace and Prosperity. The only prosperity seen is in their bank accounts. Do you think they will be in the Safe and Secure Fema Camps? Oh no those are for the underclass not them the elite. They have their own safe places with good food, not the poisons they feed us, and a army to protect them from the malcontents who just don't appreciate their sacrifices for the Nation and it's people.

How much is it going to take to make people realize they have been cloned into the mass of humanity that is just there for the consumption of the Elite? They are eating us alive daily. Taxes, Poison food, Poison water, more Taxes and now Monsanto will by it's own statement be in total control of the Worlds Food by 2010.. You won't be able to grow a carrot or a flower without their permission and paying for their Seeds. You could lose your house by disobeying the rules. Our borders are wide open and we are told we need to be more Christian and help these poor wretches, but don't get caught saying a prayer in school. Islam is not bad it is a religion of Peace, don't dare say anything about the millions of dead people who opposed the Religion, the heads that have been chopped off. Muslims are our friends... After all we have one for our own President. How could that be bad? We all have to be good Christians, give all you can give to make sure those that don't work are taken care of, after all we want to be good Christians and Citizens don't we?

Forget the facts, ignore the rumors, don't be a conspiracy nut case, just listen to our leaders. They would never lead us astray. Don't look up and wonder what is in the sky. Don't wonder why Floride is in your water when it is a rat poison. Don't worry about the DNA that is being inserted in your food, it is all for your good. Just take a pill and forget the ugliness of living in the real world. Hide your Bibles and Guns. don't be caught on your knees praying for forgiveness for allowing the evil to conquer the world without even a whimper from the people who are supposed to be FREE. Forget that God only helps those that help themselves. Forget that we are supposed to be fighting for what is right and good. Someone else will do it. Some one else will stick their necks out for you. Well where are those people ? Where are the ones that are stepping forward and singing "Onward Christian Soldiers"? Isn't it time to break out of the bonds of slavery, hell even demand reparations for us who have paid for the lives of ease for those that refuse to work, stop supporting the lazy asses.. Stop asking what more can I do... Start by telling yourself the truth for a change. We are stupid, we are not good Christians, We deserve what we are about to be given.

It is time for people to step out and look evil directly in the eye. call them the liars they are, the cheats and perverts they are, refuse to obey them, refuse to support their lives of sin and corruption. Follow Jesus's lead, throw them out of the temple. PURGE the Government, send them all a dose of EXLAX get rid of the feces that is occupying our Senate, Congress and White House.

It is time to Flush DC.


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